Choosing the Right Software for Your ERP Systems

Developing ERP systems requires acquisition and implementation of software solutions. There are many to choose from, and working with a consultant is ideal to help acquire software which best fits your business. Several tips to help you make the right choice include:

Knowing Options

ERP systems can be facilitated through diverse software solutions. You don’t necessarily want to go with the most popular solution. Think of it like computer OS, for example. Windows and Macintosh computers have different advantages and disadvantages. One’s costlier than the other, and the other has greater mainstream viability. If you’re managing servers, you might want to work with Linux or Unix on a specialized build.
Your enterprise has needs in terms of enterprise resource planning. The proper balance accounts for stresses you’ll put on software, its reach, and what kind of sustainability you can expect.

Figure Out Requirements and Search Accordingly

You’ll need to know what’s absolutely necessary to make the most informed decision. Before you look for any software solutions, get a list of prerequisites ironed out. Then you can simply find choices which fit those requirements, narrowing options from there.

Live Demonstration Evaluation

Once you’ve narrowed down choices, you want software vendors to demonstrate that their products work with your systems as advertised. Don’t be afraid to “hold them over the coals” in order to get your best choice. You don’t want to spend money on something which ultimately doesn’t serve your business as needed.
Software should be easy to navigate, it should facilitate simple visibility, and it should come with assistance from designers. These things get complicated, and you’re going to need guidance through the transition.

Review Pricing and SLA Agreements

If you can buy a used Honda at 200k miles for $3k and get that car to last you another 40k miles (about 2 years), you actually end up saving money over buying a newer vehicle or paying in monthly installments.
Sometimes a sub-par ERP solution serves you better owing to its cost. Review costs and service level agreement (SLA) agreements. Low cost and bad SLA won’t serve you well, in all likelihood, but an SLA that guarantees a certain level of operational ability may be worth the added costs. Weigh the pros and cons.
ERP systems chosen under the guidance of Michell Consulting Group can help you save money and increase profitability through ERP solutions that fit your needs, have the most balanced cost, include fair SLAs, and whose utility can be demonstrated to you live. Contact us for more information.