7 Tips from IT Services Experts in Miami for Avoiding an Office 365 Migration Disaster

It’s time to migrate your company or department to Microsoft Office 365. According to IT services experts in Miami, to avoid major problems, it’s important to plan your migration very carefully. Failure to plan can lead to a major migration disaster. Here are seven tips for avoiding a catastrophic migration failure:

1. Inventory All Assets Affected by the Migration

You need to make sure you know all devices and applications impacted by the pending migration. This inventory will let you add appropriate configurations to ensure nothing is missed during the migration.

2. Verify Your Office and Windows installations Will Work with Office 365

Your organization will need to be at Windows 7 or higher to migrate safely. The Office version will need to be at least 2007 or 2010. These older versions will work with Office 365 but will limit the options available.

3. Check That Your DNS Provider Works with Office 365

Some DNS configurations will prevent certain functions in Office 365 from working properly. For example, if the DNS server doesn’t support SRV records, it could prevent email and instant messaging from working.

4. Choose Your Office 365 Plan Carefully

Your Office 365 plan affects the functionality available to your organization. If you must adhere to industry or government regulations about security, access, or data storage, make sure the Office 365 plan you choose will give you those options.

5. Inspect All Files Being Migrated

Every file that will be part of the migration should be examined. File formats not supported by Office 365 will need to be migrated manually. Those with names containing illegal characters need to be renamed before the migration. Make sure file permissions are properly set. Failure to catch these finer details could hold up the migration.

6. Decide Who Will Manage Your Service

After the migration is complete, you will need someone managing the Office 365 configuration and accounts. You can have an internal administrator handle it. You can also engage an IT services provider in Miami to handle it for you. In either case, that person/group needs appropriate training and privileges to handle the administrative tasks.

7. Decommission Your On-Premises Servers Before Migration

If you are running an old Lync server, make sure it’s completely decommissioned and off the network before beginning the migration. Failing to do so could cause problems for users trying to use certain features in the new Office 365 system.
These tips will help you avoid an Office 365 migration disaster. If you need more assistance, contact us at Michell Consulting Group. We are the IT services experts Miami businesses count on for their smooth Office 365 transition.