Tip of the Week: Don’t Let Former Employees Haunt Your Business

For the modern small business owner, there are situations that you are forced to deal with that are frustrating; but, in the course of doing business would be considered normal. Then there are other situations that arise where, every step of the way, the figurative floor falls out from under your feet and you are forced to react quickly. Some of these circumstances can be pretty spooky for your business. This Halloween, we’ve decided to outline three scary circumstances your business may have to deal with, and how to keep your cool.

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Achieve a Multilayered Business Protection with IT Support in Miami

It’s becoming more apparent every year that IT support providers in Miami needs to devote closer attention to security to protect businesses from cyberattacks. Even the best security systems can get hacked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it as difficult as possible for cybercriminals. New paradigms that address this issue are emerging, with the most effective solution involving multiple layers of security. Here are ways to add maximum protection to your business:

Strengthening Enterprise Security

Every business needs to evaluate its security department on a regular basis, whether it’s run by one IT specialist or a team of technicians. If it’s been years since you checked the strength of your security, it’s time to make it a top priority. Traditionally, IT support providers in Miami have focused on network infrastructure security, while facilities officials have managed the physical aspects of security that protect your building and production lines. These days, these departments need to work closer together to share data and develop integrated security measures for the entire enterprise.

This concept of converging IT with facilities teams, however, is often easier said than done. In order to achieve this goal, it’s necessary to use common tools to bridge these two worlds together. One problem that requires analysis and brainstorming from both teams is that the networks must remain secure as increased data flows through both systems.

Developing Deeper Defense Layers

A strategy known as “defense-in-depth” presupposes that protection will at some point be breached. But that merely motivates IT and facilities personnel to develop more intense layers of protection in the areas of physical, electronic, and procedural security systems. Here are characteristics of this strategy that will help reduce risks and protect your assets:

  • The infrastructure includes built-in system security from inception
  • Security is designed so that hackers must face a series of barriers
  • Any given weakness in a layer can be offset by strengths in another layer

These defense-in-depth strategies can be applied to building security, networks, hardware, software, and devices. Your physical security may include guards, gates, locks, and other methods that keep intruders from entering your physical property without credentials or permission. It may also involve information that allows access, such as a code. Meanwhile, network security involves firewalls and configurations.

Computer hardening is a multi-dimensional solution that provides protection layers for your computers through antivirus software, host intrusion-detection systems (HIDS) and clearing out old software that is no longer needed. You can protect hardware by closing unused ports. These hardening strategies can be combined with software patches designed to remove viruses and malware.

You can provide better protection for your applications by using strong usernames, passwords, and encryption. For devices, it’s important to reconfigure security settings beyond the manufacturer’s defaults. This strategy applies to routers, switches, and other embedded devices.


You may have heard that no system is completely secure in today’s wild world of cyber vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, that’s the reality that all businesses face. Fortunately, there are proven techniques that create hassles for hackers if you take the time to protect the various layers of your business that you entrust your IT support providers in Miami and building security officials to oversee. Contact us at Michell Consulting Group to learn more about options we can provide to help make your business as secure as possible.

Managed IT Services Providers in Miami Provide Manufacturers an Edge Through Cloud Computing

Managed IT services providers in Miami do more than maintain existing hardware. Though this is a primary component of many MSPs, they are also continuously branching out into newer innovations which come with the tech industry. Cloud computing is one of the most exciting in recent years and has come to revitalize many industries; chief among them is manufacturing.

Cloud computing solutions applied to manufacturing can optimize productivity while reducing operational expense and increasing metric visibility, leading to more informed growth decisions. Additional notable advantages cloud computing brings to this industry include:

  • Reliability expansion
  • More visible progress monitoring
  • Increase in supply chain cost-effectiveness

Reliability Expansion

Managed IT services providers in Miami that provide cloud computing give 24/7 real-time operational visibility to clientele who want it. Cloud computing helps facilitate Big Data. Even the largest industries have the ability to benefit here, as Big Data application has the ability to process terabytes in real time. Supply chains, production floors, equipment operational ability, employees on the clock, and virtually any part of infrastructure which can be digitized become visible at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen. Not only that, with cloud computing, such information can be accessed anywhere at any time–provided proper access is given to the proper people.

More Visible Progress Monitoring

Such a ubiquity of available metrics makes monitoring process something almost incidental. There is software, and consultation with the right MSP will give you insight into progress monitoring strategies. Basically, you’re looking for KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Cloud computing increases the digital “surface area” of your business, allowing you to pinpoint such KPIs and either project, contract, or invest accordingly.

Increase in Supply Chain Cost-Effectiveness

You can get longer life out of production equipment, automating the process to the highest possible degree, and maximizing investment in associated hardware. The same can be done with the vehicles in your supply chain fleet. They can be monitored in real time, allowing you to push things to the maximum safe limit before periodic maintenance. Routes can be optimized, weather or traffic avoided, and you can trim the fat substantially.

Overall, you’ll get better results with less operational expense. It’s conceivable that properly visible infrastructure conjoined to cloud computing solutions may save enough to more than justify the cost of the cloud switch. This will differ per business, but it has generally been the trend that cloud computing saves money over time.

Find Your Best Cloud Solution

A managed IT services provider in Miami can help you maximize the cloud technology, facilitate more visible progress monitoring, and expand reliability. Contact us at Michell Consulting Group for more information.

Should You Consider Creating Your Own IT Support in Miami?

In the healthcare industry, it’s essential to use high-quality IT support in Miami to comply with government regulations and to assure maximum privacy and care for patients. Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) has been successful at shifting from outsourcing to developing its own IT services, with the help of healthcare industry software. Even if you run a different type of business, consider how this model helped SCCA become more efficient.

To help you make better business decisions (considering IT support in Miami), here’s a deeper look at how SCCA achieved its goals, as explained by the organization’s IT Client Services Manager, Diane Burton, in a Business Solutions interview:

Outsourcing vs. Local Support

Even though SCCA’s outsourced IT support was working, this organization that represents patients, doctors, physicians, and researchers wanted a more innovative solution resulting in even better efficiency and cost savings. So, they created a client computing experience for about 3,500 partners, consisting of medical professionals and researchers. Many of these users operate from Fred Hutch Cancer Research and University of Washington Medical Center.

Burton says that SCCA’s IT service desk, which launched in January 2012, comprises a senior hardware technician, two AV support specialists, and six IT service desk professionals. They found that by creating their own help desk, they were able to increase response time for requests and incidents. She attributes this improvement to highly-skilled technicians taking calls, as well as offering remote support, desktop support, and a walk-up IT service for people on campus. Another factor was the team analyzed its processes, looking for ways to streamline repeatable tasks.

Selecting Efficient Software

Fundamental to improving SCCA’s IT experience for its business partners was choosing Cherwell Service Management for software services. This solution provided the automation necessary for speeding up redundant processes. It also allowed the organization to make adjustments to its GUI without knowing coding or using a database administrator. It means their team of technicians and partners can focus on patient needs instead of worrying about technical issues, improving efficiency and productivity.

Ultimately, SCCA’s IT success can be summarized by its choice of an IT service management tool that’s easy to use and customize. The capability for real-time data analysis and reporting is also essential to the equation. Burton additionally points to developing a strong knowledge base that doesn’t require adding modules. Another helpful strategy has been developing customized dashboards for technicians and managers, which allows all team members to have access to information that enters the system in real time.

Cherwell’s platform provides options for users to choose from a subscription or perpetual pricing model, an on-premises solution or SaaS. It’s a platform that’s aimed at helping multiple industries beyond healthcare, such as finance, higher education, retail, and MSPs, as well as government organizations.


If your business needs an upgrade to faster service, consider turning to IT platforms designed to simplify and accelerate redundant processes with automation so that your employees spend more time with the patients or customers that you serve. Your company will run much more smoothly and efficiently if your staff isn’t bogged down with complex technology issues. Contact us at Michell Consulting Group to learn more about how we can increase your productivity. Let our IT support team in Miami take care of your technology needs while you focus on your business goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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