Business Benefits of Hiring a Technology Consultant from MCG

Do you have a regular IT guy, or do you have a technology consultant? Sure, some people think the latter is just a prettied-up title for the former, but there is actually a significant difference. Let’s see how a regular IT guy might handle certain situations vs. how a technology consultant would approach them:

Knowledge of New Hardware and Software

Regular IT guy:
“Yeah, I’m unfamiliar with that program. You’ll have to call their technical support number.”

MCG Technology Consultant:
“Sure, we just had a company meeting about that program last week. I’ll remote into your workstation and have a look.”

Technology Advice

Regular IT guy:
“Your copy of KoolWerks 3 is just out of date. You’re gonna need to upgrade to KoolWerks 5. Yeah, it’s pricy, but if you wanna get back to work . . . ”

MCG Technology Consultant:
“Okay, so it looks like KoolWerks has released a patch to allow you to keep using your copy of version 3. That will let you keep working at least until they release KoolWerks 6 – which will be a much bigger update than even KoolWerks 5. Let’s get that patch set up for you.”

Support at Odd Hours

Regular IT guy:
*answers phone*
“. . . mmmhello? Huh? Okay, um. It’s 3am. Can this wait until tomorrow? I *was* sleeping.”

MCG Technology Consultant:
*answers phone*
“Thanks for calling Michell Consulting Group! How can I help you today?”

MCG Wants to Be Your Technology Consultant

There really is no comparison. When you pay for IT support, you want the highest quality of support available. That’s what a technology consultant brings to the table. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to explain to you exactly how we can help you and your company.

Michell Consulting Announces Pablo Cedron

Pablo Cedron

December 5, 2016, Doral, FL – Michell Consulting Group (MCG) announces the hire of Pablo Cedron to the position of Technical Services Supervisor. Cedron, brings more than 15 years of experience in technology.

As the Technical Services Supervisor, Cedron will be responsible for managing the day-to-day activities and responsibilities of the technical support team. Additionally, he will be responsible for providing high-level technical assistance to the team and ensure service and support is provided to customers at the agreed levels.

Prior to joining Michell Consulting Group, Pablo applied his technical support expertise by developing and managing service departments for several multinational logistics companies. With over 15 years of IT infrastructure and service support, he brings leadership, professionalism and team empowerment through structure, focus around processes, team environment and performance. He creates an employee coaching culture, concentrating on a proactive and accountable work environment. He strives to provide the best customer service in the market, and motivates his team to deliver no less than excellent support.

“We are excited to bring Pablo onboard with his level of experience and talent to help deliver our brand promise to our clients” said Daniel Arcelo, Chief Technology Officer of Michell Consulting Group, “I think our clients will notice an improved change in the coming months!”

“We’ve hired Pablo to continue our mission of providing UNPARALLELED SERVICE & SUPPORT that our clients expect” said Ricardo Michell, Owner and CEO of Michell Consulting Group Ricardo, “Pablo’s wealth of technical knowledge combined with his proven track record of great customer service will be a strong asset to our company”.

Pablo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and technical certifications.

Michell Consulting Group ( is a Managed Services Provider and ERP systems integrator providing end-to-end solutions that ensure business integrity for small-medium and enterprise-level clients. From design through deployment, Michell Consulting Group is an advocate for our clients to strategically align their business and IT objectives. We architect, implement and manage ERP & IT solutions spanning computing infrastructure, enterprise software and management, VoIP and security. The company is headquartered in Doral, Fl. with remote offices in West Palm Beach, FL and Austin, TX.

How Business Strategy Consulting Enhances Your Business

As a business owner, you have dreams. You began your company with certain goals in mind, some specific, some overarching and so far in the future that you’re not quite sure how to put them into words. You have the intuition, the know-how and the business acumen to get a small business on its feet, but at some point every company grows to the point that it needs a boost to break through to the next level and continue striving toward its true potential.

Business strategy consulting is the process of bringing in outside experts in any number of fields to provide objective, honest analysis of the challenges facing your business. When problems arise or progress stagnates, a fresh set of eyes is often the best way to get things moving forward again.

In its most basic form, consulting is a cooperative process; an executive approaches a consultant with a problem or set of problems and the consultant and his or her team will work to gather and analyze data and present their client with all the facts needed to make an informed and logical decision. The goal of consulting isn’t to provide a conclusion or course of action – after all, one hires a consultant, not a stand-in CEO – but to so thoroughly pick apart the challenge that the correct decisions are easy to make and involve as little guesswork as possible.

As your business grows larger, the challenges you will face and positive or negative consequences of executive decisions will grow alongside it. If your business has grown to the point that executive responsibilities are split between managers, disagreements as to the root of your problems and the correct course of action will arise. If your business is losing market shares or growth isn’t what it should be, every colleague you speak with will have a different answer. Marketing managers will see a marketing problem, accountants will see a problem with cash flows and operations personnel will find some inefficiency in the distribution network that needs correcting.

The role of the business strategy consulting is to take all of these potential pitfalls into account while gathering information and data and identify the true (or at least the most likely) source of your woes, as well as the greatest areas of opportunity that can be exploited. The best consultants have no biases, no agendas, and no fear of asking tough questions. At times, the answers they give you may not be what you want to hear – but they will almost always be what you need to hear.

Find Your Business Strategy Consulting with Us

At Michell Consulting Group, our top priority is the success of your business, which we seek to ensure by relentlessly pursuing one thing: the truth. No frills, just the facts your business needs to keep moving forward, whether that means taking the next step and continuing to grow or finding out why things haven’t been going according to plan. We’d love to get in touch with you today and discuss everything we have to offer.