How to Choose the Right Distribution Management Software For Your Business

Not all businesses are created equal, and neither are all distribution management software. It’s key to understand your business’s unique needs and how each software can address those needs in order to make the right choice, one that will allow your business to grow and your customers to feel satisfied – not to mention make running your business easier.
With this in mind, here are key points to consider when choosing the distribution management software that will allow your business to operate at its peak:

• How can you keep your customers happy? Customer management is a full-time job unto itself – one which the right distribution management software should make easier for you. Will the software you’re considering allow you to improve your service levels? Will it allow you to improve on-order fulfillment and thus raise your customer retention rates? Will it allow you to identify any areas in which you’ve been slacking so you can tie up loose ends?

• Who are your best suppliers and vendors? Another point to keep in mind is whether your software will allow you to identify your company’s best suppliers and vendors. If you are involved with a number of either or both, odds are you have just as complicated a job on your hands managing them as you do with managing your customers. The right software will allow you to track the service you get from these parties and potentially identify any weak links which may need to be replaced.

• Is your inventory being closely tracked? Much of what you’re looking for in a distribution management software will depend upon the extent of your inventory and your needs when it comes to managing your warehouse. Not only do you need to keep close track of what’s currently there, but your software should also be able to determine for you where your inventory dollars will go farthest through demand planning and forecasting. If you don’t currently house an extensive inventory but plan to expand at some point in the future, keep this in mind and choose a scalable software that will support your growth.

• Where is your money coming from? Are you able to identify which of your products the customer is spending the most money on? How about pinpointing your most profitable customers so you know with whom you need to maintain a warm relationship? This knowledge allows you to focus your energy on the channels which bring you the most money in order to encourage an even stronger cash flow from those directions.

• What’s the state of your financial records? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to create accurate, real-time financial reports at the drop of a hat? Will your software allow you to do this? And should you need to create custom reports, will you be able to do so? Be sure to get a good feel for any software’s reporting capabilities – after all, being able to review your stats and figures easily allows you to make decisions with greater confidence, not to mention making life a lot easier when meeting with accountants.

• How user friendly is it? Let’s face it: Even the best distribution management software will do nothing for your business if your employees don’t know how to use it effectively. An intuitive interface, one which makes usage not only easy but enjoyable, will go a long way toward having your business running smoothly and your employees on the same page in regards to how you’re performing.
The best distribution management software will address your organization’s pain points and make every aspect of running your business flow more smoothly. Putting in the time to assess where your current software (or lack thereof) is letting you down and to explore your options is sure to pay off great dividends as time goes on and your business begins running like a well-oiled machine.

If you still have unanswered questions on choosing the right software for your business, contact Michell Consulting Group and let one of our experienced consultants guide you through the process.

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Infor Distribution FACTS Software

There’s a lot of business advice out there, but not all of it is good! In fact, some of it is full of misconceptions, misinformation, and myths that could affect your business. This is true of all areas of business, and ERP System software is no exception.

Your time is much too valuable to spend trying to debunk the myths to find the best options for your business. Many of the common misinformation topics date back to the beginning years of ERP Systems and have been around awhile. To help, we’ve compiled the following examples of the worst advice we’ve ever encountered about ERP Systems like Infor Distribution FACTS Software.


  • It’s Only for Big Businesses. You might  think that your business is not large enough to need business management software, but nothing is farther from the truth. ERP System software options, like Infor Distribution FACTS, will make your business activities easier and clearer as it streamlines processes in Inventory, Sales, Purchasing and more. Businesses of all sizes—big and small—can benefit from enhancements in tracking business resources, improving data management and refining the interpretation of the figures that you base business decisions upon. Furthermore, such software is customizable, and it will give you the resources to be able to keep up as your business thrives and grows. Using ERP System software means it will be faster and easier for your small business to expand.
  • It’s Too Expensive. As a business owner, you know to be wary of anything that seems too cheap to be true because you do have to spend money to make money. ERP software like Infor Distribution FACTS is not cheap, but can bring a lot of value to your business’s daily operations and overall efficiency. It is well worth the money spent on the software as it makes your business easier to run through tracking your business’s resources, activities and commitments.
  • Implementing Infor FACTS is Too Difficult. Perception is the key issue here. Anything is going to be difficult if you decided it is so. While completely converting to new software is never simple, Infor Distribution FACTS is light years ahead of the original ERP software that created this myth in the first place. Additionally, if implementation is a concern, then consider a provider that offers unparalleled service and support to guide you and your workforce through the process.
  • Your Business’s Processes Are Too Difficult to Convert to an ERP System. Again, this is a matter of a perception of difficulty, because your company’s processes should adapt to fit your business as it grows. Instead of looking at how outdated processes can—or cannot—fit into the new phases of your business, such as converting to an ERP System like Infor Distribution FACTS, try to look at the end results for your business. Do your orders go through faster and more accurately? Do your inventory shortages stop? Are your shipments on time and your payments taken in a timely manner? Infor Distribution FACTS makes your processes easier to manage, so if they need to be tweaked to take your company to the next level, then so be it.
  • ERP Systems Take Too Long to Implement. Rome was not built in a day, but still, if you find a vendor with top notch support and service, the implementation process of Infor Distribution FACTS does not need to be the bogeyman that it is sometimes made out to be.  Since it is customizable to your business, implementing the software nearly out of the box is a real possibility. Additionally, a smooth and fast implementation is made more possible with the right support and service.
  • ERP Systems are Super Easy. While ERPs like Infor Distribution FACTS are not the convoluted systems that myths claim, you and your business’s employees will need to put some time and effort into learning new software systems. Infor Distribution FACTS can improve business practices and reduce inefficiencies, but it’s not magic. Employees still need to know how to use the software on a day-to-day basis. It’s no different than learning the rules of a game before you start to play, and, again, a vendor that provides support and service will be able to assist with training, implementation, and IT issues.

Michell Group Website Redesign Improves Overall Visitor Experience and Provides Our Clients Direct Access to our Expertise 24/7

As a leading managed services provider helping to ensure small-to-medium-sized businesses have the strong infrastructure and support they need to function securely, efficiently, and smoothly in today’s high-tech world, Michell Consulting Group recently revamped their website to make it not only exceptionally visitor-friendly, but also engaging and information-laded for both potential and established customers.


New, More Robust Live Chat Available

An integral key in the plan to redesign the website was to ensure clients had access to information at all hours. A new live chat feature allows customers to connect with a customer service or technical support representative at a moment’s notice. Customers are depending upon Michell for a variety of information technology services, so fast and easy communication are critical to keep computer systems operating at optimum efficiency.


 Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 2.06.48 PM

New Layout Provides Information at a Glance

When the marketing firm Rizen Inbound was tasked with the development of our new Michell website, it was important to create a portal where customers and potential clients could find information on Miami’s largest managed services provider’s platform. The home page alone features a synopsis of all Michell’s services and partners, including the company’s four main areas of focus:

  • Strategic IT
  • Managed IT
  • Support IT
  • Infrastructure IT

~ All with icons that lead to a more detailed definition of each area. Technology consulting, another mainstay of Michell Consulting Group’s portfolio, is summarized in graphic form on the home page, with links leading to more specific information. Links to the company’s blog, Twitter account, and e-mail contact information are located on the bottom of the home page, where you can also subscribe to Michell’s newsletter.


Multi-media Approach Delivers the Message

Michell Consulting Group’s new website employs a multi-media approach that combines video messaging with strategically-placed text. This approach results in a clear definition of what the managed services provider can do to help your company improve, both from an efficiency and technological standpoint. The layout of the website utilizes plenty of white space to help readers focus on the message at hand, whether that message details the company’s diverse experience in technology and distribution or how Michell’s core principles translate into helping your business succeed.


Easier Than Ever to Submit Support Tickets

The main goal of our new website was twofold ~ to make it easier for customers to submit support tickets, as well as provide a better overall experience online. The support link is easily seen at the top of the page. One click takes you to a page where you can phone in a request, submit a problem by e-mail, or access a portal where a tech expert can attack the issue with remote access. Calling our 800 number allows customers to dictate a ticket straight to voice mail, securing a place in line for the issue to be resolved. An online help desk allows customers to view and manage their tickets at any hour of the day.


Testimonials and Case Studies Provide References

Michell Consulting Group provides plenty of testimonials from happy customers on our new website, as well as specific examples of how, as a managed services provider, we have helped Miami businesses improve distribution and otherwise increase the bottom line. The link to the news page keeps customers up to date with the latest Michell happenings, including attendance at trade shows, new services, and new employees.

Click Here to Read Testimonies


Training Documents Now Online

Michell Consulting Group knows that sometimes training occurs as time allows. That’s why they have a whole suite of training documents available online for you to access at your convenience. The managed IT services provided by Michell, now has training materials that align with the software solutions that we deliver, including SAP and Infor. Other training materials provide information on Windows operating software and servers, as well as the Microsoft Dynamics NAV management system.

Click Here to Find Training Documents

Infor Data sheets Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.28.28 PM  SAP vs Comp  Small Business Comp Edge


Website Encourages Interaction and Questions

All in all, our new website is an easy-to-navigate source for information on technology offered by Miami’s premier managed services provider, Michell Consulting Group. Our core values, team member backgrounds, and reputation with current clients offer some good insight to the caliber of a company we are. Through live chat and a variety of contact options including a help desk portal, Michell customers can resolve problems any time of the day or night to make sure our business helps your business to keep operating at maximum efficiency.

Michell Consulting Group Earns the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark™

Michell Consulting Group Earns Respected Technology Industry Credential
CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark™ signifies commitment to industry best practices

Doral, FL / March 23, 2015 – Michell Consulting Group (MCG), an ERP and IT consulting firm, announced today it has received the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark™, a respected industry credential that signifies its adherence to best practices for technology service delivery and customer interaction.

“Earning this credential identifies MCG as a business that meets or exceeds the best business practices the IT industry has to offer,” said Nancy Hammervik, senior vice president, industry relations, CompTIA. “This includes managed services agreements, standard operating procedures, systems and tools for delivering services and general business operations.”

The Trustmark was developed by CompTIA, the non-profit association for the information technology industry, in collaboration with industry experts and leaders, to identify businesses that have made a commitment to the highest levels of integrity and sustained quality service.

“Pursuing this Trustmark was a great opportunity and method to demonstrate to our clients our long-term dedication to providing World Class Managed Services and customer service,” said Daniel Arcelo, Chief Technology Officer, Michell Consulting Group. “We are extremely excited to have obtained this industry credential.”
To earn the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark, MCG was evaluated on several aspects of their business operations, including organizational structure, technology tools and systems they utilize, standard operating procedures and IT service specific activities. The company also committed to abiding by a code of conduct and provided customer references.

Michell Consulting Group ( is a managed services provider and ERP systems integrator providing end-to-end solutions that ensure business integrity for small-medium and enterprise-level clients.  From design through deployment, Michell Consulting Group is an advocate for our clients to strategically align their business and IT objectives. We architect, implement and manage ERP & IT solutions spanning computing infrastructure, enterprise software and management, VoIP and security. The company is headquartered in Doral, Fl.

CompTIA is the voice of the world’s information technology (IT) industry. Its members are the companies at the forefront of innovation; and the professionals responsible for maximizing the benefits organizations receive from their investments in technology. CompTIA is dedicated to advancing industry growth through its educational programs, market research, networking events, professional certifications, and public policy advocacy. Visit us or follow CompTIA on Facebook and Twitter.

Daniel Arcelo
Chief Technology Officer
Michell Consulting Group

Steven Ostrowski
Director, Corporate Communications

Michell Consulting announces Daniel Arcelo

Arcelo to lead Managed Services – Technology, Services and Sales

ArceloOctober 14, 2014, Doral, FL – Michell Consulting Group (MCG) announces the hire of Daniel Arcelo to the position of Chief Technology Officer. Arcelo brings more than 14 years of experience in technology services within various industries.

As the Virtual CIO for our Managed IT customers, Arcelo will serve as a customer liaison and strategic advisor, helping customers identify their technology needs and risks. Arcelo will not only provide technical leadership, consulting, and oversee incident management, he will also provide audit and compliance direction, to help guide our clients through the difficult process of implementing stringent security systems, policies and procedures especially for organizations which must meet governmental compliance requirements. Working closely with MCG’s team of experts, Arcelo will develop a managed services solution that allows clients to focus on their core competency by providing fully managed end-to-end IT solutions which will make the business more efficient and secured while lowering their IT costs. As CTO for Michell Consulting Group, he will develop and oversee the entire IT service and support departments.

Prior to joining Michell Consulting Group, Arcelo honed his expertise over the last 10 years working with various Managed Services providers across South Florida as a manager and technical lead. Most recently he successfully establish a managed services practice for a provider in northern Broward County where he designed a state of the art NOC and datacenter, implemented the right technology to support and manage client systems, developed and grew the support staff and improved overall company operations in order to support and meet the needs and demands of the growing client base. Arcelo’s long-time track-record and familiarity with successful operations in the management of customers’ information infrastructures across the US and Latin America gives MCG clients peace of mind that the solutions he recommends are designed for success.

“With the addition of Daniel to our team, demonstrates a new level of commitment to our clients”, said Ricardo Michell, Owner of Michell Consulting Group, “he will be an advocate for the client and the technology requirements they need.”

Arcelo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and Security and has numerous professional certifications.

Michell Consulting Group ( is a managed services provider and ERP systems integrator providing end-to-end solutions that ensure business integrity for small-medium and enterprise-level clients.  From design through deployment, Michell Consulting Group is an advocate for our clients to strategically align their business and IT objectives. We architect, implement and manage ERP & IT solutions spanning computing infrastructure, enterprise software and management, VoIP and security. The company is headquartered in Doral, Fl.