Don't be Stevie Stressman

I would like you to meet Stevie Stressman. As you can see, Stevie looks frazzled.  He just encountered yet another IT problem and he is stressed about how long this will take to repair and how much it will cost.  More than that, he is concerned about how it will impact his business.  Every time he has an IT problem it costs time, money and productivity AND he never knows if it will happen again! If only there was a way to avoid these problems so he can just go about the business of running his business.

Well Stevie there is a way!

Michell Consulting Group, the IT professionals you trust have a Managed Services program that will help Stevie avoid these business interruptions. How does it work you ask?

  • We’ll start with a review of your current systems to see where you may have vulnerabilities. Issues that are determined critical will be addressed immediately; issues that are not as critical will be monitored and scheduled for repair or replacement later.
  • We’ll develop an Annual IT Plan for the next year based on the analysis of current performance.
  • Quarterly Business Reviews will be scheduled to review the technology activities of the quarter and what can be anticipated for the next quarter.
  • A dedicated Virtual CIO will be assigned to your business and will recommend services based on each review.  This will be your contact person for anything IT related.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Our 24/7/365 network monitoring and maintenance will prevent unexpected and expensive network disasters. Which in turn will lead to more productive employees.
  • Managed Services allows for businesses to better budget their service costs as well as preparing for upgrades.
  • Proactive, not reactive, IT maintenance that creates a more efficient and budget friendly experience for the business owner as well as increased employee morale.
  • Managed Services allows owners and key personnel to have peace of mind because of improved reliability and security, reduced business risk, and a better understanding of your assets.
  • Have an IT person? A Managed Services program allows your IT person to focus on what really needs to be done instead of the day-to-day maintenance.

Check out what a Managed Services program from Michell Consulting Group can do for you, TODAY!  Contact Eric at or 305.592.5233 Ext. 2101 to schedule your complimentary system review.

Don’t be a Stevie Stressman!