5 Fix-It-Yourself SAP Business One Support Issues That'll Save You Time and Money

By Cynthia Besada
Hey everyone!
Your friendly neighborhood SAP Business One Development Support Specialist here (say that really fast 5 times!). I’d like to share with everyone today a few troubleshooting tips for everyday SAP Business One issues that are guaranteed to make your MCG invoices smaller (Ric, if you’re reading this, you’re the best boss eveeer!). A great deal of all reported SAP Business One support issues are things that can be fixed by doing the following 5 things:
1). Restart your computer
2). Go to Modules>Add-Ons>Add-On Manager and check if your add-ons are running.
3). Exit SAP, and look at the Task Manager. Go to ‘Processes’ and Kill any SAP related processes. Here’s why:
When SAP closes unexpectedly, sometimes the add-ons will keep running in the background and cause your machine to REALLY, REALLY slow down. The easier way to kill all of these processes is to do Step 1! But if you can’t for one reason or another, try this.
4). Have your co-worker let you log into his/her SAP and try to recreate the issue. Whether you are able to reproduce the issue or not, you’ve already saved on your MCG invoice by beginning the troubleshooting process and isolating the issue to your machine.
5). SHUT DOWN your computer every day when you go home. 🙂
There you have it guys! 5 Tips to becoming an SAP troubleshooting expert (err, maybe not quite an expert, but still pretty self-sufficient)!