Why You Should Outsource Your Tech Works to IT Services Providers in Miami

If you are wondering what the most efficient approach is to managing daily IT operations, you are not alone. Most business owners and managers find it difficult to handle all IT responsibilities in-house. The answer is to rely on IT services providers in Miami.

Outsource IT Operations So You Will be Able to Focus on What You Do Best

Lean on IT services providers in Miami for assistance with your IT infrastructure and other tech challenges so your crew will be liberated to work on what they do best. This is your opportunity to steer your team toward working on company goals rather than have them burn through their time attempting to solve highly complex tech problems. In fact, managed services providers (MSPs) can even automate some of the manual processes that chew up a considerable amount of time.

Improved Cost Control

Businesses that fail to outsource IT work end up relying on a flawed break-fix approach. There is no sense being reactive when you can rely on the true IT professionals for a proactive approach that nips tech problems in the bud before they wreak havoc on your business. The tech experts will analyze your network and technology to anticipate problems, take preventative action, and keep your business operating like a well-oiled machine.

Furthermore, you won’t have to pay for exorbitant IT employee salaries and benefits. Nor will there be any concern about your IT team leaving for more lucrative opportunities as is the case with traditional in-house IT personnel. Have outsourced IT team work on your specific problems as necessary, and you really will save a ton of money in the long run.

Access to New Tech

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the latest tech implemented at your business? Outsourcing your IT work will help you make the most of technology. This is a considerable competitive advantage, as your competitors who rely on in-house IT workers typically take a while to plan, budget, and implement IT developments.

Every Business Can Benefit from an Outside Perspective

Outsource your IT work, and you just might be surprised as to what these tech gurus say about your network and systems after analysis. This independent perspective is refreshing and valuable. You just might find the suggestions provided by this outside (and objective) group dramatically improve your efficiency, cut costs, and ultimately help you win market share.

If you need assistance with your IT, at Michell Consulting Group, our IT services team in Miami is ready to help you. We provide IT solutions, including onsite IT support, remote desktop support, ERP software solutions and more. Contact us now for more information.

IT Support in Miami Answers the Call for Outsourced Help Desk Support

Although IT support in Miami can now be easily outsourced, it’s still advisable for businesses to know the basics of the services they need. This empowers them to demand only the best from their chosen third-party providers.

One such example of outsourced services is customer support. Businesses can delegate this task to providers, leaving them with more time to focus on their main objectives. Usually, this kind of customer support is outsourced in the form of a help desk wherein representatives take calls and answer emails.

As the client, you must know what kind of customer support your provider should deliver. Because your provider’s help desk will be on the front lines serving as the first point of contact, they will not be perceived as a separate entity, but rather, as a part of your business. If they fail, your business fails as well in the eyes of your customers.

To establish good relations with your customers, look for a provider of IT support in Miami that can offer the following:

Well-trained customer service representatives

It takes skills to soothe irate customers, especially when their complaints can’t be resolved immediately. Thus, your provider should have a readily available team already experienced in conflict resolution and business communication. They should know proper phone etiquette, de-escalation techniques, and detailed documentation. They should know when to follow a script, and when to think outside the box. And that’s just the soft skills part. They also must possess hard skills such as using logging tools, troubleshooting basic technical issues, and recognizing security risks, among other things.

Round-the-clock services

Whenever your systems go down, people will contact your help desk first and foremost to find out what’s going on. Unfortunately, unexpected outages know no schedule, so you should have a help desk that’s available 24/7. In case your website goes down at an ungodly hour, your customers should be able to connect with your business and get a resolution or at least, information. Although a lot of businesses still offer their help desk during their regular hours of operation, many are seeing the benefit of round-the-clock availability.


If your business is still growing, there’s no way to predict just how fast it can become bigger, so scalability is another important factor to consider when looking for a provider. Their services should be able to scale up and down accordingly without affecting their performance. After all, you want a provider that’s just as flexible as your business is. If they can’t keep up, then they’re not a good match.

Proven track record

Don’t just go with any provider with the lowest price offer. Instead, choose a provider with an established reputation for delivering customer support. They may cost higher than newer provider but think of it more as an investment and less as an expense. When your customers are happy, they develop loyalty for your brand and become repeat buyers, so it all translates to a good ROI in the end

For high-quality customer support, look no further than Michell Consulting Group. As a trusted provider of IT support in Miami , we have everything an outsourced help desk should have and more. Contact us today for additional information on our services.

Attempts to Manage IT Services in Miami In-House Are Giving Way to Outsourcing with True IT Specialists

IT management is becoming quite complex. This is a highly complicated field that requires the assistance of an IT services team in Miami, with extensive experience and diverse skills. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to manage your IT challenges internally. Outsource your IT needs to specialists and you’ll rest easy knowing true professionals are tackling your complex tech challenges.

Managed Services is More Than Remote Monitoring

Some people claim managed services is nothing more than remote monitoring services with a few other services provided now and then. Remote monitoring is only one facet of managed services. Contemporary IT managed services range from network security to cloud computing, colocation, data backup, downtime prevention, and so much more. The beauty of outsourcing your IT workload is you will tap into the expertise of an entire team rather than a handful of individuals. A team-oriented approach increases diversity of services, as well as the quality of such services.

IT Managed Services are Surprisingly Affordable

Too many business owners shun the notion of outsourcing IT work to a team of IT services professionals in Miami because of cost concerns. There’s a widespread belief that relying on an outside group of IT experts will prove egregiously expensive. In reality, it’s often cheaper to ally with a group of IT aficionados than employ in-house talent. Internal employees usually require lofty salaries, extensive benefits, paid time off, and strict work hours. IT service providers are available around the clock, don’t require benefits, and won’t bolt for a competitor.

Piecemeal Services are Available

Companies that outsource their IT work don’t have to rely on an external managed services provider for every last tech responsibility. It’s possible to outsource specific services a la carte. Figure out exactly what’s best for your particular business, communicate it to your selected managed services provider, and you’ll be provided with the customized service you deserve.

External IT Teams Assist Businesses of all Sizes

Another common misconception regarding IT service providers is that their services are reserved for large businesses. The truth is that businesses of every size can outsource their IT work without a problem. IT managed services are available to small companies, medium-sized companies and even gigantic corporations with international footprints.

Managed Services Maximize Your Organization’s Efficiency

The end result of outsourcing IT responsibilities will be the generation of additional profit. Your organization’s efficiency will be greatly enhanced when IT projects are embraced by a group of employees who are squarely focused on solving your tech challenges without delay. Your IT needs will be addressed in a timely manner so your operations continue uninterrupted. Give a managed services provider the chance to work on your IT challenges and you’ll likely find this team-oriented approach proves to be much more efficient than that of your in-house personnel.

Our IT Services Team is Ready for any Tech Challenge

Outsource your IT work to the experts and you’ll soon wonder what took you so long to make the transition. There’s a stark difference between the diverse IT services in Miami offered by a team of tech aficionados and those provided by a comparably limited in-house team. There’s no sense in asking a small group of internal IT workers to manage your business’s varied IT tasks. Let our team at Michell Consulting Group tackle those problems and you’ll find that your business’s efficiency rockets upward. Contact us today for more information about how our IT gurus can help with your company’s tech challenges.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services in Miami Through a Managed Services Provider

A Bevy of Advantages

IT services in Miami that are outsourced through a managed IT group can really take your business to the next level. Through managed services, you can:

  • substantively control IT expenses
  • cut the cost of labor
  • obtain professional, top-tier support
  • enjoy the advantage of experienced service provision
  • increase competitive edge via efficiency
  • implement new tech quickly
  • focus on core business requirements
  • reduce operational/financial risk
  • facilitate dependable security

Advantages of a Flat Fee Model

IT services in Miami that are available at a flat rate offer predictable monthly costs, allowing you to set an exact budget for IT throughout a given fiscal year. This isn’t possible on your own and can’t be reasonably expected from a break/fix service solutions model. But through proactive support at a flat fee, you can know your yearly IT expenses to the penny. What’s more: you’re likely to save.

Having an on-site IT team requires that you integrate such group of professionals into your labor pool— this includes all the surrounding legal provisions and benefits packages. Even a break/fix support model is more expensive in this regard, because by the time you requisition service, it’s usually substantial service that may include a complete refurbishment or replacement of existing systems.

Additionally, when you go with a flat fee managed service solution, you’re working with a group that has the prerogative to stay current on tech trends and provide their integration as professionally as possible. You can’t get that kind of support from an in-house team unless your own business provides IT support. Additionally, a managed service provider’s team has worked with multiple clients and obtained exceptional experience that can’t be sourced any other way.

Increased Competitive Edge and Core Operational Quality

All these advantages make you more profitable and, thereby, more able to compete on the same level as other businesses that provide services similar to yours. Also, operations will become more efficient once they’ve been professionally upgraded.

When it comes to the implementation of new tech innovations, you’ll have a better chance of seamless transition through an MSP as well.

All these advantages help you concentrate on those core aspects of your business which are integral to profitability and growth. An all-inclusive infrastructure including on-site provisions grows as your operation does, and can eventually hinder the core of your organization. Managed services curtail this opportunity cost while helping you conserve your resources.

More Secure, Risk-Free Continuity

When taken together, all these data points describe a business operating at decreased financial risk and increased technological security. You’re able to spend less and get more. Also, that which you receive is more qualitative, meaning you don’t just experience the same level of operations— you’re now actually getting better tech service.

Finding A Local Solution

IT services in Miami are going to serve you much better in an external capacity than internal solutions could, and that becomes especially true when you consider how profoundly efficient cloud computing applications are. While working with an MSP doesn’t require you to climb aboard the cloud, many local solutions make doing so feasible, cost-effective, and something to be recommended. We at Michell Consulting Group provide the kind of technologically-advanced, top-tier support you need to maximize profit, minimize expenses, and operate at your highest level. Want to know more? Contact us!

5 Ways to Slash IT Costs

Nobody wants to spend more than they have to, especially when it comes to those necessary evils like bills, utilities, insurance, and the general costs of keeping things running smoothly. At Michell Consulting Group, our goal is to provide outstanding enterprise-level solutions for small business prices. Let’s talk about a few ways to cut long term IT costs.

Granted, most of the time you can’t simply cut costs unless you make a little investment first. It’s the same case when trying to make your home more cost-effective: it usually takes an initial investment or a regular routine to make a difference. For example, improving the insulation and replacing the windows is an expensive endeavor but in the long run can reduce your energy bills. Think of business IT the same way.


If your business requires multiple servers that perform various tasks, it’s more than likely you have multiple powerful services that are being completely underutilized. Virtualization solves that by condensing those devices down into a single hardware device that then houses multiple virtual environments. This means there’s less to manage, less heat generated, and less power consumed. As long as your server has plenty of resources, it’s even possible to add additional virtual servers to it as your needs increase without the big expense of purchasing new servers.

Establish Energy-Saving Policies

These days new computer equipment is becoming more and more energy efficient, but if you have some older technology still chugging away (CRT monitors, I’m talking about you!), then you are consuming more electricity than you need to be. The difference won’t necessarily be staggering but shaving a few cents a day adds up, and the investment eventually pays for itself. Consider policies that dim monitors after a certain amount of time and shut them off after hours and if you don’t need remote access to your workstations on the weekend, policies can be set up so they are shut down to conserve power.

Refresh your Hardware

Time is money. Waiting for your email application to load is money. Those older, slow workstations that you still have floating around are costing your company money because the user that needs to sit at them and try to get their work done is constantly waiting for things to load. Older computers tend to be more expensive to take care of as well. Refreshing your hardware every few years prevents this. We’ve found that in most situations replacing workstations every 3-4 years is the sweet spot for cost effectiveness.

Switch to Voip

Voice Over IP phone systems can drastically reduce costs in communication. While the phones are a little more expensive, voice over IP systems are scalable and extremely feature-rich and offer a lot of benefits on their own. Businesses can save up to 50% compared to traditional phone bills.

Outsource and Manage your IT

In most cases those annoying day-to-day IT issues can be prevented with just a little regular maintenance. An IT company like Michell Consulting Group has processes and tools already put together to streamline this maintenance, and can provide these services for a fraction of what you’d pay an in-house IT guru. Want to find out how much we can save you on your IT, and how much downtime we can prevent? Give us a call at 305-592-5620 and find out today!