Invest in IT Services in Miami to Enhance Your Business

If you’re a small business, you may have considered forgoing IT services to save money. However, using IT services is an absolutely vital investment that can completely change the way your company runs. Good IT services will help your company run more efficiently, allowing you to grow quickly and make more money in the long run. Here’s why you should invest in IT services in Miami:

Professional Experts

When working with technology, it’s always going to be more efficient to have an expert available to address any challenges you might face. When you have your staff handle IT problems on their own, they end up splitting their time, and it means that IT problems aren’t always addressed as soon as they need to be. With a professional IT services provider in Miami, you get highly trained experts who can quickly diagnose and fix problems that your employees might not be able to.

Efficient Service with No Downtime

One of the most frustrating things for any company to experience is technology outages. When a server or computer is out, it makes it very difficult for employees to get their work done and for clients or customers to reach you. When you have professional IT services on your side, problems get addressed right away, no matter what time of day it is. This means little to no downtime for you, so you can get more done without the stress of technology outages.

Employee Support and Training

In addition to providing top-notch IT services themselves, IT professionals can also make sure that your employees are trained to make the most of the applications and technology they are using and to spot any potential problems. Having this highly personalized IT support is very beneficial for you and will help your employees feel much more empowered when using technology. It will also help your employees feel comfortable asking for help directly, making the process of managing your technology much easier.

At Michell Consulting Group, we provide the top IT services for Miami businesses. Our team is always ready to help with any IT challenges, whether it’s a simple software installation or a major outage that you can’t fix. We have worked with clients in many different industries and are familiar with a wide range of industry-specific technology. If you are interested in investing in IT services for your business, contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Protect Your Business and Data with IT Support in Miami

The days of cyber attackers solely gunning for the massive international corporations and other large organizations are long gone. Nowadays, every type of institution is at risk, whether it’s a small business owned by a sole entrepreneur, a regional business, or a monolithic corporation with locations around the world. It has never been more important to secure your network. IT support in Miami can help in your quest to preserve your data’s integrity. However, you can also take some steps on your own to preserve your network’s security.

Educate Your Staff

Your entire network can be taken down by a single employee misstep. If someone clicks the wrong file, opens the wrong e-mail or downloads the wrong attachment, your organization might have an uphill battle that lasts days or even longer. Viruses and excessive network downtime can be avoided with employee education. Teach your team about cyberattack prevention methods. Employees who know what they should and shouldn’t click won’t be as susceptible to making an incredibly costly mistake.

Rethink BYOD

A bring your own device (BYOD) policy removes your control over content. Though you can limit the access to specific sites on devices owned by your company, the same isn’t true for employees’ personal devices. If employees use their own electronic devices for work purposes, it could make it much easier for hackers to gain access to your company’s sensitive information. Limit the extent that such devices can be used and you’ll reduce the odds of a nasty hack. Also, make sure that each team member’s mobile device has the latest anti-virus software. A reliable IT support company in Miami can help with data monitoring efforts for an extra layer of protection.

Password Quality Matters

Hackers can try a variety of password/username combinations with little effort. If one of your team members has a simple password, he’s leaving the door open for cyber thieves. Make sure each employee’s password has letters, numbers, a special character, at least one capitalized letter and is a minimum of five characters in length. Passwords should be changed at least once every six months.

The Cloud is Your Friend

Though the cloud has its imperfections, it serves as an excellent source for data backup. A second copy of your data stored on the cloud will prove quite helpful if your company’s computers/servers are compromised. Furthermore, advancements in encryption have made the cloud’s security quite formidable over the past few years and months. It’s no longer as vulnerable as it once was.

Encrypt Your Data

Encryption technology is becoming much more user-friendly as time progresses. It’s no longer overly technical and extremely challenging to implement. Encrypt your data and you won’t have to worry nearly as much about cyber hackers.

Lean on the Pros to Safeguard Your Network

If you own or manage a small to medium size business, your network can still be targeted by wrongdoers. In fact, attacks on small enterprises are on the upswing as hackers view these organizations as easy targets. Ally with the best in the business to secure your business network, reduce downtime and thwart digital attacks of every variety. IT support in Miami with Michell Consulting Group will help you steer clear of cyber criminals, keep your network up, and enjoy a steady flow of business without interruption. Contact us to learn more.

Employee Training – Businesses Can’t Afford Not To

As a business owner, if you’ve ever looked into training seminars, you’ve probably been taken back by the price. Your industry likely has a whole slew of organizations dedicated to business training, and there are often training courses on specific software packages you use in your day-to-day line of business. Your employees may know full-well how to do their job, but are they doing it as effectively as possible in order to drive business forward?

Think about basic productivity software like your word processor and email client. Sure, they are fairly basic, easy-to-use applications, but are your employees taking full advantage of all of the features that can make them super effective at their job? Good employee training can improve and resolve a lot of issues, such as:

  • Employee ROI- When you invest in your employees and their development, they return that investment many times over.
  • Employee Retention – Would you rather build onto the skills of your existing employees or have to start over with new ones? Letting employees improve their skills and become better doesn’t just help you, but it leads to happier employees, especially with today’s job market.
  • Better Performances – Improve your employee performance. Some companies see productivity increases by up to 230%.
  • Higher Quality – Making happier customers can be achieved with knowledgeable employees simply because your product and/or service will improve. This can help give your business a competitive edge.
  • Flexibility – Trained staff can better take the tools they use and bend them to their needs. This is sometimes a part of ‘thinking outside the box.’ Plus, as your business needs evolve and change, so can your staff.

Don’t forget that technical skills aren’t the only ones you want employees to have. Sales training, project management training, customer service training, and soft skills like communication and leadership are all important for your staff.

There are plenty of other benefits for training your employees, but above all else, it makes good employees better (and happier) when you treat them as your number one asset.