MCG University | SAP Business One Posting Periods

We will show you how to create and work with Posting Periods in SAP Business One.

MCG University | Using Microsoft 365 Portal

We walk through some helpful tools when using Microsoft 365 Portal.

MCG University | SAP Business One Cockpit Management

We show you how to enable and work with SAP Business One Cockpit capabilities.

MCG University | Using Microsoft Snipping Tool

We walk through some new tips and tricks in Microsoft Snipping Tool.

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What the End of Windows 7 Support Means for Your Business

Support ends on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop offering support and patches for your computer. Your operating system will become gradually more vulnerable to cyber threats, and that can put your whole business at risk.

Business Risks of Staying on Windows 7

For both organizations and individual users that have stuck firmly with Windows 7 for the past decade or so, this ‘end of life’ date is cause for concern. Without security patches and tech support, the millions of people still using the operating system will have red, hot targets on their backs in the eyes of hackers.

Reasons to Move from Infor to SAP Business One

Given the quick-paced evolution of technology and operating systems, software applications are consistently being patched, updated, and upgraded. This, oftentimes, results in leaving older software applications incompatible and potentially incapable of properly functioning altogether.

Answers to 6 Fundamental ERP Consulting Questions

Whether you’re new to the concept of ERP, are looking to implement ERP software, or evaluating the value of your current ERP system - you probably have some basic questions about ERP consulting and the implementation process.