IT Support in Miami: Understanding the Importance of Virtual CIO Services

Nowadays, it makes sense for just about every organization to consider the merits of virtual CIO services. The best virtual CIO for your business probably won’t be the optimal candidate for another business. You need a true specialist with relevant knowledge and experience to manage your IT infrastructure. Virtual CIOs should understand exactly what each unique client demands. In-depth IT support in Miami requires nuanced client care provided in a timely manner. Let’s take a closer look at the best features of virtual CIO services and how to select from the field:

Elite Virtual CIOs are Flexible

The best of the best is flexible, agile, and eager to please. Your virtual CIO should be able to pivot to a new challenge as soon as priorities change. Do not hire a virtual CIO service that is slow to respond, stuck in its ways or unwilling to accommodate your unique requests.

The Virtual CIO You Select Should Have Relevant Experience

Select a virtual CIO with experience in your industry and you will rest easy knowing this specialist is familiar with your line of work. When in doubt, select a candidate with relevant past experience. Furthermore, the candidate should have produced positive results from these prior challenges. As is commonly said, the best indicator of future results is past performance. Pinpoint a virtual CIO provider that is truly competent and revered by others in your industry and it will be money well spent.

Assistance Beyond IT

IT support in Miami is essential to this line of work yet tech know-how is only part of the virtual CIO’s role. Aside from IT skills, your virtual CIO should also be a leader. This professional should be capable of making helpful contributions to fellow management, leading business meetings, and ensuring the company’s overarching IT strategy helps the business attain objectives.

The Best Virtual CIOs are Client-Focused

It is often said everyone is in the customer service business except we all have different clients to please. Virtual CIOs are no exception. These executives have valuable skills, yet they are dependent on their clients providing them with the opportunity to excel. The virtual CIO you select should be more than willing to customize tech solutions for your unique business with the ultimate aim of pleasing.

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IT Services Experts in Miami Explain Why You Need a Virtual CIO for Your Business

Virtual CIOs have reached a mainstream tipping point for good reason. This service outsources Chief Information Officer functions. Virtual CIOs are perfect for organizations that do not have the money or experience required to employ a CIO across the entirety of the year. Below, IT services experts in Miami explain why you need a virtual CIO for your business:

Why Virtual CIOs Are So Important

Every business needs a CIO, or someone in a similar role, as scaling occurs. A virtual CIO can help you know exactly which technology is essential to protect your business, boost your processes and ultimately help your organization reach its goals. Your virtual CIO will help you meet your business fulfill its potential, cut labor costs, and obtain a competitive edge.

Virtual CIO Tech Insight

Your virtual CIO will provide important insight into how technology can help your business reach its goals. Think of this service as the missing link between tech and financial success. A virtual CIO can help you manage your IT services in Miami. A vCIO also analyzes digital security to help keep your operations running safely and smoothly. In a nutshell, virtual CIOs create the tech roadmap that guides organizations to success.

The Many Benefits of Virtual CIOs

The best reason to take advantage of a virtual CIO is to enjoy an objective view of the business. Virtual CIOs provide an objective point of view that gets right to the point. The vCIO’s tech recommendations will help you obtain more market share. A virtual CIO’s insight is invaluable as this professional is outside of the business.

Virtual CIOs are perfect for growing businesses as well as already-successful enterprises. Virtual CIOs stay up-to-date on all the latest technology for businesses, know how to solve tech business problems with efficiency and set organizations up for success across posterity.

Businesses that opt for virtual CIOs enhance cost efficiency since vCIOs do not cost six figures per year. You will pay less and still enjoy the advantages of having a CIO. The twist is your payroll will be significantly less than competitors who rely on an in-house CIO. You can always hire a full-time CIO in the future, yet you will find the value provided by a virtual CIO makes it awfully tempting to stick with the virtual version.

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IT Support in Miami: Top Benefits of a Virtual CIO

Both large and small businesses need cutting-edge technology, especially cloud computing solutions from IT support providers in Miami, to realize efficient work processes. However, without a top-level expert, it is impossible to run a proper IT roadmap and reap the maximum returns on your technology investments.

Therefore, it is essential to bring in a chief information officer (CIO) to formulate a strategy for the deployment of technology solutions in a way that best aligns with your business needs. Although a full-time CIO is a cost-prohibitive option, you can benefit from hiring a virtual CIO from a qualified IT support provider. Below are the top benefits of collaborating with a virtual CIO:

Cost Savings

Virtual CIOs are simply contractors with your organization but work on a when-needed basis to help you strategize on IT. This arrangement implies that you pay the contractors on an hourly basis. Thus, you’ll save money on salary and benefits, which full-time CIOs demand.

Besides, they bring in an immense wealth of knowledge and experience to streamline your adoption of new technology and the resolution of technical problems when they arise. As a result, you won’t experience technology lags or learning curves when transitioning to new solutions. This translates to increased efficiency and productivity.


Virtual services from IT support providers in Miami offer unlimited flexibility. In turn, your contract with the provider guarantees you constant availability. Therefore, if you have an emergency at midnight or the late hours of the night, you’re guaranteed they’ll be available to fix the problem and restore normal operations.

In addition, the advanced know-how of a CIO empowers your IT function for better monitoring, synchronization, and management to prevent problems before they occur.

With such a proactive approach, your internal processes will be free from the confusion that arises when technology leadership is missing or your top in-house specialists politicize the decision-making process on IT policies concerning specific technologies.

Long-Term Planning

Future-proofing your IT systems is critical and helps you overcome vendor lock-in and build the capacity to scale and adopt new technologies fast. However, if you rely on a salaried CIO to plan your technology strategy, you’ll have problems executing it when they leave your organization.

On the contrary, a virtual CIO will be with your organization for life to implement your IT roadmap and concerns about shifts to new technologies. As a result, you’ll have the capacity to address:

  • Compliance requirements
  • Security challenges
  • New business opportunities

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Michell Consulting announces Daniel Arcelo

Arcelo to lead Managed Services – Technology, Services and Sales

ArceloOctober 14, 2014, Doral, FL – Michell Consulting Group (MCG) announces the hire of Daniel Arcelo to the position of Chief Technology Officer. Arcelo brings more than 14 years of experience in technology services within various industries.

As the Virtual CIO for our Managed IT customers, Arcelo will serve as a customer liaison and strategic advisor, helping customers identify their technology needs and risks. Arcelo will not only provide technical leadership, consulting, and oversee incident management, he will also provide audit and compliance direction, to help guide our clients through the difficult process of implementing stringent security systems, policies and procedures especially for organizations which must meet governmental compliance requirements. Working closely with MCG’s team of experts, Arcelo will develop a managed services solution that allows clients to focus on their core competency by providing fully managed end-to-end IT solutions which will make the business more efficient and secured while lowering their IT costs. As CTO for Michell Consulting Group, he will develop and oversee the entire IT service and support departments.

Prior to joining Michell Consulting Group, Arcelo honed his expertise over the last 10 years working with various Managed Services providers across South Florida as a manager and technical lead. Most recently he successfully establish a managed services practice for a provider in northern Broward County where he designed a state of the art NOC and datacenter, implemented the right technology to support and manage client systems, developed and grew the support staff and improved overall company operations in order to support and meet the needs and demands of the growing client base. Arcelo’s long-time track-record and familiarity with successful operations in the management of customers’ information infrastructures across the US and Latin America gives MCG clients peace of mind that the solutions he recommends are designed for success.

“With the addition of Daniel to our team, demonstrates a new level of commitment to our clients”, said Ricardo Michell, Owner of Michell Consulting Group, “he will be an advocate for the client and the technology requirements they need.”

Arcelo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and Security and has numerous professional certifications.

Michell Consulting Group ( is a managed services provider and ERP systems integrator providing end-to-end solutions that ensure business integrity for small-medium and enterprise-level clients.  From design through deployment, Michell Consulting Group is an advocate for our clients to strategically align their business and IT objectives. We architect, implement and manage ERP & IT solutions spanning computing infrastructure, enterprise software and management, VoIP and security. The company is headquartered in Doral, Fl.