Michell Consulting Group will be happy to talk with you about your existing network and assist you in optimizing your IT needs. Let our experienced staff evaluate your Information Technology (IT) needs at no cost.

There are many variables we take into account when designing a network. We can provide everything from a turnkey solution to integration of vendors’ offerings. We provide years of expertise and knowledge of what does and doesn’t work for a variety of industries and business sizes. We will bring that knowledge and experience to bear for your business.

At Michell Consulting Group customer service and satisfaction is our #1 priority. We will implement the design, or supervise your in-house team and/or vendors in the implementation of your network. We can cable your installation from scratch or upgrade your existing cabling plant. Our concern is that you get the results that you desire.



Michell Consulting Group’s staff of Certified Engineers has over 15 years of experience and expertise with SCO UNIX, AIX and Windows Operation Systems.

We are SCO ACE MASTER, which provides our customers the assurance that they will receive the very best support in the industry. Our staff also supports IBM AIX, Caldera andRedHat Linux.

Keeping your systems up and operational will lower your cost of system ownership. AIX has the functionality of a mature operating system and is the OS of choice by professionals needing high availability for their critical applications. AIX can help lower the total cost of ownership by providing enhanced systems and network management capabilities that help put you in control of your computing environment.



You can count on Michell Consulting Group for proper planning and careful implementation of security policies. As Internet penetration grows, and more of your business relies on connectivity. Your company’s Internet Security Policy implementation must be moved to the top of your priority list.

Threat assessment and loss prevention need to be integral components of your IT strategy. There is no avoiding the fact that securing your data, even as you need to make it more accessible to legitimate users who need it, is of paramount importance to your company.

Anyone who has fought a virus, or crossed swords with a hacker will tell you that having good security measures in place before you need them is the best solution.

Our experienced staff have performed numerous installs, worked out the bugs, and have witnessed all of the pitfalls associated with the complex networking technologies. Our experience has helped us conquer the learning curve associated with these products.

Your time is valuable and although securing your network might be a high priority to you, you may not always have the necessary time or staffing to dedicate to this function. By outsourcing this function to experienced professionals, such asMichell Consulting Group, you are given the reassurance that critical security elements are not overlooked.

Many organizations struggle with the issue of how to protect electronic data and online commerce transactions while granting secure network access to employees, business partners, suppliers and customers. It’s no longer just the network administrator’s problem; it’s a company problem. Failure to protect information assets from external and internal intruders can lead to embarrassing public exposure, loss of customer confidence and financial loss. To protect valuable company resources, corporations must be able to detect and respond to network attacks or misuse in a proactive manner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.