MCG University

SAP Business One Data Import and Export

In this course of MCG University, we will show you how to Import and Export Data in SAP Business One. This session teaches you how to identify customer list of information, how to copy Information to Excel, how to modify pieces of information to update, how to save a file as a text tab delimited file, how to import and export data, how to import a file with updated information and how to verify this.

Updating Existing System Information

  1. Export the Dataset we would like to apply changes to
  2. Menu > Business Partners > Business Partner Master Data

After Selecting Business Partner

  1. Data will be displayed
  2. Navigate through the selected BP Master data
  3. Hover over the field you would like to update
  4. SAP will show you the actual value to be updated for that field

Navigate to the Original List

  1. Select Copy table to select all the business Partner Master Data
  2. Paste the information in Excel to perform the desired modification to columns
  3. Remove the headers to only work with the Raw Data pasted from SAP
  4. Save the file as .txt tab delimited file

Ready For Import?

  1. Navigate to Administration > Data Import/Export > Data Import > Import from Excel
  2. Select the columns that will be updated. NOTE: These should match the columns on the excel file
  3. Make sure the correct Data Type to Import is selected from the drop-down list

Once All Flags Are Set

  1. Search for the previously saved .txt file and click Import
  2. To see if the data has been updated, go back to the original BP window and confirm the updated fields