SAP Business One for iPhone and iPad


  • What is SAP Business One for iPhone and iPad?
  • How can I install this mobile app?
  • Do I need to pay for it?
  • Can I try this mobile app even if I do not have an SAP Business One installation?
  • I am already using SAP Business One. Are there any requirements to be able to use this app?
  • I am not using SAP Business One yet. Where can I find more information about the application?
  • What is SAP Business One for iPhone and iPad?

This mobile app lets you stay in touch with your business and customer data while away from the office. It enables you to instantly connect with your SAP Business One application via iPhones or iPads to check on inventory and customers, access reports, receive alerts, and process approvals. For more details, read our brochure on SAP Business One for iPhone and iPad. You can also watch a short video introduction to the app.

How can I install this mobile app?

To download the app, go to the App Store from your mobile device, or download the app from your computer through iTunes to sync with your iPhone.

Do I need to pay for it?

No, the app is Free. To use it, you only need a professional, limited, or starter package user license of SAP Business One.

Can I try this mobile app even if I do not have an SAP Business One installation?

Yes, you can test-drive the mobile app even if you don’t run SAP Business One. SAP provides a built-in connection to a demo server that’s available directly from the downloaded app. In order to access the server, please follow these steps.

  1. 1. Download the SAP Business One mobile app.
  2. 2. On your device’s home screen, open the SAP Business One mobile app. When prompted to log on, select Demo.

I am already using SAP Business One. Are there any requirements to be able to use this app?

You need to be running SAP Business One 8.8 release family with a professional, limited, or starter package user license of SAP Business One. Before you start using the app, make sure your SAP partner configures the mobility settings in SAP Business One.

I am not using SAP Business One yet. Where can I find information about the application?

You can visit our Web site to find more information about SAP Business One. For information in your local language, select your country from the Country Sites page and then go to the SAP Business One page using the menu selections Compare Products >> Business Management Software >> SAP Business One.



Ready for Growth? As Your Company Expands, SAP Business One Can Help You Streamline Operations

Growing a business can be a challenging undertaking regardless of your industry and the current economic climate. However, it is possible to take advantage of tools and systems that help you streamline the process and reach your goals quickly and effectively. SAP Business One is one such tool.

An integrated business management solution designed for small businesses, SAP Business One enables you to focus on the growth of your business by looking at the whole of your organization. How can SAP Business One help you streamline operations? Here are four ways.

Integrate your entire business. With SAP Business One, you can access data about sales, inventory, production and operating costs, your company’s finances, and even human resources. With all of the data you need readily available, you can be sure that nothing slips through the cracks. And, because the system connects your entire business, there will be no need for entering data in multiple places – eliminating errors, redundant data, and reducing the time spent by your staff.

Create reports quickly and easily to identify the impact of business decisions. What’s the best way to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction? Use reports to identify progress – and identify areas in which a few subtle changes would allow you to reach your goals more effectively.

Develop a network within your company so that all of the partners, subsidiaries, and management have access to the information that they need. Using a tool like SAP Business One ensures that all of the decision-makers and stakeholders have access to the same information, allowing everyone to focus on the task at hand.

Provide the confidence that you won’t outgrow your business management platform. SAP Business One is readily expandable. Not only can you get started with SAP Business One quickly, but also there are more than 550 add-on solutions designed to increase functionality and support the changing needs of your business.

SAP Business One ensures that the information you need is readily available both now, as you undertake expansion, and later, as you continue to grow. Streamlining data and operations – and accessing the reports you need to track your progress – with SAP Business One lets you keep business on track as your organization evolves.

Infor10 localised version of ERP Enterprise

Infor, a leading provider of business application software with operations serving more than 75,000 customers, has announced the latest version of Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN) localised for India. The leading ERP solution for discrete and project-based manufacturers now features Infor ERP Enterprise Workspace and Infor10 ION Suite to raise the bar for ease-of-use, reporting, data sharing and collaboration from an ERP application.

In addition, ERP Enterprise extends financial, customer relationship, order and warehouse management functionality to enable better control over business processes and tame complexity to help achieve top performance.

“Complexity is an inescapable part of today’s rapidly changing business, but that does not mean that today’s leading manufacturers must run complex business systems to contain it,” said Souma Das, Infor Managing Director and Sales VP for India. Adding further, he said, “The delivery of ION Suite and Workspace to ERP Enterprise provides unprecedented simplicity to our customers in India in the things that matter to them – how easy is it to get information needed to make better decisions and how quickly can you connect systems together with integration and data exchange collaboration being easier than ever before.”

Handy Tips for Taking Screenshots

Don’t you hate it when you contact us for tech support with a strange issue, and then you can’t recreate it? Don’t feel bad. It happens all the time, even to us. Sometimes those rarely occurring issues can’t be fixed unless you get some photographic evidence of what’s going on. This quick guide will show you how to take screenshots of your desktop.

There are plenty of reasons you may want to take a screenshot besides to show tech support that random computer problem that plagues your workstation every full moon. You can capture portions of your screen and put them into documents, walk clients through getting to certain areas of your website, or document what you are seeing during a webinar.


You’ll notice on your keyboard, towards the top right, above the Insert Key (usually) is a key that says PrtScn or Print. It’s a little misleading; these days that key doesn’t typically do anything with your printer (older operating systems were a little different). In Windows, pressing that key takes a screenshot of your entire desktop. Everything you can see on your monitor(s) gets captured and sent to the clipboard.

The clipboard is where data is stored temporarily when you do a Cut, Copy, or Paste. When you copy text (or image data or any other type of data) it is stored on the clipboard, and pasting retrieves that data.

To take a screenshot, just press your Print or PrtScn key, and open up an application like Microsoft WordOneNoteOutlook, or MS Paint and press CTRL+V to paste the image in. You’ll then be able to save the file and share it.

Remember, this method will take a screenshot of EVERYTHING you see on your screen (or screens). If you want to just take a screenshot of a particular application or window, click somewhere in that window and press Alt+PrtScn. This will only take an image of that particular window. You would paste it in and save it the same way.

Using Microsoft OneNote

If you have OneNote, one of the coolest features is the ability to take great screenshots. By default, the command is Windows Key +S. This will gray out your entire screen. With your mouse, drag a box around the area you want to take a snapshot of, and it will automatically paste itself into OneNote. From there you can save it and share it with others.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a Firefox and Chrome addon that lets you take and share screenshots right from your web browser. It won’t work on any other part of your screen, just your web browser, but it has some cool annotation tools so you can circle and draw attention to specific areas. Go to and install the addon, and right-click inside your browser and click Awesome Screenshot to get started. From there you can share the screenshot online or save it locally.

Next time you have a strange issue pop up that is hard to recreate when one of our technicians is remoted into your PC, take a screenshot and email it to