Adopting IT Services in Miami for Maximum Data Protection

The cloud has become the destination for many types of businesses that work with IT services providers in Miami to maintain a safe working environment. Not only is the cloud more convenient than traditional local infrastructure, but it can also help you cut costs on business expenses that could have not been imagined last century. However, growing concern exists about protecting against cybercriminals. Here are ways that an IT service provider can ensure that your data is well protected:

Meeting Government Requirements

Hospitals and law firms aren’t the only types of businesses that should pay close attention to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Although the law deals with protecting patient health information (PHI), in the bigger picture, it’s about protecting confidential data online. Healthcare organizations should be particularly careful of how patient information is stored and shared so that a breach doesn’t drive up huge expenses in fines, maintenance fees, and lawsuits.
HIPAA guidelines are designed to protect both patients and organizations from data loss. Your company must do the following in order to be compliant:

  • Have an understanding of PHI and its relationship to the cloud
  • Data must be available to the patient and provider at all time
  • Your IT team should take proactive steps to block data theft
  • The cloud provider’s SLA market should guarantee 100% uptime
  • At least 3 backups of your system should be available

Redundancy and a disaster recovery plan are the keys to giving your data maximum protection. You must be prepared for a ransomware attack by alerting employees about the dangers emails pose. Your staff needs to know how scammers prey upon businesses that don’t pay close attention to safeguards and policies that intimidate hackers. Be aware that nearly half of ransomware attacks are aimed at healthcare providers.

Why You Need Multiple Security Layers

Although encryption is not required by HIPAA, it’s still a strong strategy since it involves scrambled code that hackers likely won’t be able to figure out. It also helps to have an IT services provider in Miami so that you will have access to all the tools you need to fight cybercrime. But you need to make sure that your team is well trained in making and testing data backups and using encryption. There are other solutions to expand your security layers, such as virtualization, firewalls and 24/7 network monitoring.
Don’t let cybercriminals set your agenda. Partner with an IT services provider in Miami to make defensive moves to keep your data from being compromised. Contact us at Michelle Consulting Group to learn more about the safest ways to store data in the cloud using HIPAA guidelines.