MCG University

SAP Business One A/R Invoice Using Doc Gen Wizard

In this course of MCG University, we will show you how to create an AR Invoice using Document Generation Wizard. This session teaches you how to navigate to Document Generation Wizard, how to navigate the shipping information, how to check freight and validate amount, how to right click and preview the journal entry, and how to add and save the document. The Document Generation wizard is another feature of SAP that allow you to create a Sales Document without directly navigating to it. For example, instead of navigating straight to the Sales A/R – A/R Invoice window and create a new we can perform the same task from the Generation wizard as explained below.

How to Navigate to the Generation Wizard to Create a New A/R Invoice

  1. Navigate to Modules > Sales A/R > Document Generation Wizard
  2. Walkthrough the Wizard
  3. If never done before, creating a new set of parameters will allow you to set certain flags for documents that you create daily
  4. Select the Target Document you are running the Wizard for
  5. Make sure that correct dates are selected as well
  6. Click Next
  7. Another option that the Wizard provides is to create the documents as Draft Documents
  8. By doing this, you would only need to select the Check Mark

The options would be included in the Selection Criteria in regards to the type of document we will be using to generate a Target Document.

In this case we will be using Deliveries. Sales Orders and Quotations would be available for selection or in some cases may all be selected.

Selection Criteria

  1. Select the dates pertaining to the Deliveries
  2. The series can be used for the criteria depending on how specific we would like to be

Consolidation Options

  1. From here we can do either No Consolidation or Consolidate By
  2. Consolidate By is the system default for the Customer

Customer Selection

  1. Select the Customers necessary

Messages and Alerts

  1. This option gives you the ability to select how would you like the system to behave if there is any information causing issues while the transactions are being created

Save and Execute

  1. Save Parameter Set
  2. Execute the document
  3. The system would give you three options to select the desired task to be performed

Summary Report

  1. Once the process has been completed, the system will show you the Summary Report of what has been created in the system as per your selection criteria

Navigating to the A/R Invoices

  1. Lastly, we can navigate back to the A/R Invoices Window and select Last Document to see the document that was just generated by the Wizard
  2. From this window, we can also look at the Relationship Map to see where the invoice was pulled from- the Delivery
  3. We can also look at the Journal Entry to find this information