Benefits of Managed Backup Services from IT Support Providers in Miami

Data backup is critical for the prevention of data loss in the event of technological or natural disasters, and IT support providers in Miami now offer failsafe, managed backup services. Opting for these services over traditional backup services offers you a more reliable solution for data protection and retrieval.
Also, it offers the convenience of layered data backup processes, which include backing up data on network attached storage (NAS) devices.
As a result, you’ll have a faster data retrieval process, as NAS devices are readily available on-premises. This frees you from the limitation of restoring your data from the cloud, which is the only option with cloud-based backups.
Here are more benefits of managed backup services:

Ease of Access

IT support providers in Miami use both on-site and cloud backup processes to ensure the easy access to data in case restoration is triggered by a disaster. In doing so, they make business continuity and resumption of operations feasible despite the type of disaster that may affect your corporate networks.
For instance, you’ll have remote access to cloud backups with an internet connection. Even if one data center is comprised, redundant data centers in different regions will be available for the restoration of your data.
Besides, if you cannot connect to the internet, local copies on your data can be easily fetched from NAS devices.


Managed backup services are affordable in comparison to on-site backups which are based on local servers, tapes, and disk drives.
Choosing managed backup reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO) and gives you access to qualified data protection specialists available around the clock for technical support.
Besides, at a flat fee, they carry out reporting every day to verify the integrity of your backups and run restoration tests to confirm its availability.


The convenience of managed backup goes beyond easy retrieval. Once your backup processes are configured, they run automatically. Data is saved automatically and continuously.
This eliminates manual saving, labeling, and tracking of backup files. In turn, you save time and reduce labor costs, too.

Resilience to Disasters and Failsafe Business Continuity

With multiple levels of data redundancy, on-site and in various data centers, accidental deletion of data or the corruption of data on-premises won’t disrupt your operations since your data will be restored quickly.
Natural disasters on one site won’t paralyze your activities either; you can connect to virtual servers and workstations and continue working, awaiting restoration.
Managed data backup services are effective and foolproof. At Michell Consulting Group, we provide a wide array of IT support services in Miami, including managed data backup. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help your business with technology.