Bring Your Own Mobile Device: Cost Advantage or Complication?

No matter what your mobile management policy – whether you prohibit, permit, or encourage employees to use their own mobile devices at work – the phenomenon of ‘outside devices’ is here to stay and growing rapidly.
At first glance, employee-owned devices may appear to radically lower costs and make your workers more productive. Yet, according to Aberdeen Group research, the BYOD model can also complicate your infrastructure – and requires proper planning and management to help drive down costs.
Some new found research outlines some key steps that you can take to prepare for BYOD – and make mobile management easier and more efficient:
It states that you should Start with mobile device management. You should start by establishing centralized IT control over mobile device management (MDM) – in order to minimize the risks involved if smartphones and other devices are lost or stolen.
Secure your tablets. With the skyrocketing popularity and productivity promise of tablets, many best-in-class companies have rushed into deployment – without even the most basic security measures in place. Aberdeen advises approaching tablet security with the same vigilance and thought-out protection plan that you would apply to netbooks and amrtphones.
Put IT back in charge. Another proactive action that you can take to help reduce risk is to consolidate all mobility initiatives under the watchful eye of IT. Aberdeen advocates putting IT back in charge of managing all mobile devices used for business purposes ­–including those employees bring from home. And, according to the research report, consistent enforcement of security policies – plus planning for employees to have more than one device – are vital to staying on top of both BYOD and mobile device management in the future.
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