ERP Technology Simplified

Keeping track of each and every aspect of your business – whether startup or existing – is paramount to staying on the road to success and prosperity. While many different programs exist to monitor every facet of your business, they are often separate programs which do not communicate with one another. Luckily, systems do exist which will monitor each individual aspect of your business AND communicate between departments. These systems are called ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – and here’s a quick, simplified explanation of some of the great things ERP technology does.

ERP Technology offers Sales and Purchasing.

No one ever wants to see a potential sale or new client fall between the cracks. One great aspect of ERP technology is its ability to track all sales opportunities. From the moment the opportunity presents itself to the moment the client signs on the dotted line, all progress is tracked by the ERP system. Not only that, but the system will also predict the revenue potential, as well as automate the purchase orders after your client signs and places their first order.

ERP Technology offers Production and Inventory.

Sales are great, They’re the life’s blood of almost every company. But fulfillment is another beast altogether. ERP does such a great job of managing sales and purchasing, wouldn’t it be great if it managed the fulfillment side, as well? It actually does. Your ERP technology will not only manage all warehouse data, it also tracks the movements of all your stock-in-transit, and will even craft production orders for you! Amazed yet? We’re not even done.

ERP Technology offers Human Resources.

As you know, there’s much more to business than sales and fulfillment. You hire people, and those people have needs which must be managed. Your ERP technology can even greatly assist your HR manager with its integrated human resource and payroll tools. Once you have every aspect of your business entered into the ERP system, suddenly – you’re running a tight ship with your business, as it sails down the river of success efficiently and effectively.

Michell can Customize the Perfect ERP Technology for Your Business.

ERP technology is quickly becoming the norm for total business management for today’s prosperous organizations. If you’re ready to make the switch to ERP to manage all aspects of your business with efficiency and ease, give Michell a call, and we’ll discuss with you exactly how the process will go from start to finish.