What Exactly Do We Mean by “Managed” Services?

Managed services – what are they? The short answer, other people managing the IT systems that you rely on every day to be productive and accomplish your tasks. In essence, they are a freedom from dealing with the troublesome and time-consuming parts of leveraging technology. You may have heard this much about managed services before, but have never been given a deeper understanding of what they entail. That is precisely what we aim to accomplish below.
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What Makes Managed Services Worth It?

Most modern businesses depend on technology in at least some capacity, whether it’s for productivity, efficiency, or even security purposes. Without access to important data and applications, your business is a shell of its former glory. This is why it’s so important for businesses like yours to implement managed IT services. It certainly beats having untrained employees maintain your crucial computing systems!

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Disaster Recovery: Lions and Tigers and Bears… So What?

Natural disasters are a part of life. Tornadoes, hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes, and other types of extreme weather come around every year in cycles. There is no getting away from it.

Man-made disasters are unfortunately just as common. Power outages, building issues, cyber attacks, hardware failures, etc. can have the same perilous effect on your business. You can lose your entire infrastructure, your servers, your business critical data, your underlying IP, and worst of all the trust and business of your clients. With Michell’s Disaster Recovery solution, none of that matters.

Protection Against Lions

Lions are the second-largest living cat in the world, second only to the tiger. It is grand and deadly. With his blunt force, the alpha male of a pack can kill a human with one swipe of a paw, much in the same way a hurricane can take out entire cities with one hit.

With Disaster Recovery you have a plan of attack in place starting immediately after the disaster. You can move forward with your operations immediately, knowing your critical business data is securely backed up off-site.

…and Tigers

Though Tigers are the largest feline in the world, they are also the sneakiest. Their stripes let them blend in and attack with deadly force in a flash. They are solitary animals, who can lurk and weight for prey for as long as it takes, much in the same way that cyber criminals will bait emails and URLs to corrupt and destroy your IT infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery applies not only to natural disasters but also to cyber attacks, hacks, ransomware, and anything else a hacker can throw your way. You’ll have a plan in place to recover your data and pick up where you left off. It’s a bit like waking up from a bad dream.

…and Bears

In America, the relationship with bears is all too real. They are generally nice and mind their own business. They seriously like honey and climbing trees and taking care of their business. However, when someone gets too close to their cubs, they go crazy. It’s a fluke, a mistake if you will.

The same way that old bear in your office might accidentally open up a fraudulent email attachment which ends up taking down your entire system and wipes all your data. Again, with Disaster Recovery, you are even protected from innocent, yet deadly, internal bear attacks.

So What?

Exactly. You have a disaster, lose all your data, your entire infrastructure is out to sea… So what? An effective Disaster Recover Plan will include contingencies to have a backup system in place in a different region or state. You’ll have all your business critical data, your business software, systems, and everything else you’ll need to keep your business thriving – no matter what type of animal comes your way.

Contact us to learn more about what Disaster Recovery can do for you. We’d love to hear from you!

ERP Technology Simplified

Keeping track of each and every aspect of your business – whether startup or existing – is paramount to staying on the road to success and prosperity. While many different programs exist to monitor every facet of your business, they are often separate programs which do not communicate with one another. Luckily, systems do exist which will monitor each individual aspect of your business AND communicate between departments. These systems are called ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – and here’s a quick, simplified explanation of some of the great things ERP technology does.

ERP Technology offers Sales and Purchasing.

No one ever wants to see a potential sale or new client fall between the cracks. One great aspect of ERP technology is its ability to track all sales opportunities. From the moment the opportunity presents itself to the moment the client signs on the dotted line, all progress is tracked by the ERP system. Not only that, but the system will also predict the revenue potential, as well as automate the purchase orders after your client signs and places their first order.

ERP Technology offers Production and Inventory.

Sales are great, They’re the life’s blood of almost every company. But fulfillment is another beast altogether. ERP does such a great job of managing sales and purchasing, wouldn’t it be great if it managed the fulfillment side, as well? It actually does. Your ERP technology will not only manage all warehouse data, it also tracks the movements of all your stock-in-transit, and will even craft production orders for you! Amazed yet? We’re not even done.

ERP Technology offers Human Resources.

As you know, there’s much more to business than sales and fulfillment. You hire people, and those people have needs which must be managed. Your ERP technology can even greatly assist your HR manager with its integrated human resource and payroll tools. Once you have every aspect of your business entered into the ERP system, suddenly – you’re running a tight ship with your business, as it sails down the river of success efficiently and effectively.

Michell can Customize the Perfect ERP Technology for Your Business.

ERP technology is quickly becoming the norm for total business management for today’s prosperous organizations. If you’re ready to make the switch to ERP to manage all aspects of your business with efficiency and ease, give Michell a call, and we’ll discuss with you exactly how the process will go from start to finish.

How to Choose the Right IT Support Provider in Miami

Although they work “out of sight”, IT support providers play an important role in your business, helping numerous operations run smoothly. In a city like Miami, you have a ton of options when it comes to finding managed service providers that offer IT support; however, having so many choices makes finding the right managed services provider quite difficult. But DON’T FEAR, by following these tips, you can ensure that you make a good decision when choosing an IT support provider in Miami.

1. Search The Right Places For IT Support in Miami
To form a list of potential providers, you will first need to seek out likely candidates. The best way to begin is by asking clients, vendors, and other businesses that are similar in size and have similar needs to your own. If you have a shortage of professionals to ask, you can search through online directories or you could even google “IT support miami.” This should produce a large list to choose from, but you can quickly filter many prospects out by disregarding the results with low ratings or negative feedback.

2. Check Credibility
You should expect that any company offering IT support in Miami will have a reasonably aesthetically pleasing, functional, and easy-to-use website with interesting content and up-to-date information. You should also be able to find details about a company’s qualifications, certifications, and accreditations. One last thing to look for are testimonials of past and current clients. If a website lacks any of these features, dismiss the company and move on to researching another provider.
After completing steps one and two, you should have created a short list of potential providers of IT support in Miami. Contact each in turn and ask about the following:

3. Find Out About Experience
Ask plenty of questions to gain a clear picture of the IT provider’s experience. You need to know how long the company has been practicing, how many clients they have worked with (including any renowned businesses), which platforms and software the company uses, and whether they specialize in any particular areas of IT.

4. Ask About Availability
Find out how many clients a company currently has, along with the size of their team to gain a clearer idea about how much time the provider will be able to dedicate to your account. In addition, companies should be able to provide you with information such as guaranteed response time and support hours — you may require assistance outside normal business hours or even 24 hours a day. Finally, if you are considering a national company, it is important to know how many personnel are based in Miami and whether a tech can be sent to your business if you suffer from a problem that your provider is unable to resolve remotely.

5. Find a Provider That Meets Your Needs
A high-quality support services provider will create a custom support plan that will fit the unique needs of your business. This ensures that you receive the best value for your money. They should also create a viable payment plan, which should include a money-back guarantee to protect you if you are unsatisfied with results and there should not be any hidden charges. Lastly, you should feel comfortable working with the support team to develop a good working relationship.

6. Weed Out The Losers
There are certain warning signs that indicate you may be on to a “loser”. If an IT support services company does any of the following, look elsewhere:

  • Uses jargon or acronyms without explaining to you what these terms mean.
  • Insists upon using a single brand of technology or a limited range of software without justifying why this is best for your business.
  • Cannot explain how their processes and procedures will get you better business results.
  • Attempt to make changes (such as buying all new equipment) to your IT environment without conducting a proper in-depth assessment.
  • Uses pirated software.
  • Are drastically inexpensive – This leads to slow-moving, poor service down the road
  • Offers a very wide range of services across several industries and fields.

Keep in mind that the needs of every company are different and your company may have a set of requirements that are quite unlike similar businesses within your industry. Consider your unique circumstances and use the above criteria as a guide to find the ideal IT support provider in Miami.