Managed IT Services in Miami Can Help Small Businesses Secure Operations Cost-Effectively

Managed IT services in Miami is important even to the smallest of businesses. Why? Well, to put it bluntly, small businesses are a bullseye. It’s not so much that they’re a bigger target than larger businesses; it’s that they’re easier to hit. Think of it this way: a big business is like a massive space station above the atmosphere. A small business is like a Goodyear blimp a few hundred feet off the ground. If you’ve just got a few rifles, which one is easier to hit?

Small businesses often don’t have the same levels of security as larger businesses because they can’t always afford it. Additionally, small businesses aren’t expecting to be hit, so they get out of the practice of properly securing operations. These are just a few of the reasons small businesses are the target of approximately 43% of all cyberattacks.

Something else to consider is that cybercriminals are generally well versed with statistics. They understand trends and try to use those trends to their advantage. One trend they look out for are the days when people use their credit and debit cards a lot. This means that time when sales and promotions (additional revenue) launched every holiday is a prime opportunity for exploitation. Attacks will happen before, during, and after any holiday when spikes in hacking activity are expected. Managed IT services company in Miami will commonly recommend these four basic steps to protect your organization against nefarious “hacktivity”:

  1. Determine the effectiveness of your existing cyber security.
  2. Regularly train employees and management pertaining to new security changes.
  3. Design an incident response plan that is standardized throughout your organization.
  4. Establish a process of continuously reviewing and updating policies as necessary.

Existing Efforts

Sometimes, you’ve got cyber security solutions in place already safeguarding your system as cost-effectively and accurately as possible, given your resources. Sometimes, you’ve got essentially nothing— or some middle ground between both extremes. Either way, before upgrading your systems, you need to determine what— if anything— needs some improvement and then go about effecting repairs as well as upgrades.


You should probably establish a weekly or a monthly security training solution— whatever is most cost-effective in terms of employee productivity. Security changes and best practices are going to transition and multiply continuously, so you might as well assume you’ll have to keep training employees as new technology develops.

Incident Response Plans

Even the best security is bound to have some overlooked vulnerability. If you don’t have a plan for the worst-case scenario, you’re sunk. So, install the lifeboats of incident response plans. MSPs can help you cover all the necessary angles.

Continuous Review and Update

Policies will need to change as time goes by; there’s no way around it. So, make sure that you’re constantly upgrading your security solutions in order to keep your business’s tech environment contemporary. Right now, this is especially true regarding cloud and mobile devices.

Securing Your Operations

Managed IT services in Miami through Michell Consulting Group can cost-effectively upgrade your security and help you remain continuously relevant and protected. Contact us today for help choosing the right security solutions for your business.

Managed IT Services in Miami: Benefits of Having a vCIO

In-house technical support is not a feasible choice for most growing businesses. So, if you are running a small or medium-sized company, you should opt for vCIO. When you invest in a virtual chief information officer, you will obtain managed IT services in Miami without the burden of full-time IT employees. The vCIO will provide technological solutions to advance your operations and deliver the expertise required to keep your network and computer systems running smoothly. Here are the critical services that you can get from your vCIO:

Disaster Recovery Planning

Technical problems in your network can result in the loss of crucial data. If the data is not recovered, your business operations will be crippled. You might lose your customers, and restoring your business might be impossible. If you have a vCIO working for you, they will help you by creating a plan for disaster recovery. Ideally, your expert will establish a strategy for data backup and business continuity. In the event that your data is lost, the vCIO will take measures to minimize the impact of the losses.

Strategic IT Planning

It is important to have a plan on the best way to use technology to advance your operations. Work with a managed IT services provider in Miami to help you create a roadmap that outlines the steps you can take in relation to your IT setup so that you can accomplish your goals more efficiently. With personalized planning, you can avoid wasting money on superfluous technologies.

Securing Commercial Network

It is essential for every business to secure computer systems and networks against cyber-attacks. There are more threats arising daily from hackers and malware. If your company is unprepared, your data could be compromised and your network crippled. You can minimize the risks by having your vCIO assess and secure your network. The expert will check on the potential sources of threat and enforce measures to prevent and deal with threats.

Business IT Development

An experienced vCIO is well-versed in the modern trends in technologies. Your chosen MSP will keep you updated on the latest IT research and development in your business sector. Consequently, you will have an opportunity to incorporate new technology ahead of your competitors. It is also important to note that your virtual consultants will provide support during IT projects through budgeting, management, and implementations.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of a vCIO and managed IT services in Miami, get in touch with us at Michell Consulting Group.

How Managed IT Services in Miami Can Improve Cybersecurity

Regardless of size or experience, all managed IT services provider in Miami should offer cybersecurity to their customers. It has become too big of an issue to ignore as cybercriminals continue to learn new ways to breach even the most sophisticated security solutions. Luckily, there are actionable steps IT can take to improve internet safety.

Why Businesses Must Prioritize Cyber Security

No business is completely shielded from a cyber attack regardless of how new or complex the security software is. Every managed IT services provider in Miami must take a proactive stance to defend their customers. Preventing cyber attacks should be a top priority of any business because all it takes is one breach to ruin a company’s reputation.

Businesses that implement a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy must take extra precautions since it can involve multiple types of devices and operating systems. Remote employees must be careful about public WiFi hotspots at establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and airports since not all of them have sufficient security. At one time, businesses could get away with minimal security, but that era is becoming ancient internet history.

Raising Cyber Security Awareness

The solution to preventing attacks is a mix of software, training, and planning with well-envisioned company policies. Modern machine learning software can monitor networks and detect intruders. IT teams can train employees on how to steer clear of malware. Developing a data backup and recovery plan completes the equation to build strong layers of protection around your assets.

With a virtual private network (VPN), you will be able to encrypt data, which adds another layer of production. Backing up data to a virtual cloud server diminishes the threats posed by ransomware, which is a malware with a ransom demand attached. You won’t have to worry about your data getting lost or damaged if it’s backed up in multiple places.

October is a National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which is an excellent time for businesses and their IT teams to review cybersecurity threats and strategies to counter them. This is especially important as many cybersecurity breaches are caused by employee error.

When employees are not trained on cybersecurity, it opens the door to vulnerabilities, such as using the same passwords for different accounts. It’s also better to use hard-to-read passwords. By using complex alpha-numeric passwords combined with PIN numbers, you will slow down hackers to the point they may give up. Employees must also be advised to be careful clicking anything that is unfamiliar or triggers even the slightest suspicion.

Steps to Enhance Security

  • Change passwords throughout the year
  • Establish two-factor authentication (TFA)
  • Avoid posting private information on social media
  • Train staff to be selective of applications and websites
  • Use modern security solutions, such as 24/7 monitoring

Every IT support team needs to demonstrate expertise in protecting an infrastructure. Make sure the provider you choose has a deep concern for managing and staying up to date on cybersecurity. Businesses looking for a reliable managed IT services provider in Miami should ask for a consultation from Michell Consulting Group. Contact us to learn more.

Managed IT Services in Miami: A Look at Spear Phishing and Email Spoofing

Online spear phishing attacks have to potential to put a massive dent in your company’s productivity and profit— they could even damage your business’s brand. This style of attack does not require any sort of complex hack; rather, it collects information posted about you or an employee of your company and sends an official-looking email. The email seems legitimate as it contains information about you or your company that was actually gleaned from online profiles. Even information on your company’s blog can be re-purposed for a spear phishing attack. The worst case scenario is the wiring of money and the transmission of credentials and/or W2s to the wrongdoers. It happens more than most assume as spear phishing attacks are highly personalized and prove convincing enough to fool the recipient. Don’t let it happen to your company— managed IT services company in Miami can help!

An Example of Spear Phishing

Consider an email message sent by a wrongdoer that mimics the CEO of your company— it is sent to one of your managers in the same writing style as your CEO uses. This seemingly legitimate email provokes a response from the manager even though the content of the message is fairly simple. The purpose of this initial message is to build a rapport with the target employee. Once he lets his guard down, the information thief makes his request. Yet, the email does not come from the address of the company’s CEO. Furthermore, the sender asks the employee for a favor. These are both red flags that every employee should recognize as characteristic of spear phishing.

An Example of Spoofing a Company’s Domain Name

Consider an instance in which the wrongdoer is more direct with the target, explicitly requesting sensitive data such as financial information. Yet, the attacker’s email address is actually a spoof of the business’s domain. The reply-to address is not the same as the one that transmitted the message. The wrongdoer is hopeful the target will fall prey to the scam and send the requested financial information that will be subsequently used to steal funds.

How to Combat Spear Phishing and Spoofing

Employee awareness is key to thwarting these attacks. Make sure your employees are on the lookout for the red flags of spear phishing and spoofing as outlined above. No one should simply assume a colleague or superior will use email to request sensitive information. Furthermore, employees must analyze email address for legitimacy.

DMARC authentication improves visibility for domain fraud. This tool helps prevent the theft of your brand and the spoofing of your domain. managed IT services company in Miami can help with the implementation of DMARC authentication. Keep in mind the miscreants running these scams are sending out a plethora of emails. This is a numbers game to them. All they need is for a couple to work to make thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars or even more.

If you aren’t satisfied with your current IT services, make a change. For the best managed IT services in Miami, contact us at Michell Consulting Group. Let our team handle your tech challenges and you will find your operations prove much more efficient. Our proactive approach to preventing IT problems will prevent problems from developing into crises that affect your bottom line.

4 Benefits of Cloud Email Provided by a Managed IT Services Company in Miami

The use of cloud technology provided by a managed IT services provider in Miami offers a wide range of benefits, which includes access to emails on the cloud. Instead of using traditional email services, cloud emails allow employees to quickly access messages, while still receiving the ultimate security and protection. Cloud computing gives businesses much-needed flexibility, and it is an excellent option in today’s competitive workplace.

Here are four ways that companies can benefit from using a cloud-based email provider:

Improve Collaboration

One of the advantages of using emails in the cloud is that it allows employees to work together on multiple projects. Instant access to any work projects significantly enhances productivity and makes the job of each employee much easier. The high storage capacity of a cloud-based email provider also allows employees to upload substantial files without any delay.

Anywhere Access

Another benefit of using managed IT services in Miami is that you can access cloud-based emails at any time and from any location. Whether you need to check an email on a business trip or at home, the use of cloud computing makes these emails easily accessible from any place with an internet connection.

Minimal Maintenance

Not having to worry about server maintenance is beneficial for any company, as it will reduce costs and prevent any downtime. Cloud-based email is a fantastic solution for any company with a limited budget, as you will still gain access to innovative technology and the latest software updates as soon as they become available.

Disaster Recovery Services

The loss of data can occur at any time, but the use of cloud-based email is an additional layer of protection for any business. All your emails can be easily accessed on the cloud, even if your laptop crashes or if you are encountering any technical difficulties. Disaster recovery services give your company much-needed peace of mind that all your emails are safe and protected.

The use of cloud technology continues to expand and partnering with a managed IT services provider in Miami is an excellent investment for small to mid-sized businesses. At Michell Consulting Group, we offer cloud technology and helps companies to take advantage of innovative technology. We have many years of experience in the IT industry, and it is our goal to help your company reach its full potential. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of cloud computing, contact us today.