Disaster Recovery: Lions and Tigers and Bears… So What?

Natural disasters are a part of life. Tornadoes, hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes, and other types of extreme weather come around every year in cycles. There is no getting away from it.
Man-made disasters are unfortunately just as common. Power outages, building issues, cyber attacks, hardware failures, etc. can have the same perilous effect on your business. You can lose your entire infrastructure, your servers, your business critical data, your underlying IP, and worst of all the trust and business of your clients. With Michell’s Disaster Recovery solution, none of that matters.

Protection Against Lions

Lions are the second-largest living cat in the world, second only to the tiger. It is grand and deadly. With his blunt force, the alpha male of a pack can kill a human with one swipe of a paw, much in the same way a hurricane can take out entire cities with one hit.
With Disaster Recovery you have a plan of attack in place starting immediately after the disaster. You can move forward with your operations immediately, knowing your critical business data is securely backed up off-site.

…and Tigers

Though Tigers are the largest feline in the world, they are also the sneakiest. Their stripes let them blend in and attack with deadly force in a flash. They are solitary animals, who can lurk and weight for prey for as long as it takes, much in the same way that cyber criminals will bait emails and URLs to corrupt and destroy your IT infrastructure.
Disaster Recovery applies not only to natural disasters but also to cyber attacks, hacks, ransomware, and anything else a hacker can throw your way. You’ll have a plan in place to recover your data and pick up where you left off. It’s a bit like waking up from a bad dream.

…and Bears

In America, the relationship with bears is all too real. They are generally nice and mind their own business. They seriously like honey and climbing trees and taking care of their business. However, when someone gets too close to their cubs, they go crazy. It’s a fluke, a mistake if you will.
The same way that old bear in your office might accidentally open up a fraudulent email attachment which ends up taking down your entire system and wipes all your data. Again, with Disaster Recovery, you are even protected from innocent, yet deadly, internal bear attacks.

So What?

Exactly. You have a disaster, lose all your data, your entire infrastructure is out to sea… So what? An effective Disaster Recover Plan will include contingencies to have a backup system in place in a different region or state. You’ll have all your business critical data, your business software, systems, and everything else you’ll need to keep your business thriving – no matter what type of animal comes your way.
Contact us to learn more about what Disaster Recovery can do for you. We’d love to hear from you!