10 signs your business is ready for SAP Business One

Keeping a business operating smoothly requires moving a lot of information, and the interaction of departments, customers and possibly even shipping companies. SAP Business One is the most full featured application of its kind on the market today, widely used by organizations of all types and sizes. If any of the following benefits of SAP Business One apply to you, maybe your business is ready for SAP.

  1. Variety of Industry-Specific Packages – SAP Business One understands that every business is a little bit different, but provides templates for a dazzling array of industries, such as marketing, manufacturing, services, etc. Begin with a template and customize the application for your specific needs.
  2. Complete Business Package – Instead of using different applications for inventory, ordering, and customer service, SAP Business One gives you the power to handle all of your core business needs from one location. For your company, that means seamless interaction between departments, fewer invoicing and ordering errors, and a robust set of tools to manage your company more effectively.
  3. Integrate with Existing Tools – Your business may already have a suite of tools that it has been using for years. Instead of forcing you to give up tools that have always worked, SAP Business One easily integrates with hundreds of common desktop applications.
  4. Increase Efficiency – Having the various business applications for your company in one location means getting more done in less time. Increased efficiency is the biggest reason any company adopts new technology, and Business One delivers as promised in this arena.
  5. Intuitive Interface – One reason Business One increase business efficiency is because the interface is intuitive and easy to learn. And since your business essentials are all in one place, learning to use a single applications gives you control over your entire organization.
  6. Faster Response Time – If being able to track and respond to your customer needs is important to your company, SAP Business One is the perfect solution. Managing the customer relationship is one of many vital business functions that are included in every industry package.
  7. Reduced IT Expenses – The intuitive user interface will affect how well the application is accepted by your employees. Business One’s easy to use functionality means less time required from your IT staff, faster learning time, and smooth, trouble-free operation.
  8. Better Communications – Connecting the back office with your sales staff can streamline a business. One of the primary functions of Business One is to offer dependable real time communications at every level of the organization, eliminating problems such as overselling or overbuying your product inventory.
  9. Detailed Reporting – Many companies suffer from a lack of information. Business One gives you nearly unlimited control over reporting on all facets of company operations, including inventory and customer relationship management. And since One connects all parts of the business, you will be able to see where improvements need to be made, schedules adjusted, and production increased.
  10. Locally Supported – SAP Business One is created by a global organization, but your business can interact with support at the local level. The SAP Business One model uses trained application resellers who are familiar with your business in ways that outsourced phone support could never be. For the end user, that means having support available when you need it, so your business can function without interruption.

Using an efficient ERP application is one way to stay ahead of your competition, reduce in-house networking costs, and create rich set of business management tools. To get the best results, work with a reseller that excels in managed networking and other business services. More than ever before, your company network has global reach, and products like SAP Business One are designed for maximum performance. Everything you need to know about SAP Business one is available on our handy dandy information kit available below.

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