MCG University

SAP Business One Function Keys

In this course of MCG University, we will show you how to work with Function Keys in SAP Business One. This session provides shortcut functionality that saves time and improves efficiency when navigating in SAP. Function keys can be setup for each employee’s needs. Whether you are an executive, accountant, production manager, shipping clerk or other, the function keys help quickly navigate to different features within SAP.

How to Work with Function Keys

  • Navigate to Function Key
  • Tools > My Shortcuts > Customize

  • The Allocation tab on the displayed window shows a Shortcut dropdown box with function keys F2 through F12.
  • F1 is reserved for SAP Help.
  • The Modules section contains a list of functional areas within SAP.
  • Selecting a Module will display the documents or tasks within that module.

  • Using F2 for our first example, we will select Inventory then Item Master Data.
  • The Current Window box is populated with Item Master Data.
  • Select Allocate to assign Item Master Data to the F2 function key.

  • Using F3 for our next example, we will select F3 as a Shortcut and Inventory then the Goods Receipt as the module and window.
  • The Current Window is populated with Goods Receipt.
  • Select Allocate to assign Goods Receipt to the F3 function key.

  • Similarly, we will allocate Goods Issue from the Inventory module to the F4 function key.

  • For the F5 function key, we will allocate Inventory Transfer from the Inventory module.
  • Select OK to approve the Function Key assignment selection.

  • To test, select the F2 key on the keyboard, followed by the F3, F4 and F5.
  • Each of the windows selected in the Function Key Assignment feature should be displayed on the monitor.