The Cloud Really Does Let You Work from Anywhere

There are countless benefits from cloud computing, not the least of which is having the ability to work from anywhere. It allows you to work when you have the inclination, rather than the availability. It also opens up the very distinct possibility of hiring remote workers in order to amass a team of incredible talent from all over the country – rather than just those near you.
Let’s take a quick look at places where you can work when you migrate to cloud computing:

Work From Home

How much fun is it to have to call someone from the office, have them go into your computer, and email you a file so you can work on it? No one likes it. It’s embarrassing, it’s asking co-workers to basically stop what they’re doing in order to help you – and honestly, once you’ve altered the file they sent, you’ll then have TWO different versions of the same file – one at your home, one at your office. But with cloud computing, you simply log into the system, locate the file, and make updates in real-time. It automatically saves to the cloud, and when you return to the office, your file is just how you left it. That’s productivity.

Work On a Business Trip

Ah, yes. The business trip – where you’re working even when you’re not working. You’re at the mercy of whatever accommodations the particular hotel in which you’re staying has to offer. But with an internet connection – you can work from anywhere and get things done just like you were in the office. Check things over, see how the departments are doing, put out any “fires” which might spring up – hey, get ahead for a change! When you finally get back home, you might just have earned yourself a long weekend to enjoy.

Work On . . . Vacation?!!

Okay, granted – this sounds nuts. After all, who in their right mind wants to work on vacation?? No one, that’s who. But if an emergency were to spring up, and you’re the only one who can save the day – wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do so quickly and easily?
Let’s put you on the beach. You worked your tail off for the last two weeks on a huge presentation which will be delivered this week while you’re soaking up the rays. Suddenly, your phone goes off. It’s the office. They report the presentation file you gave them is corrupt, and they can’t get it to play. And your original file – which you know works – is locked in your computer back at the office. But you have cloud computing, remember?? You hang up, log into your cloud system on your smartphone, locate the original file, and resend it to your team. They get it, and it works! You’re a hero! Now, sit back, enjoy that tropical drink, and imagine the hearty congratulations you’re going to get upon your return.

Michell Will Help You Work From Anywhere

Regardless of where we may be, having the option to be able to begin handling things at work with just a few clicks – rather than having to travel somewhere – is quite appealing. How you choose to best utilize that power is up to you. We at Michell simply wish to bestow that power onto you and your team. Talk to us about how cloud computing can revolutionize your office.