Why Every Business Needs Cloud Computing Services and IT Support in Miami

IT support providers in Miami can certainly provide solutions for businesses which have no interest in cloud computing, but those organizations had better be in a niche industry that’s sustainability beyond technology. If you’re a farmer, for example, you may not ever really need cloud computing. Certainly, that’s an over-exaggeration, but you get the idea— cloud computing is integral to success in the modern business world. This is because it saves and optimizes simultaneously. Notable cloud computing advantages include:

  • Exceptional flexibility
  • More secure recovery
  • Remote operational ability
  • Better security
  • Reduced overall cost

Exceptional Flexibility

Cloud computing solutions can make your business flexible. You’re going to have situations where being able to scale out quickly gives you supreme competitive edge. The cost of scaling out can be very high; but with cloud computing, it’s really just a matter of applying the right permissions, and it’s a fraction of the expense otherwise.

More Secure Recovery

IT services providers in Miami can provide your business solutions like mirrored databases. Basically, your database is always reflected across the cloud such that if it is detected through monitoring solutions or autonomous systems that a crash is imminent, your mirrored database automatically launches, curtailing operational losses and reducing downtime.

Remote Operational Ability

Through the cloud, your office becomes wherever you can acquire web connectivity in a secure way. A coffee shop, a shopping center, your den, or the middle of a vast mountain wilderness that yet has access to a primetime network like Verizon or T-Mobile.
Properly managed remote operations increase employee productivity, as they save time in terms of travel and hassle in terms of interpersonal interactions. Additionally, you can outsource your office, cutting rent costs substantially. Also, employees can bring their own device through BYOD–also shown to increase productivity and saving you the cost of end-user devices, provided you’ve got requisite MDM (Mobile Device Management) protocols.

Better Security

Cloud-based security comes from purveyors with an in-built prerogative to secure your operations as best as they can possibly be secured. If they don’t, their competitiveness falters. Additionally, cloud computing agencies and MSPs that help businesses work with them together have greater tech experience in terms of security than most of their clients have.

Reduced Overall Cost

You can outsource end-user devices, internal server arrays, and even your desktop network to the cloud. This helps reduce rental expenses. Additionally, tech specialists have their costs reduced through application of the cloud, conserving tens of thousands annually.


An IT support provider in Miami like Michell Consulting Group can help you make the cloud leap either totally or sequentially as best fits your company. For more information, contact us now.