How CPQ and ERP Software Integration Is Benefitting Businesses

Today, many businesses are realizing how crucial it is to incorporate ERP software as a sales and marketing strategy. Any tool to help ease out the burden on configuring promotions and offers, giving quotes to prospective customers and even coming up with optimum prices is much sought after. This is where the CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) comes in as part of ERP. CPQ eliminates the natural shortcomings in any sales process by the provision of a single working hub.
Businesses that rely on manual data manipulation and guesswork end up wasting so much time, which they could otherwise have dedicated to tasks that are more important. In addition, relying on these outdated procedures makes it even hard to tell the progress that the marketing staff is doing in terms of efficiency and driving revenue.
CPQ software addresses the confusion and natural inefficiencies in the sales process through the provision of a single hub. Salespeople can now easily access useful information, which can be manipulated to create prices and quotes for potential clients. This is what your business needs to make a productive and efficient sales team.

What Are the Major Advantages of CPQ Software?

ERP software plays a role in configuring complex solutions. To be specific, without CPQ software, businesses will always struggle with long lead times and difficulties in the management of drawings, emails, and communications taking place before manufacture. CPQ allows stakeholders to communicate their needs and create bills of CAD drawings and proper pricing, all of which reduce lead times, streamlining the manufacturing process.
Apart from the configuration benefits, there is the ability to visualize user configuration. With the 2D and 3D automation, users can see the effect of their choices as they respond to questions concerning the products they are building. A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, it deepens your experience and you can then create exactly what you needed.
If you have a CPQ solution in place, you stand a better chance in the marketplace because your brand will always stand out. A trustworthy company is one that can easily configure, price, and quote a product, and this is what sets you off from the rest who have not yet discovered the importance of CPQ solutions.
Everything said it all starts with ERP software, narrowing down to CPQ which will help increase the sales by knowing the right product at a given time with the right price and also making your business stand out from the rest. Contact us at Michelle Consulting Group to learn more about ERP and ways to benefit from CPQ solutions.