ERP Systems of the Legacy Variety Are Inhibiting You

Your ERP systems must be upgraded at regular intervals. The market continues to develop as innovations become available. Following are several ways maintaining legacy ERP could be undermining your business:

Old User Interface and Related Time Losses

ERP systems that are old may have user interfaces which require in-depth employee training. Barring that, workers will have to review manuals and learn a new skill just to operate your ERP software. That takes time, limiting employee potentiality. Additionally, all employees will have to go through this process at one time or another unless you upgrade.
Using newer ERP solutions helps keep everyone on the same page, using known techniques to facilitate ease of operations. Generally, user interface expands in terms of intuitiveness as computational solutions become more efficient.

Security Not Appropriate to Threats

Technology doubles on itself in terms of computational innovation every eighteen months. That’s the current reckoning for Moore’s Law. What this means is old vulnerabilities are patched up and new, unforeseen vulnerabilities develop. The goal posts of technology are in constant motion.
Just as no static ERP solution works, no static security option will be effective. For illustration, imagine a smartphone from today, and a government server array from the eighties. Today’s smartphone has the horsepower to crack eighties encryption. Tomorrow’s tech will burn through today’s security protections like a hot knife through butter.
Accordingly, you must upgrade at some point. ERP of yesteryears has vulnerabilities you don’t need today. Working with consultants can help you strike the balance between ERP utility, security, and upgrade.

Out-Of-Date Systems Fragment

With legacy systems, you’ll likely have certain aspects of your ERP solution which still work all right, while other applications are entirely defunct. Users will cluster around applications that are effective. What this does is inhibit operations. You can get to the point where new employees are trained in workarounds pertaining to ERP software navigation.
Imagine having a client on the phone who needs a specific piece of information and having learned “stall” techniques to keep that client from realizing you’re waiting on legacy ERP software to deliver an answer to a query. That’s collaterally expensive and will hold your business back.

Overcoming Legacy ERP Software

At Michell Consulting Group, we can examine existing ERP systems and help you either replace them or more effectively maximize them. Out-of-date systems will fragment, security falls by the wayside, and outdated user interfaces waste time. Contact us for more information on ERP solutions and how to ensure you’re not undermining operations through retaining out-of-date software.