Can your Backup Solution Handle a Fire?

Some companies go to great lengths to make sure their backup is up to date. Data is extremely important, and yet fragile. There are so many situations that can cause data loss, is your backup solution ready?
Is your backup solution capable of keeping your data safe in the event of a disaster? What about a fire, flood, or other natural disaster? If you are using a tape backup system, you can bring the tapes offsite, but how often are you doing this? What about user error? If you or your staff need to manually run the backup and store the tapes offsite, how often do any of these tasks get missed?
Offsite backup alleviates all of these issues. An automated service, offsite backup will securely stream your archived data to an offsite data center. Utilizing a disk backup system that sits on your network has its own set of benefits besides offsite backup. Being able to backup more often, restore files and folders faster, and most importantly, being able to test the backup on a moment’s notice will help you sleep at night knowing your data is safe.
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