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Is a Paperless Office Possible?

We are doing business in a digital world. Technology has become so prevalent that the employee who pulls out a notebook at a meeting is now the odd man out. Yet, you will still find dated paper-consuming devices in modern offices like fax machines. Is it possible for an office to go completely paperless? In […]

Don’t Let These 3 Easy Oversights Compromise Your Network

There is a common misperception that strong anti-virus software is all you need to cover the security of your network. While anti-virus software is an important component to network security, there’s more to it if you want a secure network. You need to also take into account the human factor, which can disable even the […]

Does Your Staff Suffer From Internet Addiction?

We’ve all wasted time surfing the Internet, but as we know, there are unfortunately extremes to every action. Wasting time by mindlessly browsing Internet pages can certainly become a problem when it claims huge portions of your time at work, killing your productivity. Can you not seem to get away from surfing the Internet? “Just […]

How to Make Sure That Your IT Company Isn’t Ripping You Off

For a modern business that depends on its technology, few things are worse than when a server crashes, causing an entire organization to experience downtime. The only thing worse than downtime is the repair bill that accompanies it. In desperate times like this, is your IT company taking advantage of your misfortune? Big Repair Bills […]

Making a Graph in Microsoft Excel is as Easy as Pie

When you need to make your point in a big way, you can make a sharp looking graph. You may think that graph making is difficult, but thanks to tools like Microsoft Excel, creating a convincing chart is as easy as pie! To help you out, we’ll walk you through how to make a graph […]