Simple Ways to Increase Employee Satisfaction

How does one fulfill every employee’s wishes, expectation, needs, or the satisfaction derived from this? Especially in today’s society, where disgruntled employees who think they deserve more and expect more – quit when they become dissatisfied. However, with the job market being as unpredictable with opportunities, employees are quitting mentally rather than physically. This new mental attitude will decrease a company’s level of productivity and capsize an organization’s reputation. These are a few simple ways you can keep your employees upbeat and help increase their employee satisfaction.

Employee Satisfaction Boosters

Be True to Your Word

As a leader in your organization, you have to stay true to your word. Empty promises or unkept values will dwindle employee loyalty and appreciation. Employees tend to value and respect leaders who actually represent business’s core value.

Celebrate Accomplishments

Take the time to rejoice in the employees who have overcome challenges and seek new ways to constantly improve. Lack of affirmation will lower an individual’s drive to keep pursuing success. Ambition is like a fire – it should be coxed whenever it seems to be dwindle. Every manager and supervisor needs to clearly communicate and give credit where is due.

Michell Consulting Group Increases Business Satisfaction

We know employee satisfaction comes from meeting their personal needs. However, our aim is to exceed your business needs. Once a full analysis is complete, we’ll draw up an IT business strategy to give your business a productive workflow. This is the part where you tell us your biggest concerns for your business operations, like slow internet servers or virus concerns. We want to make sure each step in your strategy will fit your budget and meet your business needs first. Contact us today!


How Business Strategy Consulting Enhances Your Business

The ongoing process to further improve the quality of your business can be defined with business strategy consulting. Business strategy consulting is a plan of action that will be used as a reference to reach your specific business goal. Implementing a strategy will help a company determine the overall direction in which a company desires to go. Businesses that make decisions allocating resources to pursue aid from business strategy consulting are able to ensure these key benefits.

Business Strategy Consulting Benefits

Take the time to actually implement a focused plan for your business. Business strategy consulting will give you a better understanding for where you want to drive your energy and efforts. Developing a business strategy will give your business clarity, focus, and enhanced direction. Your business strategy will give you and your team the motivation to perform better and push forward. A few examples of strategy work include:

  • What is your long term vision?
  • Should you retain the same portfolio of businesses?
  • Should we enter this market?
  • What is the best way for us to extract value from our SUV division?

Setting aside time for business strategy consulting will help you solve pain points and arrive at a source of resolution. Your team will be able to discuss and debate whether or not the current direction is where you want to be. That’s because a strategy is a plan. And before you implement anything, you need a plan.

Michell Consulting Group is Here to Help

If you know where you are going or need assistance developing a strategic business plan – allow us to help you identify the key steps needed to achieve your success. Move your business forward and start working on an appealing operation. Call today for a free consultation.  

Enterprise Resource Planning: A Brief History

These days, many businesses of all sizes rely on enterprise resource planning to keep watch over their everyday business processes. But how did it start out? It’s actually an interesting history – one we don’t have enough room here to tell a comprehensive story – but here’s a brief history of the small beginnings of enterprise resource planning, and how it became the powerhouse it is today.

The Genesis of Enterprise Resource Planning – Manufacturing.

In the 1960s, all computers were business-based, expensive, and gigantic. As a result, many industries were not quick to include them in the workplace. One industry that did embrace the technology, however, was manufacturing. The usefulness of computers in manufacturing was due largely to the existence of new software called Manufacturing Requirements Planning, or (MRP). For the first time, companies had an electronic organizational and scheduling tool which could be utilized the same way at each location. This eventually expanded to become Manufacturing Resource Planning, which incorporated customer and supplier information into a single tool. Eventually, other industries began to take notice.

Industries Invest in Computers, Mainly for Enterprise Resource Planning.

Once the benefits of the computerized enterprise resource planning tool became apparent, government agencies and organizations in the service sector began integrating the technology into their daily workflow. As the 1970s progressed, computers were bulky and impractical for small-to-medium sized businesses – but the need was still apparent. Thus, computers began to evolve into smaller, more practical and efficient systems which would allow for ERP desktop use. Companies such as Oracle, JD Edwards and SAP formed and began working on customized ERP software for multi-industry use.

Enterprise Resource Planning Takes an Evolutionary Leap.

Throughout the rest of the 1970s and the 1980s, both computer technology and ERP software continued to evolve at a set pace. However, at the beginning of the 1990s, computer technology began to increase rapidly as the demand for personal computers grew. In response, ERP software had to evolve accordingly. This decade showed incredible leaps in technology, encompassing more and more aspects of business management. This technological growth persisted into the new millennium, and continues to this day.

Michell Can Bring Your Enterprise Resource Planning Up to Date.

History has shown us that enterprise resource planning is the definite future of business infrastructure. Organizations currently utilizing the software continually look to update it to keep up with their evolving business growth, and many organizations currently without it are looking into incorporating ERP into their business structure. Give us a call, and we can show you all the incredible things ERP software can do for you.

ERP Technology Simplified

Keeping track of each and every aspect of your business – whether startup or existing – is paramount to staying on the road to success and prosperity. While many different programs exist to monitor every facet of your business, they are often separate programs which do not communicate with one another. Luckily, systems do exist which will monitor each individual aspect of your business AND communicate between departments. These systems are called ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – and here’s a quick, simplified explanation of some of the great things ERP technology does.

ERP Technology offers Sales and Purchasing.

No one ever wants to see a potential sale or new client fall between the cracks. One great aspect of ERP technology is its ability to track all sales opportunities. From the moment the opportunity presents itself to the moment the client signs on the dotted line, all progress is tracked by the ERP system. Not only that, but the system will also predict the revenue potential, as well as automate the purchase orders after your client signs and places their first order.

ERP Technology offers Production and Inventory.

Sales are great, They’re the life’s blood of almost every company. But fulfillment is another beast altogether. ERP does such a great job of managing sales and purchasing, wouldn’t it be great if it managed the fulfillment side, as well? It actually does. Your ERP technology will not only manage all warehouse data, it also tracks the movements of all your stock-in-transit, and will even craft production orders for you! Amazed yet? We’re not even done.

ERP Technology offers Human Resources.

As you know, there’s much more to business than sales and fulfillment. You hire people, and those people have needs which must be managed. Your ERP technology can even greatly assist your HR manager with its integrated human resource and payroll tools. Once you have every aspect of your business entered into the ERP system, suddenly – you’re running a tight ship with your business, as it sails down the river of success efficiently and effectively.

Michell can Customize the Perfect ERP Technology for Your Business.

ERP technology is quickly becoming the norm for total business management for today’s prosperous organizations. If you’re ready to make the switch to ERP to manage all aspects of your business with efficiency and ease, give Michell a call, and we’ll discuss with you exactly how the process will go from start to finish.

The Brains Behind Michell Consulting Group

Anyone who owns, runs, or manages a business knows there are many moving parts involved. The technological components of business are very similar to the intricate inner workings of most of our cars. And like our vehicles, one of the most critical parts of business is the technology at the center of it all. Consider the seasoned professionals at Michell Consulting Group a top-notch pit crew ready to tune up your business and keep it running mile after mile. Each and every member of the Michell Consulting Group is committed to providing their clients with software, service, and support for today while proactively searching for ways to help businesses grow tomorrow.


Meet the Michell Consulting Group Crew:

Ricardo Michell – As founder of the Michell Consulting Group, Ricardo Michell is the ambitious mind behind the ever growing firm. He chose to follow his dreams of owning his own business and established Michell Consulting Group in 1999. He has continued to find ways to manage and improve various aspects of business from offering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help desk services ever since.

Armando Medina – Over 30 years of experience as a Computer Systems Engineer, Armando is well versed in the subtleties and tendencies of the machines that control your office. As a partner at Michell Consulting Group, Medina is beyond passionate about providing solution development, account management and software application to the clients on the Michell Consulting Group team.

Luis Rizo – Just as businesses must adapt to meet changing demands, the software and technical requirements of companies must also evolve. After joining the Michell Consulting Group in 2011, Luis was tasked with gathering information from clients to allow him to design and develop software specifically tailored to each business affiliated with Michell Consulting Group.

Eric Huskey – A ten year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Eric is a fantastic asset to the Michell Group team. Through trust and a mutual desire to see your business succeed, Eric is ready to provide answers and make the benefits of Michell Consulting Groups services visible and relatable to each client.

Lin-Dai Quant – Access to help desk services and resources can sometimes be spotty and unreliable. However, with the addition of Lin-Dai to the Michell Consulting Group, each and every affiliated client can count on access to a quality team of network engineers to provide support for any situation. Timely, accurate, and helpful responses to your technological needs are vital and a top priority for Lin-Dai and the team at Michell Consulting Group.

Daniel Arcelo – Michell places heavy importance on the diversification of their services and the collaboration of these services to contribute to the overall success of its clients. As the Chief Technology Officer of Michell Consulting Group, Daniel is responsible for developing an overall technology vision as well as employing cross-company engineering initiatives to create the most efficient and exciting technologies for your business.

When partnering with Michell Group, you’ll have the most reliable support and services your company needs to grow and be successful. Give us a call today and experience firsthand how well our team can take care of you.