MCG University

SAP Business One Creating a Delivery

In this course of MCG University, we will show you how to create a Delivery in SAP Business One. This session takes a closer look at how to copy an existing sales order to a delivery to illustrate functionality, navigate to a delivery and then copy from a sales order, review tabs, shipping information and packing slip, validate the shipping information and labels, check freight, validate amount, preview journal entries, and how to add and save a document.

Creating a Single Delivery From a Sales Order

  1. Navigate through a Sales Order by going to Modules > Sales A/R > Sales Order
  2. From the Sales Order screen, click on Copy To option at the bottom right of the window and click Delivery
  3. This functionality will copy all the information from the Sales Order to the new Delivery
  4. From the Delivery window, confirm all the information that has been copied over
  5. If no changes are needed, click the Add & New option at the bottom left of the window

Creating a Delivery From the Delivery Window

  1. Open a Delivery Window by navigating to Modules > Sales – A/R > Delivery
  2. From the Delivery window, we will need to pull the Sales Order for which we are looking to create the delivery for

Keep in mind a Delivery can contain various Sales Orders data. This allows us to consolidate multiple Sales Orders into one Delivery Document

4. Click on the Customer tab on the top left of the window to search

5. Select the customer in question

6. Once the Customer has been selected, you can use the Copy From option at the bottom right of the window to select the Documents you will be creating the Delivery for

New Delivery Document

  1. The list of Open Sales Orders will pop up
  2. Select the Sales Orders
  3. Highlight the SO and click Choose
  4. Draw Document Wizard will open, and you would need to go trough it by clicking Next
  5. Click Finish
  6. All selected Sales Order information will be brought over to the New Delivery Document we are just creating

Packing Information

  1. From the Delivery, you can also right mouse click and select Packing Slip in case you would like to edit the different documents associated with the new delivery
  2. From the Packing Slip, you can set the different options based on the package type you will be delivering
  3. Select the Type(Box, Pallet, Container, Barrel) and the available Items
  4. Once all information is being entered, click Update

Journal Entry Information

  1. From the Delivery Window, populate the Tracking Information and Freight Charges or any other information that should go with your Delivery Document
  2. Keep in mind that a Delivery Document will automatically generate a Journal Entry, which is why it is very important to enter all necessary information before the document is saved
  3. If you would like to review the Journal Information before it is created, you can right mouse click and select Journal Entry Preview
  4. Once all the information is confirmed, add the Delivery Document
  5. The New Delivery will be saved