Michell Consulting Group Reduces Tradewinds’ Annual IT Expense by 46.3%

Results of the Michell Team’s Sentinel Managed Services

Tradewinds now has an entire support staff with a wide range of technology expertise and experience. The IT Manager can sleep at night, because he has the Michell team helping with his multi-location network, ensuring 100% uptime, and providing high-level technical expertise when needed. The executives at Tradewinds are able to rely on a long term support team and not worry about IT staff attrition. The existing IT Manager can now focus on more strategic tasks vs the day to day support issues. Tradewinds employees are able to access support quicker and more efficiently than ever before. MCG has provided Tradewinds with a way to centrally manage and support its entire infrastructure and has ensured it is secured and running efficiently. The Michell Team also implemented an enterprise solution to back-up the entire backbone of the company, the technical infrastructure with its data, and replicate that data offsite.


The Michell Team Fully Restores Medina Baking’s Network Infrastructure Within 24 Hours of Warehouse Fire

Network downtime was greatly reduced as a result of The Michell Team’s proactive network management services. Mission critical devices are now regularly refreshed, maintained, and protected as a direct result of the Sentinel Managed Services provided exclusively by The Michell Team. Furthermore, during Medina Baking and Powder Products’ most important time of need, The Michell Team was there working hard to help recover their entire office from a fire that completely destroyed one of their warehouses. The Michell Team had all of their servers, computers, and networking devices up and running in less than 24 hours after the fire was extinguished. MCG’s fast acting, dedicated experts allowed Medina Baking to save over $500,000 in lost revenue and sensitive company data.


SAP Business One helps boutique yachting company double its revenue

Integrating the company’s processes using one solution provided both visibility and transparency to the users and management. As a result, SeaDream was able to gain centralized access and insight into all customer information by improving communications between marketing, sales, service and customers.

“SAP Business One has given us the ability to produce accurate and timely billing. In addition, the flexible reporting capabilities of the software have allowed us to formulate reports that are unique to our business, and therefore, prepare us for the growth we have projected”, Ms. Smick commented.


Infor Distribution FACTS spices-up Jamaican food distribution process in Miami

Kingston-Miami Trading Co.(KMT) is a leading distributor of quality Caribbean Food products in the Southeast United States. Our company is owned and operated by real Jamaicans who want to bring the authentic flavors of Caribbean cuisine to the domestic and international markets.

Infor Distribution FACTS provides so many technical advances allowing management to spend more time working on the business instead of dealing with software issues.


Tango. Samba. Mambo. Cha-cha-cha.

The alluring rhythm of Latin American music has many forms. Aficionados know how that smooth, sophisticated beat can get a place jumping. A similar tempo prevails in the Latin American export market where you have to be fast to fit in. Excelsior International Group Inc. knows all about that. As a Miami-based exporter of packaging materials and juice concentrates to the Caribbean, Central American, and South American markets, it knows from experience: a speedy response is a vital differentiators. With its tightly knit, industrious workforce of 11, Excelsior counts several major manufacturers among its customers.