Our History

Michell Consulting Group has a rich history of working to improve business performance. Throughout the years, our engineers have helped find new ways to increase client processes-from implementing Enterprise Resource Planning software, to outsourced help desk services, to introducing Sentinel Managed Services. Our employees also have helped develop many processes to improve the bottom line of businesses in retail, distribution, financial services and industrial manufacturing.

While we are proud of our past, we are enthusiastic about the future of your company and ours. It is because of this concept that we are excited to help create an enriched and brighter future for businesses around the world.


Our Core Values

We treat our fellow employees and clients as they should be treated: as business partners whose success is our primary goal. Respect gives us the chance to appreciate the best in others. Knowing that we are all on the same team will allow us all to bring unique ideas to the table and therefore meet one another needs in an efficient way.

We strive for excellence by delivering reliable, high-quality results, acting with a sense of urgency, and taking ownership for the work we provide. We realize that there is always room for improvement in everything we do. This means that our work is never finished.

We believe that laughter is contagious and therefore try to inject a little humor and fun into everything we do. With this laughter, we create an open and positive environment, which allows us to perform our work to the best of our capabilities.

While we celebrate our team’s achievements, we know that no amount of success will make us forget where we came from. Understanding and treating those around us with empathy has allowed us to develop stronger relationships with our team and clients. Our door is always open to those who need us, no matter how large or small their request may be. It is with this principle that those that work with us, and those we work for, can appreciate the services we provide.

Integrity is the foundation of everything we do! We behave with the utmost ethical standards through internal consistency to carry out our core values. We align our actions with our words and deliver what we promise. We build and strengthen our reputation through trust, communication, and dedication. All while maintaining a strict ethical principle in the work we put forth into our community.

Our focus is to develop long-term relationships with our partners. By doing so, we provide a strategic, technical vision to businesses, giving them an important edge in today’s competitive global markets.

We foster a rich and satisfying work environment to help our employees achieve personal and professional growth. We are more than just a team of professionals, we are a family – our very own support system. The very foundation of MCG is composed of the strong relationships we have created over the years with our clients and with ourselves.

We take ownership of the promises made to our clients and our team members to ensure all commitments are honored. We hold ourselves personally accountable for our work by seeking employees who can prioritize and meet deadlines. This gives us the chance to fulfill top of the line results, a perception our clients know to be true.

Here at MCG we believe in driving change and realize that the only way to accomplish this is by empowering our employees with the tools needed to create innovative solutions that will help our clients achieve their business goals.

MCG was built on a dream and the chasing of that dream with utmost passion is what has propelled us forward since the beginning. Passion was the first seed planted when MCG began. It enrooted itself deep into our company’s structure, and without it we could have never grown throughout the years. It is the driving force behind the operation, one we have proudly aimed to deliver to our clients.

Our Focus

Our focus is to develop long-term relationships with our partners. By doing so, we provide a strategic, technical vision to businesses, giving them an important edge in today’s competitive global markets.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies achieve their business objectives through use of application software. MCG has core competencies in the fields of accounting, technology, engineering, and software development.

Our Passion

Our passion consists of providing the best experience and services for our clients. Our highly dedicated and qualified team strives to ensure that these expectations are met at all times.


We’ll Provide You With the Best-Bred Solutions

After carefully gathering information about how your business runs, we’ll find just the right solution to make your business hum. Our applications are the most sought-after in the market for one simple reason: we guarantee that our recommendations will be the right fit for you, today and tomorrow. We keep our eye on where your business is going, and design a system that can evolve right along with it. Our strength is working with small and mid-sized manufacturing and wholesale distribution businesses. We understand the business management requirements you are dealing with every day and acknowledge the importance of having your system handle this complexity as you grow.

A Few Simple Steps Allow You To Move Towards a Brighter Future

Our years of experience in working with manufacturing and wholesale distribution businesses has made it easier for us to understand your company’s processes, and therefore, guide you as you prioritize your technological needs so your goals could be met. We would match these components with the right software in hopes that all of these objectives be satisfied. We will support you and your staff during the transition to your new solution, from monitoring the infrastructure itself to answering questions about how to accomplish daily tasks, MCG will be there by your side.

The Products We Choose Are of the Best Quality, for Your Benefit

We have selected some of the most powerful and easy-to-use business applications around as our products of choice. These applications were developed by the best software companies in the world. SAP, Microsoft, and Infor are the leading companies in the software industry. They have developed applications specifically for small and medium-sized companies like yours. We have found that they are the best fit for small business owners and employees that want to have the best-run company.

We Help Our Clients Achieve Their Greatest Triumphs

We are in the business of creating systems that measure up to your company’s standards, allowing you to move forward rather than hold you back.

Seasoned Professionals Ready to Help

Hey there, my name is Ricardo Michell, founder of Michell Consulting Group. My journey began in 1999 when I chose to pursue my dreams of having my own company. MCG started strong and reached a pivotal turning point for the better when we decided to offer ERP solutions to our clients. We teamed up with world-class publishers such as Infor and SAP. And we never looked back. In 2009, to keep the diversification of the company flowing, we became a premier Managed Services Provider.

Hi, my name is Armando Medina, and I am a Computer Systems Engineer with over 30 years of experience which provides business software solutions to our customers, as well as a Michell Consulting Group business partner. I enjoy using solution development, account management, and ERP implementation to keep your machines in-line.

I am a Senior ERP Business Development Executive and am passionate about helping organizations choose the correct technology that will provide results and streamline processes. I take pride in making a difference for companies everyday functions and enjoy seeing positive transformations from start to finish.

My background consists of ERP Consulting and helping organizations to successfully choose the correct technology that will increase overall efficiency and minimize risk. My goal is to understand your organization’s business processes, pain points and long term goals to help you stay ahead of the competition and create value

Roberto Martinez is a skilled technology professional with more than 20 years of experience in managing and supporting information technology and systems in the wholesale, manufacturing and retail industries. His extensive experience encompasses managed services, technical support, network implementations including LAN, WAN, Wireless, server virtualizations, datacenter and private cloud migrations, disaster recovery, data backup/restore solutions.

Mr. Martinez’s technical expertise encompasses Cisco, WatchGuard administration, Lucent Technologies ATM switches, DSLAM Frame Relay and ATM switching technologies, Broadsoft Administration and Provisioning, VMware ESX and ESXi server deployment and administration, Microsoft Exchange and Office365 deployment, migration and administration, SAN & NAS configurations and management, Windows server administration, Windows desktop support, Enterprise anti-virus and anti-spam software, enterprise backup and recovery software. Mr. Martinez is a Cisco Certified Network Administrator, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, EVault Certified Technical Specialist and WatchGuard Certified System Professional.

Hi there! My name is Daniel Arcelo, Chief Technology Officer at Michell Consulting Group. I’m primarily in-charge of developing the overall technology vision for the company to drive cross-company engineering initiatives and collaboration. So I oversee MCG’s shared engineering organizations. My primary goal is to ensure our company consistently delivers quality technology solutions to your business. I strategize ways in which our clients can benefit from these technologies to more efficiently run their business.

Hello! My name is Pablo Cedron, and I am the Technical Services Supervisor at Michell Consulting Group.

I love technology and enjoy helping people, which fits perfect with my primary role at Michell, which is to ensure our clients are more than just okay with our work. My upmost goal is that our clients are absolutely satisfied with our service and that we deliver our promise brand of Unparalleled Service and Support. In order to accomplish this, I work hand in hand with my team, supervising the daily operations of the support and field engineers to ensure we are delivering quality service, support and solutions, in a timely fashion to our clients.

You have been fighting with these machines for too long. Its time to let your business thrive!

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