How to Bring Your Supply Chain Visibility into Focus

If you believe supply chains are becoming overly complex, you’re not alone. In a recent Aberdeen survey of companies about their supply chain visibility, the top business challenge was growing supply chain complexity. More complexity means longer lead times, more pipeline inventory, and a greater need to control downstream and upstream logistics—totaling up to added costs.
But according to an Aberdeen report, Supply Chain Visibility Excellence (link), improving visibility into the supply chain can be a powerful weapon to improve a company’s performance. This research shows that best-in-class companies are more likely than others to have online visibility into inbound and outbound in-transit shipping status and accrued supply chain costs. Top-performing companies are also more likely to use commercial transportation management software or business intelligence solutions to enhance supply chain visibility, and to collaborate online with trading partners. They’ve also invested in solutions that help them avoid penalties and delays at the port and reduce lead times and inventory.
Our teams in the field are helping companies like yours address supply chain complexity. Although you’re facing similar pressures, the best response for each of you may vary. You need to ask yourself many questions:

    • What is your company’s growth strategy?
    • What procedures will your company agree to change?
    • Do you want to invest in new technology options?
    • Have you pinpointed and understood the underlying cause of your supply chain challenge?
    • Are you inadvertently asking for a band-aid instead of addressing the cause?

To make the right choices for your business as it continues to evolve, you need to know the facts, not make a best guess at what will streamline your operations.
We’re excited to offer new ways to bring your supply chain visibility into greater focus. With the launch of Infor10 (link), you can easily integrate applications and analytics with built-in alerts and workflow to see what has the biggest impact in your supply chain. Infor10 ION Suite helps information flow smoothly between applications, analytics, social media, and a business vault containing master data, so that all your people and disparate applications can work together as a whole.
By unifying your transaction processing, business intelligence, and the social enterprise into one common relevant user experience—that can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, tablet device, or smart phone—you can work as you live. As a result, you’ll be better equipped to manage growing supply chain complexities, changing customer demands, and any curveball that life throws at you next.