The Benefits of Being Able to Work Remotely

Allowing employees to work remotely has a slew of benefits for your company, but mainly helps to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality of work. While employers do have some reservations about remote work, this option can be used to better your business from the inside out.

Accommodating Unique Needs

With millennials entering companies and climbing corporate ladders, it is crucial to be cognizant of this generation’s unique relationship with technology and how it affects them.
Technology has advanced and transformed almost at the same rate that this generation has gone from infancy to adulthood. This means that millennials have been bombarded by constantly changing information at an increasing rate since they were in diapers, which makes them feel overstimulated and brain-fried from time to time.
A quiet and calmer workspace allows overstimulated employees to unplug in some way in order to work more effectively and efficiently. Working remotely allows your employees to limit stimuli, which means they increase the quantity and the quality of the work they are producing.

Limiting Workplace Interruptions

Working remotely gives your employees the ability to work in a relaxed and familiar space of their choosing. Managing their own workspace so closely drastically reduces the chance for interruptions. In an open office setting, interruptions occur on an average of every 11 minutes, from announcements to conversations to phone calls. After someone is interrupted, it can take almost another half hour to completely refocus on their work. Remote work reduces office-related distractions, lessens downtime, and boosts productivity.

Stay on Target

Working from a familiar and personal environment boosts employee productivity. An open office setting can make it difficult for introverted employees to work because they are always aware of those around them.
On a primal level, we subconsciously scan and check for danger to make sure people around us are not a threat. Introverted personalities are more sensitive to this which makes it harder for them to concentrate completely on their work. If an employee is working at home alone, this process is eliminated, and they can focus and execute their tasks much more efficiently.

Other Benefits

Working remotely not only reduces the stress of commuting to the office but also lessens your employee’s carbon footprint and helps the environment. Reduced stress levels from remote work can help your company by keeping your employees happy and thereby productive and creative.
Remote work has its benefits that could help your business, but it isn’t always the best fit for every company. Communication with your employees is crucial to deciding what approach will help them succeed the most.
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