MCG University

Encrypted Emails on Microsoft 365 Outlook

In this course of MCG University, we walk through sending encrypted emails on Microsoft 365 Outlook. Our video this week demonstrates how you can quickly send encrypted emails to internal and external clients. We show you how you can get this done through the online Outlook application, similarly to how you can get the same functionality on the Outlook desktop application. Note, this feature does require a specific license to function.

Getting Started

  1. Open Outlook on the Microsoft 365 Portal
  2. Select New Message

Drafting an Email

  1. Add Recipients
  2. Write a Subject
  3. Draft a message to send

Encrypt Email

  1. Select Three Dots on the top of message
  2. Select Encrypt, finally select Encrypt once more.

The “Do Not Forward” does not let anyone that receives your message the ability to forward them elsewhere

The “Encrypt” does not let any unwanted eyes view your message content other than the recipient

Internal and External Recipients

  1. External Recipients will receive a link they can click on to access the encrypted message
  2. Internal Recipients will receive a normal email in their Outlook but will display encrypted