Do You Know All the Things an MSP Can Do?

It’s a fact that most businesses today are rolling out technology as a part of their strategic plan to improve productivity and make their business more efficient. The more technology your organization relies on, the more crucial it is to get comprehensive IT support for that IT.

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Why You Should Outsource Your Tech Needs to a Managed IT Services Provider in Miami

A managed IT services provider in Miami can help you save money by enabling your business to avoid unnecessary expenses proactively. MSP’s are being promoted because they reduce internal equipment expenses, personnel expenses, and rental expenses while increasing the ability of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to compete against large corporations. Outsourcing IT to an IT firm can be especially lucrative for you for a number of reasons, including:

  • Expanded investment in success
  • More core focus
  • Access to more and better technology experts
  • Conservation of resources in many operational areas

Expanded Investment in Success

Managed IT services in Miami offers a perspective many businesses fail to consider initially. If your SMB becomes more successful and does well, ultimately the IT company providing you with products and services experiences profit, as well. Business growth has an exponential nature to it, a leveling up at intervals. Indeed this has to be the case, as without forward momentum, businesses stagnate and implode. Well, if an IT company can save you money and facilitate your success, it means you’ll likely end up doing more business with them–and why wouldn’t you? They saved you money! So when you do well, they do well. The right IT group is essentially a secondary investor in your business’s success.

More Core Focus

Internal IT is dependent on finite resources. Well, realistically, all resources are finite; but those within your company are more finite than those of an outsourced tech provider. An outsourced tech solution monitors operations, troubleshoots issues, installs, upgrades, replaces, and manages your tech. As a matter of fact, you can essentially have turnkey IT through the right MSP provider. This saves you time and money, allowing you to turn your eyes on facilitating operations more profitably.

Access to More and Better Technology Experts

Managed IT services providers cater to multiple clients, meaning they develop requisite infrastructure. 24/7/365 service will require a bit of momentum. Internally, you’ll have IT employees who take weekends off and are more expensive. Externally, you can get better experts available 24/7.

Conservation of Resources in Many Operational Areas

Cloud computing can outsource servers. DaaS (Desktop as a Service) and DaaS (Device as a Service) can outsource individual end-user machines, facilitating BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and freeing up space, conserving rental. Additionally, staff needs for internal IT can be overcome through outsourced solutions. Altogether, these things can save, even small businesses, over $100k annually.

Optimizing Your Business

Michell Consulting Group is a managed IT services provider in Miami that can help save you money, can provide better experts, facilitate core focus, and facilitate investment in your success. Contact us now for better IT at less expense.

Do They Have an Agenda? Why IT Services in Miami Might Try to Give You More Than You Need

If you own or manage a business that relies on technology, you’ve probably considered working with an IT company and wonder how you can best choose the best IT services in Miami. While this might seem like a relatively simple decision, there’s quite a lot that should go into it. Technology is the lifeblood of your business. Whether you utilize it to store client data, track and ship products, schedule patients, or just keep your office running smoothly, your technology needs to be supported by trusted experts. However, some companies have an agenda that can put you right in their crosshairs. Are they possibly giving you more than you need? Here are some questions to ask:

What Services Do We Really Need?

Before you even create a list of possible service providers, you first need to have a clear picture of what services your business needs. Are you looking for off-site or cloud-based storage? Disaster back-up recovery? Installation or maintenance of an operating system? Virus or hacking protection? Or have you made the decision to turn everything over to a managed service provider to handle it all? Once you know what you need, you can narrow down the IT companies that provide these services and nothing more… unless you want them, of course.

What References Do They Have?

Choosing a provider for IT services in Miami isn’t a decision that should be made lightly, and it’s important to make sure the company you ultimately choose is dependable and professional. One of the best ways to check this is to ask for references and speak with those references about their experience with the company. Make sure to specifically ask if these references believe that they got what they needed.

Do I Feel Comfortable With Them?

As you check references and gather more information about the company, think about the feelings you’re experiencing. Do you feel like they will truly value your business? Are they friendly and helpful? Do they answer all of your questions promptly? If they aren’t making you feel like a valued client from the very first interaction, it may indicate how they will treat you once you hire them.

What is Their Background?

When looking into the company, pay attention to how long they’ve been around and what experience their owners and managers have. Do they have a proven track record of success or are they a new start-up? Is it led by those experienced in the industry? How large is their support staff? This will help you choose a company that will not only have the expertise you need but will also be around in the future.

Choosing an IT services provider in Miami is a big decision and one that could have a large impact on your business as a whole. To make sure you’re choosing the right company, ask yourself the above questions and don’t make any rash decisions. Go with a company that not only has a proven track record but also one that makes you feel comfortable and valued, and here at Michell Consulting Group, we more than qualify for the position. If you have any technology-related questions or would like to know more about our company, contact us now.

What Makes Businesses Choose Outsourcing IT Support in Miami?

Benefits of Outsourcing IT

IT support in Miami is becoming a more widely practiced phenomenon among a variety of businesses. One reason for this is the technological advances which make such solutions profitable. Another reason this practice has become so mainstream pertains to convenience. Additionally, another reason for this trend is more qualitative tech solutions. In short, there are many reasons businesses are increasingly going the outsourcing route, and if you haven’t considered this approach, now might be the perfect time to re-evaluate your strategy.

Changing Technology

Long ago, there was a level of business operation at which having an on-site server array was ultimately a more profitable means of egress. Cloud computing has largely changed that.

With the cloud, you can have all the same advantages of an on-site server array without the associated costs. You won’t have to pay for the equipment itself and maintain the space for it, you’ll never lose money on a technological investment due to obsolescence, and you won’t need the same level of dedicated on-site IT support. IT support in Miami can provide you with all the necessary software and hardware capability on-site solutions regularly offer… and at a fraction of the cost.


It takes time to set up a system of servers. It takes time to find personnel that’s trustworthy enough to maintain such an array. These things require an entire echelon of infrastructural support which isn’t cheap or convenient. Additionally, your business is ultimately responsible for backup and data recovery in the event of an emergency. You are your own insurance. This can be very risky, especially when other businesses are increasingly rooted in cloud solutions which provide them increased competitive edge through more trustworthy security. With outsourced solutions— specifically with the cloud— all the infrastructure, and the security support which accompanies it, is already taken care of.

Qualitative Technology Solutions

When a business outsources their IT, at the end of the day, they’re likely to have a more dependable product. IT professionals that work with multiple clients naturally have an increased motivation to remain “on the cutting edge.” By providing top-of-the-line, professionally-executed solutions, they ultimately make their clients’ operations more profitable. This ultimately means that an upward spiral is facilitated. The more professional and dependable a given IT provider’s solutions, the more profitable their clients become. This increases the number of clients a provider can successfully manage. With built-in professional quality, everybody wins. Additionally, it’s not usually feasible to expect that a business should be able to provide the same level of support as an outsourced solution. For the business, IT is a means to an end, rather than an end in and of itself. This means in most cases, it would be unprofitable to devote all means to the implementation of the most professional tech solutions. Meanwhile, for a tech company, proper provision of professional support is the primary goal.

Are You Considering Outsourced Support?

If you find yourself considering IT support in Miami, you may want to consider Michell Consulting Group. We offer professionally viable IT solutions that are:

  • Technologically Cutting Edge
  • Professionally Qualitative
  • Exceptionally Convenient

In today’s fast-paced business environment, you’re going to need any edge you can find. Outsourced solutions can provide that edge. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help propel your business for years to come.

Find Managed IT Services in Miami That Can Help You Secure Your Business with Vulnerability and Penetration Tests

Identifying Vulnerability

Managed IT services in Miami represents an integral component of ensuring that systems are functioning securely. Here’s the deal: no system is invulnerable. Because of entropy, the most secure system in the world still has some quotient of weakness, even if that weakness is merely gradual obsolescence. While it’s impossible to entirely curtail this reality, it’s possible to substantially diminish the areas of your operations which represent a vulnerability. But this will require a concerted effort. Additionally, there are several types of testing ultimately necessary for greatest security. Primarily, these tests fall into two categories: vulnerability testing and penetration testing. Ideally, you want to regularly conduct tests in both categories.

The Vulnerability Test

A vulnerability test commonly incorporates software solutions which probe your systems for weakness. These can be conducted either by in-house IT personnel or an exterior agency. Allowing an exterior agency to conduct the test makes sense for a variety of reasons. Firstly, such provisions represent an area of profitability for them. Secondly, they’ll encounter common issues experienced by multiple clients, which can ultimately save your business from issues internal vulnerability testing may not be able to catch.

The Penetration Test

Penetration testing is often abbreviated “pen-test” in the tech community. It’s a more intense version of the vulnerability test and is usually conducted during regular operations to ensure the greatest accuracy. Think of this testing method like a pseudo-hack. Basically, a tech company sends in an operative who functions like a malicious hacker would in real life, but without damaging your systems. They try every possible method to break into your system and, when finished, show you where any points of weakness are and how you can avoid them.

When Should I Test?

According to Moore’s Law, technology doubles on itself about every 18 months or so. As tech advances, systems that were once secure become subject to new vulnerabilities. In WWII, the Germans constructed the most steampunk encryption method on the planet: the Enigma machine.

The Enigma machine was so successful at encoding data that the allies had to invent the first computer just to crack it. Now, both this computer and the enigma machine are obsolete, because computational tech has advanced beyond either. It has advanced exponentially, and at a predictable rate which is still comparable to Moore’s law. What this means is that ensuring system security requires regular intervals of testing, as new weaknesses will gradually multiply on themselves with each passing month.

In order to most cohesively combat this phenomenon, you’re going to want to conduct tests about every quarter. Another rule of thumb is to conduct them whenever an upgrade is brought to bear, or new tech is introduced to your system. Finding local managed IT services in Miami is recommendable, as you’ll be using their services regularly over the years— provided they produce quality work, of course.

Choosing Your System’s Testing Agency

For maximum effectiveness, you want a systems tester that incorporates:

  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Dependability in Testing Intervals

For managed IT services in Miami, we at Michell Consulting Group offer comprehensive systems testing of both the vulnerability and penetration variety. We can identify your system’s strengths and weaknesses. Through this process, you can escape from hacks that compromise system security and could end up capsizing your operations. For more information about how we can help your business, feel free to contact us.