3 Common Cyber Attacks and How an IT Services Provider in Miami Can Help You Prevent Them

Cybercriminals target businesses of all sizes, whether you are a large corporation or a small company. Fortunately, an IT services provider in Miami can offer your business maximum protection and ensure that your company avoids becoming the next victim of a cyber attack.
Here are the top three most common cyber attacks and how an IT provider can keep your company secure from this ever-growing danger:

1. Phishing

Phishing attacks involve tricking employees into giving out information, such as login credentials or bank account numbers. These attacks usually originate from an email but can also be used on social media to target a specific individual. An IT provider can help protect your company from these threats by providing additional cybersecurity training for employees to help them identify potential phishing attacks.

2. Ransomware

Ransomware is growing increasingly popular, but an IT services provider in Miami can help ensure that your business avoids this costly threat. Typically, a ransomware attack involves a cybercriminal encrypting data, such as an organization’s files. The company must pay a ransom to gain access to this data, which is usually paid via bitcoin. An IT provider can give your business access to the latest malware and ransomware protection by scanning each file and each email before an employee is allowed to gain access.

3. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

A DDoS attack focuses on targeting a system with hundreds of thousands of unique IP address distributed by botnets, which results in a denial of service. These attacks can cause a website to be down for many hours by exploiting vulnerabilities within the network. An IT provider will allow your company to receive access to the latest security updates, which is just one more layer of protection from these attacks.
Cyber attacks will only continue to grow more complex, so you need to have an IT services provider in Miami that can help keep your business well-prepared and avoid these malicious attacks. Michell Consulting Group is an IT provider that focuses on helping businesses reach their full potential with technology while also keeping them safe and protected. Our IT experts understand the many dangers of the cyber world, and it is our job to protect businesses from these risks. If you wish to learn more about cyber attack prevention, feel free to contact us.