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Clipboard History on Windows 10

In this course of MCG University, we walk through how to enable clipboard history on Windows 10. This nice little feature, which most people don’t even know exists, allows you to access multiple items copied to your clipboard. This comes very handy if you are one of those users that copy and paste a lot.

Getting Started

  • Clipboard history supports text, HTML, and images less than 4 MB in size. Larger items won’t be stored in the history.
  • Clipboard history stores a maximum of 25 entries, with the oldest items disappearing as new ones appear. Also, unless an item is pinned to the Clipboard, the Clipboard history list will reset every time you restart your computer or device.

How to Enable Clipboard History on Windows 10

  • First, click the “Start” button, and then click the “Gear” icon on the left side of the Start menu.

  • That will open the “Windows Settings” menu
  • You can also press Windows + i to get there

  • In Windows Settings, click on “System

  • On the Settings sidebar, click on “Clipboard

  • In Clipboard settings, locate the section called “Clipboard history” and toggle the switch to “On
  • Clipboard history is now turned on. You can now close Settings and use the feature in any application.

How to View Clipboard History on Windows 10

  • Once you have enabled Clipboard history, you can call up a list of items you have copied recently while using any application.
  • To do so, press Windows + V
  • A small window will pop up. The most recent items you’ve copied are at the top of the list.

  • You can click on any item in the Clipboard history list to paste it into an open application.

  • To remove items from Clipboard history, click on the ellipses (three dots) beside the item you’d like to delete
  • Select “Delete” from the small menu that pops up
  • If you’d like to remove all the items from Clipboard history, click “Clear All” In the ellipses menu

  • It’s also possible to pin an item on the Clipboard history list. That way, it will stay on the list even if you reboot the computer or click a “Clear All
  • To do so, click on the three-dot menu and select “Pin
  • You can unpin the item later by selecting “Unpin” from the ellipses menu

How to Disable Clipboard History on Windows 10

  • To turn off Clipboard history in Windows 10, navigate to Settings > System > Clipboard
  • Locate the option titled “Clipboard history” and toggle the switch to “Off
  • Once disabled, if you press Windows + V, you will see a small window alerting you that Windows 10 cannot show your clipboard history because the feature is turned off.