Michell Consulting Announces Pablo Cedron

Pablo Cedron

December 5, 2016, Doral, FL – Michell Consulting Group (MCG) announces the hire of Pablo Cedron to the position of Technical Services Supervisor. Cedron, brings more than 15 years of experience in technology.

As the Technical Services Supervisor, Cedron will be responsible for managing the day-to-day activities and responsibilities of the technical support team. Additionally, he will be responsible for providing high-level technical assistance to the team and ensure service and support is provided to customers at the agreed levels.

Prior to joining Michell Consulting Group, Pablo applied his technical support expertise by developing and managing service departments for several multinational logistics companies. With over 15 years of IT infrastructure and service support, he brings leadership, professionalism and team empowerment through structure, focus around processes, team environment and performance. He creates an employee coaching culture, concentrating on a proactive and accountable work environment. He strives to provide the best customer service in the market, and motivates his team to deliver no less than excellent support.

“We are excited to bring Pablo onboard with his level of experience and talent to help deliver our brand promise to our clients” said Daniel Arcelo, Chief Technology Officer of Michell Consulting Group, “I think our clients will notice an improved change in the coming months!”

“We’ve hired Pablo to continue our mission of providing UNPARALLELED SERVICE & SUPPORT that our clients expect” said Ricardo Michell, Owner and CEO of Michell Consulting Group Ricardo, “Pablo’s wealth of technical knowledge combined with his proven track record of great customer service will be a strong asset to our company”.

Pablo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and technical certifications.

Michell Consulting Group (www.michellgroup.com) is a Managed Services Provider and ERP systems integrator providing end-to-end solutions that ensure business integrity for small-medium and enterprise-level clients. From design through deployment, Michell Consulting Group is an advocate for our clients to strategically align their business and IT objectives. We architect, implement and manage ERP & IT solutions spanning computing infrastructure, enterprise software and management, VoIP and security. The company is headquartered in Doral, Fl. with remote offices in West Palm Beach, FL and Austin, TX.

How Business Strategy Consulting Enhances Your Business

As a business owner, you have dreams. You began your company with certain goals in mind, some specific, some overarching and so far in the future that you’re not quite sure how to put them into words. You have the intuition, the know-how and the business acumen to get a small business on its feet, but at some point every company grows to the point that it needs a boost to break through to the next level and continue striving toward its true potential.

Business strategy consulting is the process of bringing in outside experts in any number of fields to provide objective, honest analysis of the challenges facing your business. When problems arise or progress stagnates, a fresh set of eyes is often the best way to get things moving forward again.

In its most basic form, consulting is a cooperative process; an executive approaches a consultant with a problem or set of problems and the consultant and his or her team will work to gather and analyze data and present their client with all the facts needed to make an informed and logical decision. The goal of consulting isn’t to provide a conclusion or course of action – after all, one hires a consultant, not a stand-in CEO – but to so thoroughly pick apart the challenge that the correct decisions are easy to make and involve as little guesswork as possible.

As your business grows larger, the challenges you will face and positive or negative consequences of executive decisions will grow alongside it. If your business has grown to the point that executive responsibilities are split between managers, disagreements as to the root of your problems and the correct course of action will arise. If your business is losing market shares or growth isn’t what it should be, every colleague you speak with will have a different answer. Marketing managers will see a marketing problem, accountants will see a problem with cash flows and operations personnel will find some inefficiency in the distribution network that needs correcting.

The role of the business strategy consulting is to take all of these potential pitfalls into account while gathering information and data and identify the true (or at least the most likely) source of your woes, as well as the greatest areas of opportunity that can be exploited. The best consultants have no biases, no agendas, and no fear of asking tough questions. At times, the answers they give you may not be what you want to hear – but they will almost always be what you need to hear.

Find Your Business Strategy Consulting with Us

At Michell Consulting Group, our top priority is the success of your business, which we seek to ensure by relentlessly pursuing one thing: the truth. No frills, just the facts your business needs to keep moving forward, whether that means taking the next step and continuing to grow or finding out why things haven’t been going according to plan. We’d love to get in touch with you today and discuss everything we have to offer.

Benefits of Being Able to Work Remotely

The traditional work office has been disrupted by the growing trends of outsourcing or and remote working. With advances in technology, such as unified communications, and the shifting needs of employers, this makes sense.

Here’s how more and more workers are experiencing benefits from working remotely:

No More Commuting

By working remotely, morning and evening rush-hours become a thing of the past. Instead of starting and ending your day by pushing through traffic or rushing to catch a train, you can save time and stress by working from home.

In addition to the environmental benefit of having fewer cars on the road, there is a significant cost benefit to be considered, too. In addition to reduced travel expenses, it’s worth noting that time spent commuting is time spent not working. Removing the need for commuting, gives employees more free time, improves their quality of life, and makes for a happier, more productive workforce.

Better Time-Management

Imagine a work situation in which you don’t have to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day to be considered productive. Working remotely gives you the freedom to manage your time. In many cases, you can work when your energy levels are highest, where you are most comfortable.

People step up to challenges when they are given the opportunity to take ownership of their time and their work.

And you can complete your project and your laundry, without neglecting either.

Less Stress

Another benefit that many remote workers share is the ability to work without being monitored by the boss. Working remotely implies a more relaxed environment and less stress, where employees are judged by the quality and timeliness of their work, not by their ability to conform to office politics or sit at a desk.

Increased Competitiveness

The rise in remote working trends has increased the talent pool, since the employment of workers is no longer restricted by geographical location.

A more diverse workforce also means more choice for employers in terms of a wider range of rates offered for services.

Streamlined Communications

Working remotely and associated technologies have given rise to a trend of minimizing meetings and unnecessary communications.

With unified communications and VoIP, for example, team members can collaborate via phone calls, instant messaging, conference calls, and voice messages, among other methods. Rather than scheduling time-consuming meetings that can disrupt rather than enhance productivity, the flexibility of modern communications allows workers to interact with each other quickly and efficiently from different locations.

MCG Can Show You How You and Your Team Members Can Immediately Work Remotely

Modern communication methods are making it easy to stay in touch. Individuals can remain contactable wherever they are. Whether they are in the office, on the road, or at home, co-workers, employers, and clients can contact them via the same contact details as always, independent of the communication device they are using.

Remote working is gaining popularity with both workers and employers. With technological advances, the advantages in flexibility, cost, and speed are compelling. In the years to come, more workers will disappear from cubicles, turning to remote work to provide efficient service for employers and clients. Stay current with the trend – call Michell and let us set you up to be able to have a virtual office environment.

6 Cost Saving Ideas for Your Business

Cutting costs can be tricky, especially when you are looking to increase profit by making not-so-drastic business changes. Here are 6 simple cost-saving ideas that will boost your profits.

Outsource your IT

Many small and even medium-sized business attempt to save money by holding back on IT spending, but this is a false economy. By engaging the services of a reputable IT support firm or managed services provider (MSP), your business can not only avoid significant downtime and disruption following malware, hacking, or natural disasters, but your business will be able to avoid many of these issues entirely.

An IT firm that knows your business and its goals will continuously monitor your system for issues, implement the best technology to streamline your operations, and can even revolutionize your communications system to make every hour of every day more productive and more profitable.

In addition, they will be able to work remotely, saving you the cost of hiring in-house IT professionals.

Hiring Interns and Freelancers

Hiring qualified, full-time workers today can consume a lot of time and resources. Increasingly, therefore, companies are reducing their costs by hiring interns or skilled freelancers.

Interns demonstrate themselves to be motivated workers, looking to gain industry experience before seeking permanent employment.

In regards to freelancing, freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer provide businesses with the opportunity to hire skilled workers from a global talent pool, often for a fraction of the cost of employing professionals to work in-house.

Shopping for Supplies

If you are a start-up or a small business shopping for company supplies, you may consider teaming up with similar companies to get better deals by leveraging buying power and buying in bulk. Employing economies of scale is an excellent way to achieve cost-savings on essential items that are common to various businesses.

Additionally, always make sure to ask for a discount from your supplier. You might be surprised by how many suppliers are willing to provide reductions.

Take Timing Seriously

As a business owner, make it your priority to pay any loans, bills, or memberships on time. Not only will this be good for your business’s reputation, but you’ll avoid costly, additional fees.

Establish a routine or set specific reminders to stay on track and thus save on unnecessary charges to which many businesses succumb due to poor organization.

The same goes for wasting valuable work time. If an issue can be resolved via email, rather than a meeting, opt for this.

Go Green

You can cut down on both printing and paper costs by urging your staff to store data electronically and to use digital copies when necessary.

You can also save money over time by using energy-efficient appliances. These kinds of appliances may be a bit more expensive to buy, but they will produce much lower bills, paying for the investment over time.

Low-Cost Marketing via Social Media

Your potential customers will often need to hear about or see your product or service several times before they consider buying it. Large multinational companies have huge budgets for marketing campaigns, but this can be a massive drain on the resources of small to medium businesses. Try pushing your product through social media. Open Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts and build your network of potential customers there. Using the marketing power of social media platforms is a very affordable solution to generate interest in your product or service and to establish its authority.

Cutting costs leads to increased profit. Try some of these proven cost-saving ideas to see improvements to your bottom line in no time.


Cloud Computing Opens the Door for Remote Workers

For modern businesses, it’s impractical to confine operations to a single brick and mortar office. Doing so is a disservice to clients, management, and employees alike. The modern business landscape calls for organizations that make the best use of their resources regardless of physical location, and the most successful businesses are able to muster at least some matter productivity around the clock. Doing these things successfully requires employees to occasionally work remotely. Beyond the bare necessities, making use of cloud computing opens up many new possibilities and allows businesses to take on remote workers.

To the uninitiated, working “in the Cloud” might sound like some obscure future tech that won’t be practical in the near future. In reality, Cloud computing is used by businesses, organizations and individuals all day, every day and is a key part of the world’s technological infrastructure. At its core, the Cloud is simply a means of processing information using a server that is not physically dependent on the user’s own device. In other words, it offers employees the ability to share files, collaborate, and communicate through a central server from their personal devices without manually sending each file or having to be in the same physical location.


Properly utilizing the Cloud to let employees work remotely is great when instituting bring-your-own-device policies and remote workdays, but it also allows your business to dive deeper into the talent pool than ever before. Cloud computing allows freelance workers or employees who are out of town or confined to their home for some reason to be just as productive as if they were in the office. With this in mind, it’s entirely possible to take on part-time or full-time employees who may be geographically undesirable if they have superior skills and a good work ethic.

Making Remote Working Possible

Successful use of cloud computing to enable remote workers has ramifications in the office as well. Some businesses in the United States and Europe are doing away with the traditional office layout and opting for collaborative workspaces where employees can use whatever space is available during their time in the office, but no full-time desks or cubicles are necessary since employees spend less time than ever in the physical office.

Of course, the Cloud will never eliminate the need for an office entirely. Face-to-face interaction and a functional meeting space will always be essential for any well-run organization. The prospect of cutting down on hours spent in the office, however, should be an intriguing prospect for any business.

Michell Consulting Group is Staffed with Cloud Computing Experts

At MCG, we’re committed to providing your business with effective IT solutions that will make your life easier and your hard work more effective. Get in touch with us today to discuss Cloud computing and many other technological solutions to your business’s everyday challenges.