Expanding Your Business? We Put the Data You Need at Your Fingertips

Whether your business has had previous periods of expansion or you are going through your company’s first growth spurt, one thing is certain: You need to have access to the right data. When you need to access sales figures from one department, production figures from another, and follow up with HR in terms of upcoming payroll changes that impact your ability to expand, having the right tools will make all of that information available from a single source.
We help you access the business intelligence information that you need. A simple search allows you to find information quickly. Customizable report templates ensure that you are able to produce charts, graphs, and report tables that allow you to effectively communicate your ideas to others – whether they are in your department, manage related teams, or are executives capable of steering the company in one direction or another. Perhaps more importantly during periods of expansion, with our solution you will be able to perform what-if analyses and see the probable outcomes of changes to the company, production schedule, or warehouse location before they are made.
When you are able to access current business data when you need it, you’re in control. You’re able to identify cost savings, communicate with others on your team, and – with scheduled reports – you can be sure that you’re providing details to others on time, every time.
Our solution makes it easy to get started. The software as a service model enables you to be up and running quickly, even if your company doesn’t have an IT department or the hardware for running a complex system.
Don’t let limited resources or tight budgets stand between you and your data. Don’t let a lack of current information stand between your company and reaching the goals that you’ve set for expansion. Our solution makes business intelligence affordable, makes getting started quickly simple, and allows you to start putting company data to work for you.