3 Real-World Examples That You Need to Use IT Services in Miami

Cyberattacks continue to emerge on a daily basis, and the use of IT services in Miami can keep your company safe and secure from these vicious threats. These cyberattacks can cripple any business and steal valuable information. However, the use of a managed service provider (MSP) can give your company much-needed protection against these sophisticated attacks.
Here are just three real-world examples of why it is essential to partner with an IT provider in today’s workplace:


Hackers stole the username and password for each employee in the entire company and posted it for the general public. Foxconn could have avoided this situation by employing stricter security measures, as the hackers took advantage of an unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer. However, an MSP will ensure that your company has access to the latest patches to avoid suffering the same fate as Foxconn.


Microsoft was another victim of a cyberattack, as employees were targeted through e-mail and social media phishing attacks. These emails appeared to originate from a credible source, as they requested personal information from employees. Unfortunately, Microsoft fell victim to this scheme, which is highly embarrassing for any tech company. However, partnering with an IT services firm in Miami can help your business avoid these phishing attacks and ensure that you have access to the latest protection available.


Honda suffered a cyberattack that caused them to lose the email addresses, names, and VINS of over 2.2 million customers. The source of this attack was due to a third-party company, which makes it even more important to ensure that any third-party companies that you use should employ the latest cybersecurity methods. The IT world is ever-changing, and it is essential to partner with an IT provider that constantly stays one step ahead of these cybercriminals.
A company can fall victim to a cyberattack at any moment, but the use of IT services in Miami can significantly reduce the chances of suffering a cyberattack. At Michell Consulting Group, we specialize in helping companies avoid cyberattacks and providing around the clock monitoring services. Cyber threats continue to emerge, and it is our mission to help your business avoid these cyber threats by giving you access to the latest security updates and the best cyber protection. If you wish to learn more about our IT services, contact us today.