5 Reasons to Leverage IT Managed Services

How can small and mid-sized companies benefit from IT Managed Services? Today’s small and mid-size businesses are seeking effective business solutions that increase revenue, performance and productivity and can scale for the long term.
Choosing one or several reasons from the list below is a clear indication of how IT Managed Services can deliver strategic value to your organization.
Your Organization Wants to Increase Revenues and Profitability
• You prefer to dedicate your resources to your core competencies rather than IT functions and support.
• You want to start using IT as a strategic asset to your company.
• You view outsourcing your IT functions as a good strategy for gaining efficiencies and reducing costs.
• You want to automate specific tasks to increase margins and drive value to your customers.
• Your sales team travels locally, nationally, and globally, they need mobile tools and easy access to data and information to increase sales performance.
You Need to Manage Risks and Ensure Business Continuity
• Your digital assets include both internal and client sensitive documents and data.
• You are required to have secure data, transactions, and communications.
• You need a business continuity plan in case of a natural or man-made disaster.
• You want to know how quickly you can be operational after a natural or man-made disaster.
• You have a small IT department. You need to ensure your systems aren’t compromised if IT personnel leaves or is dismissed?
• You want to ensure that your systems are protected from the latest viruses and threats.
You want to Maximize ROI and Manage Costs
• You want to predict your IT budget accurately and control costs.
• You need to decide whether to buy or lease your computers and equipment.
• You want confidence that your IT investments are delivering enough value.
• When you add up IT salaries, software, hardware, etc., it’s a significant cost to your business
• You want to leverage a third party’s economies of scale to deliver more IT value.
• A standard computing environment would provide reliability, consistency and lower your operational costs.
You Need to Increase Productivity and Streamline Operations
• You service your customers 24×7.
• You operate real-time – locally, nationally, and globally.
• You need to minimize systems glitches and fix problems quickly.
• When your people aren’t productive, you are losing money and customers.
• Your IT systems capabilities cannot keep up with your business growth.
• You need to reference historical client data to drive efficiencies and predictability.
Key elements of this structure and foundation for your company’s IT and it’s management should include Improved Focus on Core Business, Improved Technical Experience/Depth, and Better Total Cost/Lower Budget,
Better Performance, Less Downtime, and Fewer Issues)