MCG University

SAP Business One Posting Periods

In this course of MCG University, we will show you how to create and work with Posting Periods in SAP Business One. This session teaches you how to create a new Posting Period and explores the functions of permissible date ranges in regards to Posting Periods.

Getting Started

  1. Open menu Administration > System Initialization > Posting Periods
  2. Click on button New Period

The following list will display all existing posting Periods

Adding a New Period

  1. Select New Period
  2. Use the following Field Information before creating New Period

If you have not setup a period indicator yet, please set this up before creating a new period

Menu > Administration > Setup > Financials > Period Indicator

Field Information

  1. Period Code: 2021
  2. Period Name: 2021
  3. Sub-Periods: Months
  4. No. of Periods: 12
  5. Period Indicator: Default
  6. Period Status: By default, ‘Unlocked’ NOTE: you can change this later, if you want.
  7. Due Date From: We recommend to set up to 12-31-2021. Since company allowed to future due date, we set up to the end of the next year from this period.

You New Period

  1. Select the year code, Period Name, and confirm that all the populate data is correct for the Period
  2. Click ADD
  3. Your new Period will now be listed on the screen

Towards the end of the year, you may run into issues trying to post documents that have future due dates into the next year.

You need to revise your due date range as well as document date range for each posting period to ensure it aligns with your business.