Gain Insight into Markets and Clients

Gaining access to business intelligence can seem daunting. Creating clear, actionable reports – especially when your data is stored on a variety of platforms. However, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI makes it possible for smaller organizations to access the same level of detailed information – and to do so in a more affordable way.
Rather than installing a variety of software tools and a complex IT infrastructure, our solutions allow you to get started quickly. When you need to access that data to learn more about the impacts of market trends or to discover details of client relationships you’ll be able to search for the information you – and other managers and executives – need. Once you’ve pulled up the right figures, you’ll be able to:
Use ad hoc reporting tools to test possible scenarios, allowing you to replace “instinct” decisions with those supported by your company’s data.
Pull data into the software tools that you use to create reports and presentations to make it easy to share with others.
Access that information – even when you’re on the go.
The more that you are able to access business information, the more that you will find that it is the data that drives your business. When you’re preparing for a sales meeting, knowing that you have information will allow you to communicate effectively with your prospects. When you’re getting ready to meet with other members of your team to discuss hiring options or new directions for the company, presenting your strategy along with supporting details can inspire confidence in the path your business is taking.
Companies of all sizes struggle to find certainty about the decisions that are being made. Having detailed data and information can provide some of that certainty. Our solutions allow your company to benefit from having the data you need in a usable format, enabling you to compete with the “big guys” – with an investment that fits your company’s size and budget now.