Benefits of Thin/Zero Clients to Virtualization and the Need for Managed IT Services in Miami

Managed IT services providers in Miami consider virtualization to be a major part of the IT infrastructure that many businesses need to run their IT function on. However, virtualization takes many forms and you need to consider the available options to match your business’ IT environment. Generally, there are two main options: thin clients and zero clients. Both options provide you with a centralized way of running your IT infrastructure. There are various benefits of using thin and zero clients over virtual desktop computers.

As a business owner, you are going to cut down costs by choosing either thin clients or zero clients as your virtualization model. In addition, you are going to enjoy reduced power needs, simplified management of your IT infrastructure, enhanced network security, and greater efficiency. Whichever you choose, the main consideration should be the specifications of your IT environment to facilitate efficiency for the end users. While there are major differences between the two, their main benefits are relatively the same.

Benefits of Thin Clients to Virtualization

Technically, thin clients are slimmed-down workstations that connect to a server on a network to access hardware and software resources. They do not have software or hardware capability at the end-user level but rely on the server to handle data processing and storage. Thin clients are only a terminal to the server and act as virtual machines hence they are fully controlled from the data center. Remote users rely on the software applications and hardware resources allocated to the thin clients from the data center administrator. As a result, they come with:

  • Less licensing costs
  • Upfront software purchasing expenditure
  • Software and hardware update and maintenance needs
  • Centralized configuration of profiles for client groups
  • Limited risk of a security breach at the end-user terminals of your computer network

Overall, your managed IT services provider in Miami will lead you in optimizing the virtualization of your IT infrastructure to reap the benefits of deploying thin clients. You will realize that thin clients are not only cost-effective but also highly efficient since they give you a flexible IT infrastructure that runs without the administration of a specialist IT staff.

Benefits of Zero Clients to Virtualization

While zero clients share a host of benefits with thin clients, they are much easier to deploy in comparison. They allow users to access desktop sessions by entering their credentials and offer a high processing power which is built-in for great efficiency than a standard desktop. Zero clients have a fast boot up speed and require minimal maintenance since they rely on the server and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) protocols to run. Overall, zero clients are cost-effective since they allow you to share computer resources of a server with end-user devices without installing those resources on each device.

At Michell Consulting Group, we offer full-fledged virtualization services to match your IT infrastructure needs and the functionality you wish to give your end users. We are proud to be the leading provider of managed IT services in Miami , and we are dedicated to giving businesses the exceptional IT solutions they deserve. Contact us today to learn how our virtualization services can empower the productivity of your business.

Your Business and Managed IT Services in Miami: How Systems Fit Together

Finding the right way to integrate many different IT platforms and systems is part of managed IT services in Miami. By taking the time to analyze the best way to piece all the different storage solutions, software and hardware together, your business is set up for the future.

Why Does this Need to Be So Complicated?

The whole world of IT seems a little convoluted if you are not well versed in all the small details of the industry. From the outside, it may appear that businesses should just pick one solution and go with it. However, in actual practice, most single solutions don’t fit every aspect of your business well. Cloud computing is great in some scenarios, but it doesn’t mesh well with some applications. To deal with this, some on-premise data storage solutions must be implemented. Even with a simple example like this, it is easy to see how system designs can easily get out of hand.

Users must also realize that many applications have their own cloud platforms. Microsoft Office has Office 365, HubSpot has its cloud system, and many other applications also have other cloud services. These different clouds all work well with the right application, but trying to make all of them work together is where managed IT services in Miami really help out companies.

Embracing the Multi-Cloud

Companies need to take a holistic view when they begin designing their computing architecture. Many different options and solutions are available, and each business has its own challenges and requirements. Business owners set themselves up for success by realizing there isn’t one perfect option out there. Instead, the best solution is going to be a combination of different services and platforms that work together in a multi-cloud situation. With the right integration, these systems can meet all of your company’s requirements.

Looking to the Future

Your company is designing systems for today. You need to have the right systems in place to get your business off of the ground. When you start by thinking about how systems work together, you find the best solution for today. You also get the added benefit of growing with new technology. Your company avoids being trapped in a silo that has no future growth potential. By recognizing a multifaceted solution, you give your IT solutions many different opportunities to expand and make the most of the direction the technology sector continues along. On the other hand, if your company chooses a single cloud solution, you are at risk of buying into a dying application and undertaking a complete overhaul five years down the road.

As cloud computing and application integration continues, your business needs to be prepared to have your systems keep up. Managed IT services in Miami gives your company the industry knowledge you need to make informed decisions today. At Michell Consulting Group, we help your business find the right computer systems. Contact us today to learn more.

Five Benefits of Managed IT Services in Miami

Technology is an essential component for companies of all sizes, and managed IT services in Miami can help your business stay protected while also enjoying the benefits of the latest technology. The ability to have a managed service provider to handle all of your IT needs will enable your employees to be more productive without becoming distracted from various technical issues. Here are a few more reasons why your company should consider using a managed service provider:

Around the Clock IT Support

A company can lose valuable time if a server crashes and no one can repair it outside of regular work hours. You need an IT provider that monitors servers 24/7 and will repair any issues as soon as they appear. Besides around the clock monitoring, an employee can contact IT support at any time for any technical assistance. As you can see, IT support will significantly improve your business’ efficiency.

Proactive Approach

Using a proactive approach is a key objective for managed IT services in Miami. Providing security updates will further protect your company without experiencing any downtime. Continually monitoring servers allow us to repair any issues before they become a major problem. In other words, our security team can detect an issue as soon as it arises without waiting for it to cause any further damage. As you can see, using a proactive approach can help your business use IT resources without experiencing any interruptions of service.

Supplement In-House IT Team

A company with an IT team can significantly benefit with the use of a managed service provider. For example, a managed service provider can provide technical assistance that may be too time-consuming for an IT employee. With this added support, your IT employees will become much more productive as they can focus on other areas of need. Companies will be able to hire less IT employees because a managed service provider can significantly ease the overall workload for an IT department.

Cost Control

Managed service providers can easily project their monthly or yearly expenses, which enables businesses to create a budget without any costly surprises. Your company will not have to worry about paying overtime or providing benefits because a managed service provider uses a fixed monthly price. The cost of IT department can quickly become expensive, and the use of a managed service provider can ease that expense while providing superior customer service.

Increase Security & Protection

Businesses are highly vulnerable to a wide variety of online attacks. The use of a managed service provider can add an extra layer of protection that can keep your company safe and secure. For example, data backup and recovery can help your organization access files that were either lost or deleted through a virus. Our security experts also monitor networks and servers 24/7 for any unusual activity. With around the clock protection, we can locate and repair any security breach before it becomes a major issue.

As you can see, businesses can significantly benefit from the use of managed services and managed IT services in Miami . At Michell Consulting Group, our goal is to help your company become even more successful through the utilization of the latest technology. Contact us today and let our IT professionals help your business grow and succeed.

Managed IT Services Providers in Miami Provide Manufacturers an Edge Through Cloud Computing

Managed IT services providers in Miami do more than maintain existing hardware. Though this is a primary component of many MSPs, they are also continuously branching out into newer innovations which come with the tech industry. Cloud computing is one of the most exciting in recent years and has come to revitalize many industries; chief among them is manufacturing.

Cloud computing solutions applied to manufacturing can optimize productivity while reducing operational expense and increasing metric visibility, leading to more informed growth decisions. Additional notable advantages cloud computing brings to this industry include:

  • Reliability expansion
  • More visible progress monitoring
  • Increase in supply chain cost-effectiveness

Reliability Expansion

Managed IT services providers in Miami that provide cloud computing give 24/7 real-time operational visibility to clientele who want it. Cloud computing helps facilitate Big Data. Even the largest industries have the ability to benefit here, as Big Data application has the ability to process terabytes in real time. Supply chains, production floors, equipment operational ability, employees on the clock, and virtually any part of infrastructure which can be digitized become visible at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen. Not only that, with cloud computing, such information can be accessed anywhere at any time–provided proper access is given to the proper people.

More Visible Progress Monitoring

Such a ubiquity of available metrics makes monitoring process something almost incidental. There is software, and consultation with the right MSP will give you insight into progress monitoring strategies. Basically, you’re looking for KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Cloud computing increases the digital “surface area” of your business, allowing you to pinpoint such KPIs and either project, contract, or invest accordingly.

Increase in Supply Chain Cost-Effectiveness

You can get longer life out of production equipment, automating the process to the highest possible degree, and maximizing investment in associated hardware. The same can be done with the vehicles in your supply chain fleet. They can be monitored in real time, allowing you to push things to the maximum safe limit before periodic maintenance. Routes can be optimized, weather or traffic avoided, and you can trim the fat substantially.

Overall, you’ll get better results with less operational expense. It’s conceivable that properly visible infrastructure conjoined to cloud computing solutions may save enough to more than justify the cost of the cloud switch. This will differ per business, but it has generally been the trend that cloud computing saves money over time.

Find Your Best Cloud Solution

A managed IT services provider in Miami can help you maximize the cloud technology, facilitate more visible progress monitoring, and expand reliability. Contact us at Michell Consulting Group for more information.

Benefits of Having a Remote Access Work System and Managed IT Services in Miami

Nowadays, businesses are looking for ways to cut their operational costs; and one way of achieving this goal is to allow employees to work anywhere but the office. A remote access work system can help with this kind of arrangement, since it connects employees to your company’s system and allows them to access necessary work files and applications remotely. If you’re a business owner who’s contemplating about implementing this setting in your company, consider hiring a provider of managed IT services in Miami to help you out.

Here are some benefits of having a remote access work system for your employees:

Reduction in Office Space

Allowing your employees to work remotely will immediately reduce office space, which means one less thing to maintain and spend money on. Brick-and-mortar offices are expensive to run and sustain— businesses tend to spend a lot of money to acquire floor space and establish offices and cubicles for their staff. With your employees working from home (or anywhere) with a remote access work system, you won’t have to worry about office expenses.

No Need for a Service Staff

Running a normal office requires that you hire a staff that offers services such as housekeeping, pest control, plumbing, electrical works, and repairs, among others. They are important because their work helps you and your employees work in comfort. However, they are costly to acquire. You can easily cut this cost by allowing your employees to work remotely.

Low Maintenance Cost

Maintaining a remote access work system is relatively cheaper as compared to running a full-time office. The latter will require you to invest in computers, printers/photocopiers, phone systems, and other essential office equipment. With a remote access work system and the necessary managed IT services in Miami, you will be able to cut down on these costs. The only cost you will need to concern yourself with will be the cost of maintaining the servers that run the remote work access system.

Reduced Utility Bills

Running a full-time office is expensive and requires you to spend money on utilities such as lighting, water, and heating. Paying for these utilities eats into your profits and avoiding them is impossible, especially if you are running the traditional brick-and-mortar office. By allowing your employees to work anywhere with a remote access work system, you won’t need to worry about this kind of business cost.

As you can see, both you and your employees will benefit from a remote access work system. Not only does it allow your workforce to access every work-related file they need; it also cuts many business-related costs. At Michell Consulting Group, we specialize in managed IT services in Miami , and we can help you come up with a secure remote access work system that fits your business needs. Contact us today to learn more.