How CPQ and ERP Software Integration Is Benefitting Businesses

Today, many businesses are realizing how crucial it is to incorporate ERP software as a sales and marketing strategy. Any tool to help ease out the burden on configuring promotions and offers, giving quotes to prospective customers and even coming up with optimum prices is much sought after. This is where the CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) comes in as part of ERP. CPQ eliminates the natural shortcomings in any sales process by the provision of a single working hub.

Businesses that rely on manual data manipulation and guesswork end up wasting so much time, which they could otherwise have dedicated to tasks that are more important. In addition, relying on these outdated procedures makes it even hard to tell the progress that the marketing staff is doing in terms of efficiency and driving revenue.

CPQ software addresses the confusion and natural inefficiencies in the sales process through the provision of a single hub. Salespeople can now easily access useful information, which can be manipulated to create prices and quotes for potential clients. This is what your business needs to make a productive and efficient sales team.

What Are the Major Advantages of CPQ Software?

ERP software plays a role in configuring complex solutions. To be specific, without CPQ software, businesses will always struggle with long lead times and difficulties in the management of drawings, emails, and communications taking place before manufacture. CPQ allows stakeholders to communicate their needs and create bills of CAD drawings and proper pricing, all of which reduce lead times, streamlining the manufacturing process.

Apart from the configuration benefits, there is the ability to visualize user configuration. With the 2D and 3D automation, users can see the effect of their choices as they respond to questions concerning the products they are building. A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, it deepens your experience and you can then create exactly what you needed.

If you have a CPQ solution in place, you stand a better chance in the marketplace because your brand will always stand out. A trustworthy company is one that can easily configure, price, and quote a product, and this is what sets you off from the rest who have not yet discovered the importance of CPQ solutions.

Everything said it all starts with ERP software, narrowing down to CPQ which will help increase the sales by knowing the right product at a given time with the right price and also making your business stand out from the rest. Contact us at Michelle Consulting Group to learn more about ERP and ways to benefit from CPQ solutions.

Benefits of Using ERP Software and POS Integration for Your Business

Technology solutions play an important role in facilitating the smooth operations in modern-day businesses. There are many IT solutions that have been developed and tailored to help businesses achieve their bottom line. Two such solutions are:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
  • Point of Sale (POS) system

ERP software is a business process management software, meaning that it is tailored to help business owners to manage and automate most of their back-office functions, especially those that are tied to services, technology, and human resources. A POS system is used to manage business transactions. Traditionally, these two solutions were used as standalone solutions. Innovations in the technology space have made it possible for the integration of these two solutions.

Key Benefits of Implementing ERP and POS Integration

  • Data integrity – Data used in one system can easily be used in the other, thereby helping you to determine whether the data used is reliable or not.
  • Maintenance of ledger balance – When you use an integrated system, you will be able to identify ledger balances and determine the cash flow for your business with ease.
  • Reduction in risk – When you integrate your ERP software with a POS system, you can ensure that your data is secured, and this ensures that the data keyed into the two systems is accurate, thereby reducing any chances of mismatch of data in the two systems.
  • Forecasting – ERP and POS integration will enable you to get an overall visibility of your business since you will be able to determine the sales, stock, and revenue levels; and with these, you can accurately forecast your inventory and stock up before you run out of stock.

Types of ERP and POS Integration You Can Choose for Your Business

Here are two main ERP and POS Integration

  • Real-time integration – This type of integration will allow you access to the system so that you can read the data directly.
  • Scheduler Base Integration – Data is first stored in readable formats such as text or Excel, then you can schedule the system to generate entries from the files at a specific time.

If you need ERP and technology solutions for your business, look no further than Michell Consulting Group. We can help you leverage the benefits of using ERP software in your business. Contact us today and let us discuss how we can partner for the benefit of your business.

Transform Your E-Commerce Business by Integrating ERP Software

Your central business is e-commerce. You have moved past the point of being a start-up and have healthy growth. However, your business practices may not have moved beyond the start-up phase. The solution? Integrating ERP software with your e-commerce business will help you manage your business more effectively and efficiently.

Let’s first address a common misconception about enterprise resource planning software. Many think it is only useful for internal business processes. They’re wrong. An ERP system has the ability to integrate with customer-facing activities, and it does it quite well.

Four Ways an ERP System Boosts E-Commerce Companies

Here are four proven ways an ERP system can transform how you manage your e-commerce business:

  • Real-Time Inventory Control – Trying to manage your inventory manually while orders are coming in is extremely frustrating and ultimately a losing battle. With an integrated ERP for inventory control, you go from frustration to real-time updates. And that will transform your customer’s experience, as well as the way you manage your business.

Your customers can get real-time updates if a product is out of stock. This helps prevent frustration and protect your reputation.

  • Real-time Sales Figures – An integrated ERP solution will update your records when a customer makes a purchase. That means you can run a report to show you how much revenue came in during any given period. It can show you what products are the best sellers and those that have not gained traction.

This avoids the need to do manual updates and always having your reporting behind. Real-time sales figures will transform the way you do business.

  • Automatic Status Updates for Customers – Customers like to know the status of their orders. Some get very anxious and want constant updates. If you are handling orders manually, you will have a stream of emails or phone calls asking you what’s the status.

With an ERP software that tracks order status, you can give customers automatic status updates via the website or emails. This frees you and your staff for other things.

  • Ability to Scale According to Customer Demand – You can automate a lot of your e-commerce with an ERP system. That means your business can grow without the need to hire new team members to handle manual processes. This keeps overhead costs down, which improves your profit margins.

The capability is also important to companies that deal with seasonal spikes. It allows you to handle large spikes in business with minimal efforts.

If your e-commerce business is growing, your business solutions need to grow with it. Contact us at Michell Consulting Group. We have ERP software solutions that will take your company to the next level.

Four Benefits of ERP Software

Partnering with an IT provider offers many benefits for companies, which includes gaining access to ERP software. The use of this innovative software is an excellent way to streamline the daily operations of your business and increase efficiency. This software benefits employees in a variety of different departments, whether they are in finance, human resources, distribution, or other areas.

If you have yet to take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology, here are just a few of the many benefits of this software:

Real-Time Operations

One of the main advantages of using this software is that it gives your business access to real-time operations, which allows you to make necessary adjustments instantly. Ultimately, this can save your company a significant amount of time and help you avoid making mistakes. The use of real-time data provides valuable insight into your company, and a managed service provider will ensure that this software is working at an optimal level at all times.

Common Database

Another benefit of using ERP software is that it gives each employee access to a common database. Individual departments now have access to the same data, which makes it much easier to work together. This increase in collaboration is an excellent way to improve productivity and make everyone’s job that much easier.

Consistent Appearance

An often-overlooked advantage of using this innovative software is that it provides a consistent look and feel for each user. A consistent user interface makes it much easier for employees to use the software and significantly reduces the amount of training to understand the product thoroughly. While new updates can enhance the software, the appearance will typically always remain the same, which makes it much easier for employees to avoid having to relearn an entirely new user interface.

Better Decision-Making

The use of this software is a great way to improve decision-making, as it gives employees access to shared data across all departments. The added convenience of gaining access to this data will make it much easier to analyze this information and make decisions that are in the best interests of the company. Ultimately, this will result in better decisions and will have a significant impact on your entire business operations.

The use of ERP software offers a wide range of benefits. At Michell Consulting Group, we focus on helping businesses take advantage of the latest tech available. Our IT experts understand that technology is always changing, and it is our mission to help your business gain access to the best technology for your company. If you wish to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us anytime.

Top 3 Ways ERP Software Can Impact Your Business

The use of technology plays a major role in the workplace, and ERP software is an excellent way to streamline your business activities and operate at a much more efficient level. An ERP system is short for enterprise resource planning, as it helps businesses manage day-to-day operations, whether it is accounting, project management, or manufacturing. A managed service provider (MSP) can help your company take advantage of this technology and improve the entire infrastructure of your organization.

Here are just three benefits of using an ERP system and why it is such a vital component for businesses in the workplace:

Improved Insight

One of the main benefits of using an ERP system is that it gives your business access to real-time information. These reports are available at any time and play a key role in helping you identify any areas that need improvement within your company. This added insight is a great way to increase efficiency in the workplace and help your company reach its utmost potential, while also gaining a competitive advantage.

Enhance Collaboration

Another advantage of using ERP software is that it significantly improves collaboration between employees and management. Instead of trying to accomplish tasks on your own, working together is an effective way to increase productivity and make everyone’s job even that much easier. A managed service provider can help your employees work together on projects through the use of cloud technology, as it gives employees the freedom to access work from any location.

Lower Operational Costs

Companies are always looking for ways to improve the bottom line, and the use of this innovative software is an excellent way to reduce costs. A managed service provider can help train employees on the best ways to use this technology, which will increase efficiency and ultimately result in an improvement in the bottom line. The use of this state-of-the-art technology continues to grow, and an IT provider can help ensure that your business remains at the forefront of this innovative software.

The use of ERP software can transform your entire business structure and using an IT provider is an excellent way to take advantage of this technology. At Michell Consulting Group, we focus on helping our clients reach their full potential. Our IT staff members are always available to answer any questions and provide your employees with around the clock support. We understand the importance of an ERP system and how it can impact your business. If you wish to learn more about this technology, feel free to reach out to us.