MCG University

SAP Business One Form Settings

In this course of MCG University, we will show you how to work with Form Settings in SAP Business One. This session teaches you the difference between form settings on a “List” versus a marketing document, how form settings are global and how they affect all users where documents are user specific, how to identify the fields you are interested in seeing and how to search for them, how to modify the display name and group it, why the document form settings are restricted to the specific user, and how to copy form settings from one user to another.

Working with Form Settings

  1. Identify which Form Settings are to be modified
  2. In this example we will start within Item Master level
  3. The main thing about List Form Settings is that form changes are reflected at a global level. This means that as an organization, you need to be aware of whatever changes made to this form will be universal and reflected to everyone that access this list

List Settings

  1. In order to Add/Modify any columns on this list, click “Form Settings” at the top of the page
  2. To add a column, click in one of the blank rows and select the desired column from the drop-down menu
  3. Find the field that you are looking for and select it
  4. If you would like to add a row within the table, Right Mouse Click in the desired row and select Add Row
  5. From the List of Settings, there are a few different columns, such as Field Name and Displayed Name
  6. Once desired changes are complete, click Update to save the changes you have made
  7. Navigate back to the Items List to see the updated changes

Other List Setting Options

  1. Another way of changing how the form looks is by navigating to View > Fit Column Width
  2. This will fit the view to display all columns selected in Form Settings
  3. Another change that can be made is how the data is viewed
  4. To do this, go back to the Form Settings Icon to open settings again. From there you can group the data by clicking the Group Check Mark for the desired column
  5. Update to save changes
  6. Once changes are updated, go back to the Item Master List and you will see the data grouped by the previously selected columns

The columns width can be manually adjusted by dragging and dropping each column to the desired width within the window

Clicking the Plus Button at the top left of the window will also allow to expand the data for that group

Modifying Form Settings at Document Level

  1. Navigate to any document. In this example we will be navigating to A/R Invoices
  2. From A/R invoice, you can access the Form Setting by clicking the Form Settings Icon at the top of the window or by Right Mouse Clicking in the document and selecting Form Settings from the dropdown options
  3. Document Form Settings are slightly different from the List View
  4. All the available fields will be displayed and the
  5. By clicking the “Visible” checkbox, you will be allowed to display the fields in the document
  6. Click OK to update

Under document Form Settings you can also organize the order in which columns are displayed

This can also be accomplished by Dragging and Dropping the columns to their desired positions

You can also modify Form Settings by navigating to Row Details by double clicking at the front of any row. By doing this, Details will be displayed.

Row Details contain additional information, such as information that is already being displayed in the form

In Order to make changes to what is displayed in the Row Details, navigate back to the Form Settings and then click the Row Format Tab

Final Steps

  1. Changes applied to the document’s Form Settings are user specific. Changes will not be applied across the organization
  2. You can also share your settings with other users by navigating to Administration > Setup > General > Users
  3.  Search for your user and click “Copy Form Settings” then select the user that you would like to share your settings with
  4. Select Copy and click OK