Michell Group Website Redesign Improves Overall Visitor Experience and Provides Our Clients Direct Access to our Expertise 24/7

As a leading managed services provider helping to ensure small-to-medium-sized businesses have the strong infrastructure and support they need to function securely, efficiently, and smoothly in today’s high-tech world, Michell Consulting Group recently revamped their website to make it not only exceptionally visitor-friendly, but also engaging and information-laded for both potential and established customers.


New, More Robust Live Chat Available

An integral key in the plan to redesign the website was to ensure clients had access to information at all hours. A new live chat feature allows customers to connect with a customer service or technical support representative at a moment’s notice. Customers are depending upon Michell for a variety of information technology services, so fast and easy communication are critical to keep computer systems operating at optimum efficiency.


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New Layout Provides Information at a Glance

When the marketing firm Rizen Inbound was tasked with the development of our new Michell website, it was important to create a portal where customers and potential clients could find information on Miami’s largest managed services provider’s platform. The home page alone features a synopsis of all Michell’s services and partners, including the company’s four main areas of focus:

  • Strategic IT
  • Managed IT
  • Support IT
  • Infrastructure IT

~ All with icons that lead to a more detailed definition of each area. Technology consulting, another mainstay of Michell Consulting Group’s portfolio, is summarized in graphic form on the home page, with links leading to more specific information. Links to the company’s blog, Twitter account, and e-mail contact information are located on the bottom of the home page, where you can also subscribe to Michell’s newsletter.


Multi-media Approach Delivers the Message

Michell Consulting Group’s new website employs a multi-media approach that combines video messaging with strategically-placed text. This approach results in a clear definition of what the managed services provider can do to help your company improve, both from an efficiency and technological standpoint. The layout of the website utilizes plenty of white space to help readers focus on the message at hand, whether that message details the company’s diverse experience in technology and distribution or how Michell’s core principles translate into helping your business succeed.


Easier Than Ever to Submit Support Tickets

The main goal of our new website was twofold ~ to make it easier for customers to submit support tickets, as well as provide a better overall experience online. The support link is easily seen at the top of the page. One click takes you to a page where you can phone in a request, submit a problem by e-mail, or access a portal where a tech expert can attack the issue with remote access. Calling our 800 number allows customers to dictate a ticket straight to voice mail, securing a place in line for the issue to be resolved. An online help desk allows customers to view and manage their tickets at any hour of the day.


Testimonials and Case Studies Provide References

Michell Consulting Group provides plenty of testimonials from happy customers on our new website, as well as specific examples of how, as a managed services provider, we have helped Miami businesses improve distribution and otherwise increase the bottom line. The link to the news page keeps customers up to date with the latest Michell happenings, including attendance at trade shows, new services, and new employees.

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Training Documents Now Online

Michell Consulting Group knows that sometimes training occurs as time allows. That’s why they have a whole suite of training documents available online for you to access at your convenience. The managed IT services provided by Michell, now has training materials that align with the software solutions that we deliver, including SAP and Infor. Other training materials provide information on Windows operating software and servers, as well as the Microsoft Dynamics NAV management system.

Click Here to Find Training Documents

Infor Data sheets Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.28.28 PM  SAP vs Comp  Small Business Comp Edge


Website Encourages Interaction and Questions

All in all, our new website is an easy-to-navigate source for information on technology offered by Miami’s premier managed services provider, Michell Consulting Group. Our core values, team member backgrounds, and reputation with current clients offer some good insight to the caliber of a company we are. Through live chat and a variety of contact options including a help desk portal, Michell customers can resolve problems any time of the day or night to make sure our business helps your business to keep operating at maximum efficiency.

How to Choose the Right IT Support Provider in Miami

Although they work out of sight, IT providers play an important role in your business by helping numerous operations run smoothly. In a city like Miami, you have a huge array of options when it comes to finding IT support; however, too much choice can make finding the right provider for your company quite difficult. By following these tips, you can ensure that you make a good decision when searching for a company that provides great IT support in Miami.

1. Find the Right Places to Search For IT Support in Miami

To form a list of potential providers, you first need to seek out likely candidates. The best way to begin is by asking clients, vendors, and other businesses of similar sizes and needs to your own. If you have a shortage of professionals to ask, you can search through online directories, which gives you the added advantage of ruling out any IT providers with low ratings.

2. Check Credibility

You should expect that any company offering IT support in Miami has an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and easy-to-use website with recent content and up-to-date information. You should also be able to find details about a company’s qualifications, certifications, and accreditations. One last thing to look for are testimonials of past and current clients. If a website lacks any of these features, dismiss the company and move on to researching another provider.

After completing steps one and two, you should have created a short list of potential IT support providers in the Miami area. Contact each in turn and ask about the following:

3. Find Out About Experience

Ask plenty of questions to gain a clear picture of the IT provider’s experience. You need to know how long the company has been practicing, how many clients the company has worked with (including any renowned businesses), which platforms and software the company uses, and whether they specialize in any particular areas of IT.

4. Ask About Availability

Find out how many clients a company currently has along with the size of the their team to gain a clearer idea about how much time the provider will be able to dedicate to your account. In addition, companies should be able to provide you with information such as guaranteed response time and support hours — you may require assistance outside business hours or even 24 hours a day.

Finally, if you are considering a national company, it is important to know how many personnel are based in Miami and whether someone would be able to come to your business if you suffer from a problem that your provider is unable to resolve remotely.

5. Find a Provider That Meets Your Needs

A high-quality IT support provider will create a support plan just for you, which ensures that you receive the best value for your money. The company will also create a viable payment plan, which should have no hidden charges. Lastly, you should feel comfortable working with the support team to develop a good working relationship.

6. Weed Out Certain Losers

As with any service provider, there are certain warning signs that indicate you may be on to a loser. If an IT support company does any of the following, look elsewhere:

  • Uses jargon or acronyms without explaining to you what these terms mean.
  • Insists upon using a single brand of technology or a limited range of software without justifying why this is best for your business.
  • Persuades you to purchase all new equipment.
  • Uses pirated software.
  • Offers a very wide range of services across several fields.

The needs of every company are different, and you may have a set of requirements that are quite unlike even a similar business of the same size. Consider your unique circumstances using the above criteria as a guide to find the ideal IT support in Miami for your company. Contact  us to have a no obligation consultation regarding your needs.

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